Samsung Galaxy S8?

News  10 January '17

Is This The Galaxy S8? Leaked Image Claims To Be Samsung’s Upcoming Phone

The Galaxy S8 will reportedly have no home button and have a 4K AMOLED display.

Premiere Of Wanda And AMC Releasing's 'Chinese Zodiac' - Arrivals

News  10 January '17

'Railroad Tigers' An Action-Comedy Movie Is One Of The Disappointing Films Of Jackie Chan!

The movie "Railroad Tigers" is not favored by many critics. One critic even considered the movie a mess.

TOSHIBA New Years Eve In Times Square

News  10 January '17

'Mariah's World' Reveals A Different Level Of Affection Shared By Mariah Carey And Backup Dancer Bryan Tanaka!

The show "Mariah's World" showcases mostly about the life of the Grammy Award-winning singer, Mariah Carey. In the show also shows how both her and Bryan Tanaka shares the same admiration towards each other.

‘Overwatch’ Voice Lines Suggests A Valentine's Day Seasonal Event Is Coming

News  10 January '17

‘Overwatch’ Voice Lines Suggests A Valentine's Day Seasonal Event Is Coming

Newly dugged voice lines between Mercy and Genji hints that a Valentine's Day event may be coming to "Overwatch."

David Nevins

News  10 January '17

Showtime Bosses Reveals Details And Release Date For 'Twin Peaks' Revival ; Two-Hour Premiere Will Be On May 21

Details for "Twin Peaks" have been released by the bosses of Showtime.

James Corden

News  10 January '17

Carpool Karoke Creator James Corden Will Not Be Hosting Apple Music's 'Carpool Karaoke' Series; Show Will Have 16 Different Celebrity Hosts

James Corden will not be hosting Apple Music's "Carpook Karaoke" series.

Tom Hiddleston

News  10 January '17

Big TV Winners For Golden Globes 2017 Are Tom Hiddleston's 'The Night Manager,' Claire Foy's 'The Crown,' Donald Glover's 'Atlanta'

Big TV Winners For Golden Globes 2017 Are Tom Hiddleston's 'The Night Manager,' Claire Foy's 'The Crown,' Donald Glover's 'Atlanta'

65th Miss Universe

News  10 January '17

Petronas Twin Towers & Great Barrier Reef As Inspirations For National Costumes In 65th Miss Universe Pageant?

Spoilers unveiled the designs for the national costumes of Miss Universe Malaysia and Australia for the upcoming Miss Universe pageant to be held this Jan. 30 in Manila, Philippines.

Justice League

News  10 January '17

New 'Justice League' Possible Promotional Photo Surfaces Online But Where Is Superman?

A new "Justice League" promotional photo surfaced online but it did not show Superman in it.

Breyers Gelato Indulgences Hospitality Lounge At The 30th Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards

News  10 January '17

'The Summoning' Is A Good Horror Film Based On Hauntings Around Sugar Land, Texas

The movie The Summoning seems to be a good horror film to watch to kickstart the year 2017.

The Cinema Society With Montblanc And Dom Perignon Host A Screening Of Sony Pictures Classics' 'Still Alice' - Arrivals

News  10 January '17

'Anesthesia' One Of The Better Indie Films; A Year Later Did Not Seem To Have Created An Impact For 2016!

The movie "Anesthesia" can somehow be considered a waste. It has an all-star cast but based on reviews, the characters seem to have a bleak connection with each other.

McDonald’s UK Gets Super Mario And Friends Toys Starting Jan. 11

News  10 January '17

McDonald’s UK Gets Super Mario And Friends Toys Starting January 11

You can collect Super Mario and friends toys by purchasing McDonald’s Happy Meals starting Jan. 11 in the UK, only.

Thor: Ragnarok movie

News  10 January '17

What Is Doctor Strange And The Incredible Hulk Doing In ‘Thor: Ragnarok?’

More spoilers are now circulating the official role of the Incredible Hulk and Doctor Strange in the upcoming "Thor: Ragnarok" movie.

Apple Store Soho Presents Meet The Filmmaker: Ross Partridge And Oona Laurence, 'Lamb'

News  10 January '17

'Lamb' A Year Later Proves To Have Been One Of The More Interesting Movies Of 2016!

The movie "Lamb" has been reviewed by movie critics and most gave it good feedback. The twists and plot of the movie altogether makes for an interesting love affair.

Trello Becomes Part Of Atlassian’s Growing Portfolio; Acquisition Is Reportedly Worth $425 Million

News  10 January '17

Trello Becomes Part Of Atlassian’s Growing Portfolio; Acquisition Is Reportedly Worth $425M

Atlassian has acquired one of the most popular team productivity app for $425 million.

2017 Winter TCA Tour - Day 5

News  10 January '17

'The Good Fight' Adds Matthew Perry, Rita Wilson & 3 More; 'The Good Wife' Star Julianna Margulies Not Appearing

Seems many familiar faces from the original show are popping up in the spinoff, except for one.

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

News  10 January '17

'The Crown' Emerges As Big Golden Globes Winner, Claire Foy Confirms Exit From Netflix Best Drama

The streaming site launched the show's first season last November and production for the second season has been underway.

2016 Summer TCA Tour - Day 13

News  10 January '17

Will 'Pitch' Have A Season 2 On Fox? Fans Launch Campaign To #KeepHerInTheGame, Showrunner Talks Move To Summer Or Hulu

The baseball series that debuted last September stars Kylie Bunbury.

Tokyo Game Show 2004 Opens

News  10 January '17

First Dedicated Gaming Vibrator For 'Rez' The First Version Of 'Rez Infinite' Celebrates 15th Anniversary

The Trance Vibrator is the first dedicated gaming vibrator that was released in 2002 with a shooter music video game "Rez."

Germany's Best eSports Teams Gather At Intel Friday Night Games

News  9 January '17

For First Time In Steam's History, It Reaches More Than 14 Million Concurrent Users

On January 7, Steam obtained more than 14,207,039 concurrent users, which is considered as the highest in its history.

Iowa Town Plans To Launch Video Game Hall of Fame And Museum

News  9 January '17

Nintendo NES Classic Hacked, Owners Can Have More Games

The NES Classic can only hold 30 games, but the hack teaches users how more games can be added to the console.

Tile - Wireless Key Finder and Wallet Tracker Phone App

News  9 January '17

Items With Tile Device Can Be Found Easily Using The Tile App Installed In The Phone

Tile is a device that allows the user to find lost items easily.

First Contact with Thargoids in Elite Dangerous

News  9 January '17

First Ever Alien Encounter With Thargoids Makes 'Elite: Dangerous' More Exciting To Play

After years of searching for alien life in "Elite: Dangerous" Universe, Thargoids appeared scanning and getting rid of players spaceships.

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