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Sam Blewett Portrait Session

Family Life  5 February '17

Parenting Styles Can Influence Dishonesty In Kids When They Become Adults, Study Says

The impact of how children are raised can affect their ethics as grownups. Parents, listen up!

Travel Destination: North Sea Coast Of Germany

Family Life  4 February '17

Helicopter Parenting: Are Overprotective Parents Ruining Their Children’s Independence?

A parenting expert is urging parents to allow their children to make their own decisions and do things for themselves to encourage their independence.

Germany Debates Expanding Parental Leave

Family Life  4 February '17

Dads Are Doing More Parenting Than Ever, But Moms Still Do Most Work; Does Equal Parenting Really Exist?

Despite fathers becoming more involved in their kids' lives, why hasn't the burden of parenting eased up with moms?

Birmingham Women's Hospital Offers Technological Advances In Its Care

Family Life  4 February '17

Children Of Divorce Benefit Greatly From Overnights Or Sleepovers With Dads, Study Reveals

Researchers learned equal parenting from moms and dads who are no longer together has the most impact during the toddler years.

Iranian man

Family Life  3 February '17

Iranian Man Sent Back To His Country Amid Trump's Immigration Ban Has Emotional Reunion With Family In US

Ali Vayeghan arrived in the U.S. last Friday with a valid visa but was turned away and the ACLU helped him in his case.

Russians Mourn Victims of Moscow Bombings

Family Life  3 February '17

Adoption, Foster Care: These Siblings' Sad Story Highlights How Families Are Ripped Apart Due To Parents' Failures

There's a lot of lessons to be learned from the story of these four siblings whose life changed in foster care because of their drug-addicted parents.

'Designer for Tomorrow' Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring/Summer 2016

Family Life  3 February '17

Texas Daycare Sign For Parents With 'Appalling' Habit Goes Viral: 'Get Off Your Phone!'

A debate has ensued among netizens on whether it was right to even put up the sign.

Donald Trump Holds Event To Benefit Veterans On Night Of GOP Debate

Family Life  3 February '17

President Donald Trump Helps Out Struggling Single Dad By Giving $10,000 Check

Shane Bouvet volunteered for Trump's campaign in his hometown in Minnesota.

Anrealage : Backstage - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015

Family Life  3 February '17

First World Parent Problem: When Too Much Information Makes Modern Moms Or Dads Neurotic

Tips and advice on parenting are helpful but what could be more effective is if parents rely on their instincts.

Sixty Thousand American Flags Set Up In Size And Shape Of Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Family Life  3 February '17

Parenting And Politics: What Moms And Dads Have To Consider Before Talking Politics With Kids

Politics is no longer an exclusive subject for adults when children can see what's going on in the world. They might have plenty of questions and a talk will help.

Germany Debates Expanding Parental Leave

Family Life  2 February '17

Common Sense Parenting: Trusting Your Own Abilities To Parent Is The Best Way To Raising Good Kids

Experts offer helpful advice but in the end mom and dads have to believe in their own skills.

NBCUniversal's 74th Annual Golden Globes After Party - Arrivals

TV.Movie  2 February '17

Parenting On Television: Why There Should Be A Dedicated TV Network For Parents

Television can be a great tool for learning, so why is there no specific channel for moms and dads?

88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Family Life  2 February '17

Every Mother Working Hard To Raise Her Children Deserves Her Own Oscar Award

It is awards season in Hollywood and one columnist has been inspired to bestow awards for non-celebrity moms who have been outstanding at motherhood.

iHeartMedia Hosts Main Stage Fireside Chat About Creativity With Radio And Television Host And Producer Ryan Seacrest And Grammy Award winner Musician/Entrepreneur Pharrell Williams

Family Life  1 February '17

Pharell Williams, Wife Welcome 3 Bundles Of Joy; Triplets' Names Not Yet Revealed

The music artist and his wife Helen Lasichanh welcomed the new babies in January.

Usher Raymond & Tameka Foster Custody Hearing

Family Life  1 February '17

Using Children Of Divorce As Weapons In Custody Battle Is Wrong But It Keeps Happening

There has to be a better way of handling the end of a marriage where there are children involved, especially when ex-partners do not stop being parents.

Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue

Family Life  1 February '17

Children Who Experience Chronic Bullying Struggle With Poor Grades, Study Says

Researchers tracked down hundreds of kids from kindergarten to high school for this study.

AFI FEST 2015 Presented By Audi Opening Night Gala Premiere Of Universal Pictures' 'By The Sea' - Arrivals

Family Life  31 January '17

What Can Go Wrong With Co-Parenting? Exploring The Problems Of This Shared Job

Raising a child together is tough with an ex-partner and the system makes it even more challenging. Here's why.

Pokemon GO Fans Converge At Sydney Opera House

Family Life  31 January '17

New Child Tracking Device Promises Peace Of Mind For Parents; What Is Jiobit?

This innovative child location tracker looks practical and easy to use, but how efficient is it?

Jamie Lynn Sigler's Baby Shower Benefitting Baby Buggy At Sugar And Plumm Sponsored By Britax/BOB, Cloud B And Hanky Panky, And Serena & Lily

Travel  31 January '17

Flying With Baby? Startup Offers To Ease Parents' Travel Woes With AirBnB-Like Gear Rental Service

Tired of bringing bulky baby stuff on your trips? Babierge could be of great help to moms and dads.

White House Hosts Annual Easter Egg Roll

Family Life  31 January '17

Are Same-Sex Parents Violating Children's Rights By Having Surrogate Babies?

People celebrate the success of surrogacy of gay or lesbian parents but no one is looking at the situation from a baby's perspective, according to a columnist.

FTL MODA | Kids Collection Showcase - Backstage - September 2016 - New York Fashion Week

Family Life  30 January '17

Why The Tough Job Of Parenting Is Both Joyful And Lonely

Parenting can be a source of joy but most of the time, it can also be a source of loneliness.

Women Show Children The State Of America's Politics

Family Life  30 January '17

Fearless Parenting: Learning From The Women’s March In Washington

The protest in Washington signaled the emergence of a new breed of parents.

Harper's BAZAAR celebrates 150 Most Fashionable Women at Sunset Tower presented by TUMI in partnership with American Express, La Perla and Hearts On Fire

Family Life  30 January '17

Miranda Kerr Talks Co-Parenting With Orlando Bloom And His GF Katy Perry: 'We're A Modern Family!'

The ex-couple dated in 2007, got married in 2011 and split in 2013 when their son Flynn was barely 3-years-old.

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