Funerals Held For Victims Of Christmas Island Shipwreck

Health/Nutrition  21 December '16

Bereavement Leave: When Grief Takes Its Toll, What Should You Do?

British politicians and health experts are proposing for a bereavement leave for workers who have lost a close family member.

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Luton

Mind  21 December '16

Why Suicide Rate Is Rising To Daunting Levels In The UK

In the upcoming year, the expectation is that the suicide rates might decrease.

Frank Zander Hosts Charity Dinner For Homeless In Berlin

Health/Nutrition  21 December '16

How To Avoid Food Poisoning This Holiday Season

Christmas is the time of the year in which the refrigerators are filled with left-over foods but humans are not the only ones who are happy this holiday season but also the bacteria that attack the food, leading to serious illnesses.

New Zealanders Rally Against Child Abuse As Moko Rangitoheriri's Killers Are Sentenced

Health/Nutrition  20 December '16

How Child Abuse Affects Individuals In Later Life

Different studies done on child abuse have suggested that those who have suffered from such kind of incidents see bad outcomes.

'Champions For Charity' Football Match - Nowitzki v Vettel

Body  20 December '16

Michael Schumacher Health News Update: F1 Driver's Family To Launch A 'Keep Fighting Campaign' To Encourage Fans To Keep Going Despite Hardships

Michael Schumacher's manager, Sabine Kehm opens up about the F1 driver's plea for privacy.

Dangers of Opioid Painkiller Fentanyl

Body  20 December '16

Opioid And Synthetic Marijuana [Spice] Related Deaths Continually Increase As 2016 Is Bound To End

Illicit drug-related deaths continually increase as some states experienced a total of 200 percent increase in drug-related deaths.

Demonstrators Gather In Philadelphia To Protest Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision

Mind  20 December '16

Study Says Crying Is Healthy And Empowering; Here Are Some Benefits

Don't feel guilty or weak after you cry because it is healthy and here are other cool things about it that you should know.

China smog alert

Health/Nutrition  20 December '16

China In Smog Alert: Closes Factories

China closes down factories, limits car use with smog alert

Anti-Abortion Activists March In Washington

Mind  20 December '16

Being Denied Getting An Abortion Could Possibly Cause Mental Illness Than Abortion Itself, New Study

Contrary to popular belief, abortion doesn't affect the mental health of a person but being denied to have one could.

Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Medicine  20 December '16

Another Way Of Treating ER+ Advanced Breast Cancer

Clinicians who are helping postmenopausal patients with advanced,hormone receptor(HR)---affirmed breast cancer given hope as another way of treating ER+Advanced Breast Cancer when emerged occurred in resistance to endocrine-based therapy.

Synthetic Marijuana, Or K2, Use On The Rise In New York City

Health/Nutrition  20 December '16

Marijuana Use Is Dangerous To Children’s Health, Says Latest Study, Doctors Warn Parents Not To Use Marijuana In Front Of Children

Chemicals from secondhand marijuana smoke may have negative effect on the health of children, a latest small study finds out. Thus researchers warn parents, particularly in states where use of marijuana is legal, to never expose children to marijuana as the children may absorb those harmful chemicals.

Inside The ICU

Body  20 December '16

Heart Attack Or Stroke Risk Increases For School Dropouts Or Less-Educated People, Study Reveals

With little education comes less awareness of what smoking, drinking and eating unhealthy foods can bring, plus there's also that socio-economic gap.

Cancer-fighting berries

Medicine  19 December '16

'Anti-Cancer' Berries Discovered In Australian Rainforest

Compound in berries could be humanity's last hope to fight cancer

Breakthrough asthma medications soon in PBS list

Health/Nutrition  19 December '16

PBS Listing To Slash Down Price Of Breakthrough Asthma Treatments

Breakthrough asthma medications will soon become more affordable with its inclusion in the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS).

Watchdog Bans Online Junk Food Adverts Aimed At Children

Health/Nutrition  19 December '16

Why Black Children And Teens Are More Exposed To Junk Food Ads Than White Kids

This article analyzes how junk food advertisements impact children.

Born addicted: Heroin's innocent victims

Health/Nutrition  19 December '16

Children Services Observe Increase In Drug Related Foster Cases

Athens, Ohio and many other countries are fighting the battle against the drug addiction but children are also becoming a victim of this trend.

Huge Snow Storm Slams Into Mid Atlantic States

Health/Nutrition  19 December '16

How To Keep Your Children Warm In Winter

The winter season has arrived and it's most important for parents to keep their children warm enough.

An Evening With The Guardian

Health/Nutrition  19 December '16

An Interview With Gary Younge

It is found that each day, a mean of seven kids and tweens are killed by gunshots in the U.S.

United Nations Will Govern The World

Health/Nutrition  20 December '16

Save The Children Tasks Government, Development Partners On Universal Health Coverage

To reduce maternal and child mortality in Nigeria, there is need for national commitment and investment towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Mysterious Outbreak Sickens Young Dental Patients In Orange County

Health/Nutrition  19 December '16

OC Dental Hospital Shut Down Due To Traces Of Bacteria In Water

Children's Dental Group of Anaheim, which has had possibly dozens of young patients develop serious health problems because of infected water, has been ordered closed by Orange County officials.

Disability and Child Protection | UNICEF

Health/Nutrition  19 December '16

How Disabled People Are Perceived All Around The World

While not all people do so, some nondisabled people do not empathize with disabled people and the challenges they face.

Tourists Visits Pyramids In Egypt After Recent Bomb Blasts

Body  19 December '16

Travel And Wellness: Studies Reveal That Travelling Creates A Positive Impact On Both Physical And Mental Health

Travelling does not only boost physical health, but it also created a positive impact on mental health.

Sugar Tax Proposed Following WHO Global Report On Diabetes

Body  19 December '16

Fun Facts: What Could Possibly Cause The Intense Sugar Cravings?

Researchers reveal that sugar cravings are possibly handed down from our ancestors!

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