Bachelor In Paradise

News  4 January '17

'Bachelor In Paradise' Reality Star Amanda Stanton Confirms She And Fiancé Josh Murray Have Split

"Bachelor In Paradise" stars Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray are no longer together as they have confirmed the rumors in the past weeks.


News  4 January '17

Ryan Reynolds Okay And Happy With Deadpool To Have A Boyfriend? Will Character Have Male Onscreen Partner In Sequel?

Deadpool might get a boyfriend on the sequel of the movie as Ryan Reynolds he is happy that his character has a boyfriend.

Jumanji 2017

News  4 January '17

‘Jumanji 2017’ Is Not A Remake But A Continuation; Plot Features 4 Teens Sucked In A Game Of Locating Jewels?

Spoilers reveal the plot for the upcoming "Jumanji 2017" movie. Jack Black talked about the movie and said Robin Williams will be proud of the new movie.

Introducing HTC Vive VR

News  4 January '17

HTC Debunks Rumors Of Vive 2 Launching At CES 2017!

HTC Vive 2 is not going to be unveiled this year at CES.

News  4 January '17

‘The Lego Batman’ Movie Releases Two TV Spots; Will Batman Have Trouble Working With Batgirl?

Spoilers abound for "The Lego Batman" movie revealing the Dark Knight is not happy to be not working on his own as he will now be needing the help of Batgirl. Two new TV spots have been released too.

7 ways No Man's Sky has changed (thanks Foundation Update)

Games  4 January '17

Steam’s Greatest Hits Revealed! ‘No Man’s Sky’ Dominates The List

Steam's top 100 was dominated by an unlikely entry.

NBC 'Emerald City'

News  4 January '17

‘Emerald City’ Season 1 Storylines Will Highlight Dorothy’s Tragedy In The Land Of Oz And The Men She Will Meet

Spoilers for "Emerald City" reveal Dorothy will be lost in the Land of Oz and will encounter the biggest tragedy of her life. Fortunately, she will also meet the sweetest romance of her life there.

Linksys Router

News  4 January '17

Linksys Unveils The Velop Router System; Boasts Zero Dead Spot Throughout The House

Linksys reveals the Velop router system that ensures lag-free Wi-Fi mesh network.

CES 2017: Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 family isn't business as usual

News  4 January '17

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon New Exciting Features Make It All Right For Users

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1Carbon has new exciting features that will surely excite users including an improved processor and battery and new connectivity ports.

Kaby Lake

News  4 January '17

Intel’s Kaby Lake Processors Not Faster Than Older Ones?

Some reviews of Intel’s seventh-generation desktop and laptop processors have not been flattering, but Kaby Lake chips still have new perks to offer.

Nick Viall

News  4 January '17

Things Unfold Swiftly At ‘The Bachelor 2017:’ First Kiss, First Elimination, And A Marriage Proposal?

"The Bachelor 2017" events are unfolding swiftly before the eyes of the audience. Spoilers are now reporting the final winner!

Snapdragon 835

News  4 January '17

Qualcomm’s Fast-Charging Snapdragon 835 Mobile Processor Out Soon; Here’s What You Need To Know

Qualcomm’s latest mobile processor charges phones fast and can support virtual reality applications.


News  4 January '17

Dish AirTV Streaming Device Gives You Access To Netflix, SlingTV, Plus Local Channels

AirTV is offering a one-stop shop for both internet-based and over-the-air television.

Premiere Of FXX's 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' 10th Season And 'Man Seeking Woman' - After Party

News  4 January '17

'Man Seeking Woman' Season 3 Premieres Today; Described As Surreal, New Season About Stakes Of Dating!

The series "Man Seeking Woman" premieres today, which promises twists and turns of dating.

OpenIV Team Plans Bring ‘GTA IV’ Liberty City To ‘GTA V’

News  4 January '17

OpenIV Team Plans To Bring ‘GTA IV’ Liberty City To ‘GTA V’

The Russian developers are recreating “Grand Theft Auto IV” Liberty City in “Grand Theft Auto V.”

2015 Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Governors Ball

News  4 January '17

'The Wall' Season 1 Game Show Is A Definite Must-Watch; Produced By The Great LeBron James Himself!

The game show, "The Wall" produced by LeBron James is a definite must-watch for its unpredictability. The show also digs into the lives of contestants making it more relatable and to a point even inspiring because of their stories.

Reign Season 4

News  4 January '17

Check Out Queen Mary’s 2nd & 3rd Husbands When ‘Reign’ Season 4 Returns! Do They Want Mary Or Power?

Fans of "Reign" will see the arrival of Queen Mary's second and third husbands in season 4. Do they really love Mary or they just want power?

11th Annual Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner

News  4 January '17

'All We Had' Movie About Survival And Redemption From Being Homeless; Did Not Sit Well With Critics At All!

The movie "All We Had" is something that should bring hope to those who are at the brink of losing it. However, critics say otherwise.

‘Robinson: The Journey’ Not PlayStation VR-Exclusive Anymore; Crytek’s Dinosaur-Themed VR Title Heading To PC

News  4 January '17

‘Robinson: The Journey’ Not PlayStation VR-Exclusive Anymore; Crytek’s Dinosaur-Themed VR Title Heading To PC

A new year and another game is welcoming a massive change as the VR title from Crytek will be heading to PC this January.

PlayStation Experience 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake - PSX 2015 Trailer | PS4

News  4 January '17

Square Enix Focuses On Original IPs And Celebrates 30 Years Of ‘Final Fantasy’

Square Enix CEO expressed his appreciation and commemorate 30 years of Final Fantasy

News  4 January '17

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Might Not Wear His Classic Costume In 'Logan'; Learn Why!

"Logan" 2017 is set to hit the theaters soon, and will fans get to see Wolverine in his iconic costume?

'Kink' New York Premiere

News  4 January '17

'Burn Country' Movie Is A Thriller With Different Twist; Shows That A Small Town Can Be Full Of Dark Secrets!

The movie "Burn Country" shows that sometimes, it is better to leave some secrets behind. Tampering with the usual day-to-day operation of a small and dark place may result to endangering one's life.

News  4 January '17

Doctor Strange's Involvement In 'Thor Ragnarok' Still Unconfirmed

Doctor Strange will be in "Thor: Ragnarok," what will be his role?

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