Adele Performs At The Manchester Arena

News  30 August '16

Adele Caught in a Hypocrisy Scandal For Lying to Fans About Her Healthy Lifestyle

British singer Adele is slammed for eating junk-food despite her claims of living a healthy lifestyle.

AOL Build Presents Natalie Portman Discussing Her New Film 'A Tale Of Love And Darkness'

News  30 August '16

Natalie Portman Isn't Letting Her 5-Year-Old Son Watch 'Star Wars' Prequels For This One Particularly Valid Reason

The actress was part of the "Star Wars" prequels as Queen Padme' Amidala, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia's mom.

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Luton

News  26 August '16

Princess Kate & Prince William’s Parenting Stress: ‘You Can’t Be Brilliant At Everything’

Prince William said parents should accept that they "can't be brilliant at everything" and it's alright to talk about their problems with mental health aids. Parents feel a lot of pressure that are mostly self-made, forcing them to think that they should handle everything that comes their way.

Jessica Alba

News  26 August '16

Jessica Alba: Mother, Actress, Businesswoman Reveals More About Two Daughters; Talks Lawsuits Against Honest Co.

Jessica Alba shared in a new report about her company and her two daughters.

Democratic National Convention: Day Four

News  25 August '16

Hillary Clinton Emails: Chelsea Clinton Helped Her Mom Understand The Internet In Leaked Correspondence - It's Amusing!

The daughter of Hillary and former president Bill Clinton gave her mother critiques about the campaign website.

Royal family

News  24 August '16

Kate Middleton, Prince William News And Updates: Expecting Third Child But Divorcing? Queen Elizabeth Furious Over Pregnancy Reports?

Kate Middleton and Prince William are said to be expecting their third child but they are set to divorce.

Trooping The Colour 2016

News  24 August '16

Kate Middleton Vs. Prince Charles: Duchess Of Cambridge Hating Prince William’s Dad Over Hectic Duchy Of Cornwall Royal Visit Schedule?

Following the previous reports about the conflict between the British royal family and the Middletons, it seemed that another war has broken out between Kate Middleton and her dear father-in-law, Prince Charles.

Laura Benanti

News  23 August '16

'Supergirl' Star Laura Benanti Pregnant With First Child After Miscarriage, Reveals Reason Why First Trimester Has Been Difficult

"Supergirl" actress Laura Benanti is once again pregnant after a miscarriage and in a recent interview, she revealed that her first trimester has been difficult.

The President Of The Republic Of Singapore Makes A State Visit To The UK

News  22 August '16

Kate Middleton News: Duchess Can't Get Pregnant Because Of Mental and Health Condition

Kate Middleton cannot conceive another child due to her mental state. Learn more about that here.

2016 NBA Finals - Game Two

News  22 August '16

Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher Marriage: 'Bad Mom' Star Talks Motherhood & Raising Kids, Reveals How Her 'Priorities Shifted'

Mila Kunis has a daughter with Ashton Kutcher, who is nearly 2-years-old. They are also expecting their new baby soon, as the actress is heavy with child.

Angela Simmons Is Said To Have Eaten Her Own Words

News  17 August '16

Angela Simmons On Her Personality And Pregnancy: “I Just Eat The Judgment Of People”

Angela Simmons has been very transparent about her pregnancy. She has been posting her pregnancy journey in social media. While some people keep bashing her for who she is and what she was in the past, she still keeps her feet on the ground and her faith grounded in Jesus.

Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge At America's Cup World Series

News  16 August '16

Kate Middleton Says She Won't Overlook Mental Health Support In Her Children, Duchess Endorses Podcast On Mental Health

The royal is heavily invested in promoting that mental health awareness begins with family.

Westfield x Who What Wear Presents: Boss Notes At Westfield Topanga

News  15 August '16

Nicole Richie Shares One of the Best Parenting Lessons She Learned

Nicole Richie shares one of the most important parenting lessons she learned.

Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge At America's Cup World Series

News  15 August '16

Kate Middleton and Prince William Opens Up About Asking for Mental Health Support When Their Children Needs It

Kate Middleton opens up about giving their children appropriate mental health care when needed.

Day Thirteen: The Championships - Wimbledon 2016

News  16 August '16

Kate Middleton Pregnant? Duchess Of Cambridge’s Concern Over Her Kids’ Mental Health Ignites Pregnancy Rumors

A week ago, rumors about Kate Middleton being pregnant have resurfaced and now, royal watchers believed that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant and anxious after she expressed her concern over her children’s state of mental health.

'The BFG' - Red Carpet Arrivals - The 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival

News  13 August '16

Blake LIvely and Anne Hathaway Up Against 'Post-Pregnancy Slim Down Pressure"

Blake Lively and Anne Hathaway are leading the way for mothers all around the world.

2016 NBA Finals - Game Two

News  12 August '16

Mila Kunis Shares Her 'Poor Parenting' Hack; 'Bad Moms' Actress Got Into A Scream Feast With Ashton Kutcher Before Her Movie Tour

Mila Kunis dished out parenting tips that might actually work.

Swimming - Olympics: Day 2

News  10 August '16

Olympic Swimmer Dana Vollmer Opens Up About Pregnancy & Motherhood: How Conception Made Her ‘Miserable’

Dana Vollmer recounted her pregnancy as something that was "way different" than what she expected it to be. She shared how she had to take seven and a half weeks of "miserable" bed rest.

Chanel's Benefit Dinner For The Natural Resources Defense Council's Ocean Initiative

News  6 August '16

Drew Barrymore Divorce: Actress Finalizes Split With Third Husband Will Kopelman, Children Are Priority

The actress has two children with her former husband.

Eva Mendes

News  3 August '16

Eva Mendes On Losing Brother and Bringing Daughter Amada Into The World The Same Time, Regards It Beautiful and Heartbreaking

Eva Mendes talked about losing her brother and welcoming her second baby during the same week.

'Bad Moms' New York Premiere – Arrivals

News  2 August '16

Parenting Tips From Celebrities: 'Bad Moms' Star Mila Kunis Shares Her Parenting Advice

Pregnant mom and mother of one Mila Kunis give out parenting advice.

Nordstrom Red Carpet Sponsorship Of The Tony Awards On Sunday, June 12, 2016

News  2 August '16

Rose Byrne Talks About Mothehood, 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Star Says It Is A Huge Responsibility

The actress shares that motherhood is a huge responsibility.

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