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Mutua Madrid Open - Day Six

Family Life  10 February '17

Co-Parenting With A Narcissist: Making Shared Parenting Challenges Work, Here's How!

The number one rule is to avoid conflict with an uncooperative parent.

Indonesians Prepare For Valentines Day

Fun & Games  10 February '17

Valentine's Day For Kids: Craft Suggestions For Gifts And Tokens To Give To Friends Or Teachers

As parents help the children create these gifts, they're also creating special memories together!

Utopia Challenged. Sweden's Relationship With Refugees

Family Life  9 February '17

Harsh Parenting Brings Out The Worse In Children, Study Says Punishments Have Negative Effect

Harsh or authoritarian parenting will tend to produce children who are alienated from their families and who rely more on their peers who can infleunce them in a negative manner.

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

TV.Movie  9 February '17

Mandy Moore's Parents Her Toughest Critics? They Think She's 'Mean' On Parenting Show 'This Is Us'

The actress plays a wife and mom of three kids in the family series on NBC.

How To Cope With The Tough Stuff That Goes With Parenting

Family Life  8 February '17

Managing Parenting Stress: Surviving The Tough Stuff And Challenges Of Parenthood

Being a parent can be fun but actual parenting can come with many challenges, most of them unexpected.

Shooting At High School In Marysville, Washington

Family Life  8 February '17

Parent Survival Guide: When Children Leave Home And Parents Deal With An Empty Nest

Parents often complain about being too busy taking care of the children, only to realize that their kids will ultimately leave home and they will then have too much time on their hands.

Education Activists Hold Charter School Rally In Brooklyn

Family Life  8 February '17

Child Activists: How To Empower Kids To Start An Advocacy

Seeing children during protest rallies can be unnerving for some people who fear that these kids are being used by their parents to win their own wars.

Washington Redskins Training Camp

Family Life  8 February '17

What Bullied Kids Want Their Parents To Know And Why They Can't Tell Mom Or Dad

Bullying is a serious issue and worse, it can be a life and death matter.

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Attend Place2BeBig Assembly With Heads Together For Children's Mental Health Week

Family Life  8 February '17

Kate Middleton Hopes Her Children Will Value Kindness, Respect and Honesty; Duchess Supports Children's Mental Health Week

The Duchess of Cambridge believes these values are just as important as being good in school or sports.

Wedding Of Samuel Koch And Sarah Elena Timpe

Family Life  8 February '17

Parenting Styles Affect Children's View On Marriage, Babies And Family As Adults, According To Experts

Whether parents use a supportive or abusive approach to parenting, its impact will translate to children's choices when they become older.

Trump Meets With Small Business Leaders At White House

Family Life  8 February '17

Countering Donald Trump's Authoritarianism For Parents Who Want To Raise Loving Kids

A dad shares how he's teaching his kids to address authoritarian approaches in positive ways.

Chanel Lewis

Family Life  7 February '17

Father Of Accused Killer Does Not Believe Son Is Guilty Of Murdering Queens Jogger Karina Vetrano

The victim was killed in August and the accused apparently confessed to the crime.

28th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Film Awards Gala - Arrival

Family Life  7 February '17

Transgender Support: Annette Bening, Warren Beatty Proud Of Trans Son Stephen Ira

The boy was born Kathlyn Elizabeth in 1992 and his journey towards transitioning into a man started when he was around 14-years-old.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons

Fun & Games  7 February '17

Tom Brady Super Bowl Win Gets Emotional, Victory Shared With Wife Gisele Bündchen, Kids, Parents And Patriots [PHOTOS]

New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 with a come-from-behind strategy.

Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

Family Life  7 February '17

Lady Gaga Made Her Parents The Proudest For That Super Bowl Performance [WATCH]

Her mom and dad said that it was a dream come true for the music icon who wanted to perform in the event since she was little girl.

Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower NYC

Family Life  7 February '17

Gender Neutral Parenting: Should Parents Raise Genderless Children? Hear From The Experts!

Moms and dads who don't force gender stereotypes in their kids find this liberating but there are non-believers in the approach as well.

Prevent Child Abuse America And Josh Charles Host 'The Big Pinwheel Garden' In NYC For Child Abuse Prevention Month

Family Life  6 February '17

Child Abuse: The Quest To Save Montana's Neglected Kids

The number of neglected and abused children in the state of Montana is on the rise. This calls for an emergency legislation that will take care of the children.

Save the Children Lights Up Empire State Building for International Day of the Girl

Family Life  6 February '17

Modern Parenting Blues: How To Cope With Worrying Too Much About The Kids

Parents are always worried about their children they sometimes forget to take care of themselves.

Why President Donald Trump Is Not A Good Role Model For Children

Family Life  6 February '17

Donald Trump Presidency: The Parenting Challenge Of Teaching Kids Values In Trump's America

The president's anti-minority stand has given parents goosebumps. How should they teach their kids that bullying is bad when they can see a president who gets away with it?

Border Patrol Processes Migrants Captured Trying To Cross To U.S.

Family Life  6 February '17

Parenting From Prison: Inmate Dad Wants Family Program For Fathers Similar To Incarcerated Moms

Johnny Wald knows he can learn to become a better person and dad if a parenting class is also created for fathers in prison.

Julius Erving Golf Classic - Youth Basketball Clinic and Panel

Family Life  5 February '17

Ensuring A Child’s Spine Health: How To Choose The Perfect Backpack

Backpacks come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Not all will, however, be good for the posture of the children.

Hands Off Safe Schools Rally

Family Life  5 February '17

Brighten App To The Rescue: How To Fight Bullying By Sending Compliments

Bullying can be detrimental to a person's self-worth. The app Brighten seeks to make people happy through compliments.

Fight 4 Change Foundation Media Event

Fun & Games  5 February '17

Super Bowl Sunday Fact: Majority Of American Parents Still Want Their Kids To Play Football Despite Concussion Dangers

The contact sport has been deeply ingrained in U.S. culture even as experts have warned about its long-term health effects.

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