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Jeffery Scott Lytle

Family Life  15 February '17

Boss Receives Chilling Text Message; Man Mistakenly Sends 'Help Me Kill My Wife'

A man mistakenly sent his former boss a message asking him to help him kill his wife.

Raising A Child Based On Religious Beliefs

Family Life  15 February '17

Spiritual Parenting: How Religious Beliefs Affect The Way Parents Raise Their Children

The religioud beliefs of parents can affect not only the parenting style but also the children's way of thinking.

The Role Of Genetics In Rearing Future Children

Family Life  15 February '17

Parenting Style Also Influenced By Genetics And Environment, Study Says

New research points to the effect of genetics in the different parenting styles of people.

Jonathan Ross Appears In 'Parenting For Idiots'

TV.Movie  15 February '17

'Parenting For Idiots' Proves Celebrity Parents Also Struggle With Raising Kids; Learn From Their Mistakes! [WATCH]

The new show about parenting provides a refreshing and entertaining look into the ups and downs of raising kids.

Peppa Pig Not A Good Character For Kids

TV.Movie  15 February '17

Best TV Shows For Preschoolers? Expert Says Not All Cartoons Are Good, Describes 'Peppa Pig' As 'Selfish And Manipulative'

Professor Manya Whitaker suggest her five best and worst programs for young children.

HMAS Tobruk Returns To Sydney

Family Life  14 February '17

Shared Parenting Bill Gets Another Push In North Dakota After Failure Of Measure 6 In 2014

Is this proposal on equal parenting for the child's best interest or for the parents?

Hearing Begins On John Roberts' Nomination To The U.S. Court of Appeals

Family Life  14 February '17

Parental Alienation Is Child Abuse; Child Advocates Say Laws Needed To Penalize Manipulative Divorced Parents

This problem among families happens in 80 percent of difficult divorces and it's the children who suffer no matter what.

California Embryo Bank Provides Donated Eggs For Stem Cell Research

Family Life  14 February '17

Children Born Via Artificial Insemination Are Illegitimate? Tennessee Lawmaker Clarifies Proposed Bill

Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver's proposal has been called out as discriminatory against same-sex parents, but she's setting the record straight about her intent.

The 59th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Family Life  14 February '17

Adele Disses Estranged Father In Grammy Speech, Dad Mark Evans Expresses Regrets

They attempted to reconcile a few years back but the daughter have stopped speaking to her father since 2011.

2010 CeBIT Technology Fair

Family Life  14 February '17

Parenting In The Digital Age: What Adjustments Must Moms And Dads Do To Be Effective Parents?

The internet is here to stay so parents have to learn to approach parenting and technology use in a positive way.

Madonna Visits Mphandula Childcare Centre

Family Life  13 February '17

Parenting An Adopted Child: Experts Recommend A Different Parenting Style To Establish Attachment And Connection

Parenting an adopted child can be challenging because of the early life experiences of the kid

British Shoppers Prepare For Christmas

Family Life  13 February '17

Permissive Parenting Is Not Positive Parenting; Why Children Should Not Grow Up Overindulged

Children who grow up overindulged tend to become irresponsible, materialistic, very reliant on other people and have low restraint.

University of Southern Mississippi student falls to his death

Family Life  13 February '17

Texas Father Takes Own Life After Killing Wife And Daughter, Motive Not Yet Determined

A Texas father is believed to have killed his own wife and daughter before killing himself.

President Gauck Visits Berlin Soup Kitchen

Family Life  13 February '17

New Jersey Dad Launches Viral 'Kindness Challenge' To Honor Son He Lost To Suicide At 17

The Vassallos are coping with the loss of their son through the kind deeds shared by others in the group that Dennis Vassallo has set up.

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' 'Fifty Shades Darker' - Arrivals

TV.Movie  13 February '17

Jamie Dornan Owns Up To 'Fifty Shades' Causing A Baby Boom, Admits To Knowing All 'Frozen' Songs Like Any Parent

The father-of-two does sex scenes for the big screen but belts out kiddie songs with his daughters in the car.

Black Police Precinct And Courthouse Museum Recalls Miami's Segregated Past

Money  13 February '17

Daughter Sues Parents For College Tuition, New Jersey Appeals Court Says 'Parents Not A Wallet'

Caitlyn Ricci won her case in 2014 but her mom and dad appealed, refusing to support her education. Learn why in this report.

Lazy Parenting Becoming Common Among Working Moms

Family Life  12 February '17

Is Lazy Parenting Doing Children Any Good? Moms Who Refuse Helicopter Parenting Swear By It

Believe it or not, this approach, where children are left to entertain themselves while the mothers are fulfilling their responsibilities, are working for some families.

Families And Friends Visit Each Other Through U.S. Mexico Border Fence

Family Life  12 February '17

Mom Gets Deported After 21 Years In US, Leaves 2 Teenagers Who Vow To Fight Immigration Order

Under President Donald Trump's orders, Guadalupe García de Rayos, an undocumented with a criminal record, has no right to stay in the U.S.

DHS Secretary John Kelly Visits San Ysidro Border Crossing In California

Family Life  11 February '17

Child Murders On The Decline, But Authorities Are Still Worried Despite Lowest Number Since 1972

The accessibility of mobile phones and social media may have made the job of monitoring children easier for parents.

Peanuts App To Serve As Fulltime Social Connection Tools For Mothers

Family Life  11 February '17

Peanuts App Makes It Easier For Mothers To Connect Online; How Does It Work?

Mothers who find it hard to keep old friendships and make new ones because of their additional responsibilities will now be able to connect with other mothers through the Peanut apps

Wedding Marathon at World Trade Center

Family Life  10 February '17

Valentine's Day 2017 Anxiety: Children Experience This Too; Here's How Parents Can Help!

The day of love is also a day filled with anxiety and parents should help their kids deal with the highs and lows.

Miami Area Chocolatier Prepares For Valentine's Day

Family Life  10 February '17

Valentine's Day For Kids: Skip The Chocolate Gifts, Parents! School Activities Shouldn't Focus On Food

Children must be trained to eat healthy even during special occasions such as the sweet-filled day of love.

As Thousands Of Schools Close, One Struggles To Stay On

Family Life  10 February '17

First-Born Children Are Smarter And Better Students Than Their Siblings Due To Intense Parenting, Study Reveals

Eldest siblings scored better in several tests done by the researchers for a study that took place for over a decade.

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