Education  18 January '17

Shakira Receives Humanitarian Award At World Economic Forum; Colombian Singer Calls For More Early Childhood Education, Nurture Future Leaders

Shakira is this year's recipient of the Humanitarian Award at the World Economic Forum.

Reese Witherspoon Visits 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

Celebrity Mom  18 January '17

Reese Witherspoon On Raising Teen Daughter Ava: 'I'm So Lucky To Be Her Mom'

She is the Hollywood star's eldest child with ex-husband Ryan Philippe.

Free Backpacks Are Distributed To Needy Students Ahead Of New School Year

Family Life  18 January '17

Punishing Vs. Disciplining Children: What's The Difference & What Works Best? Experts Share Tips!

Iowa State University has launched a discussion via blogs and podcast to help parents determine their child-rearing strategies better.

Festive New Yorkers Dress Up For Halloween

Teen  18 January '17

Stop-And-Frisk Arrest: Why These Parents Are Thanking New York Cops Who Nabbed Their Son

The NYPD has been enforcing this policy since 2002 even as there are protests that it has been abused by authorities.

Press Preview Of The Toy Retailers Association's Dream Toys

SPED Kids  18 January '17

Mom Speaks Up Against Judging Parents Of Children With ADHD, Calls For Empathy As 'It's Not A Behavioral Problem'

Jodie Eaton debunks the notion that the condition is a result of bad parenting.

Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue

Education  18 January '17

Education For Girls Gathers Support From Lady Gaga, Blake Lively, Natalie Portman & Other Celebrities [SIGN CAMPAIGN!]

ONE is behind the campaign to help young women in poor countries who have been deprived of this basic need.

J.R. Smith Ask Fans To Pray For Baby Who Was Born Five Months Early

Daddy  17 January '17

NBA Player J.R. Smith Asks For Prayers For Newborn Daughter Who Was Born 5 Months Early

NBA basketball player J.R. Smith and his wife announced that their daughter was born five months early.

DJ Khaled Uses Snapchat to Encourage Young People To Complete Their Education

Education  17 January '17

Snapchat King DJ Khaled Making Education Dreams Come True?

DJ Khaled, known as the king of mobile application Snapchat, is bringing young people closer to their dream of getting a good education.

Distributing Goody Bags To Fellow Passengers When Traveling With Kids

Baby  17 January '17

Goody Bags: A Sweet Gesture When Flying With A Baby?

Flying is stressful enough. Add boisterous children to the equation and it can get worse. Thoughtful parents can disitrbute goody bags to appease fellow passengers.

Noor Salman

Family Life  17 January '17

Florida Night Club Shooter Omar Mateen's Widow Arrested In San Francisco Home, Faces Federal Charges

The widow of Omar Mateen, the Florida night club shooter, was arrested on Monday.

Grace Packer

Teen  17 January '17

Teenager Killed, Raped Due To Adoptive Mother, Boyfriend's Fantasy Remembered As Kind; Birth Parents Attend Memorial For Her

A memorial took place in honor of the teenager who was raped and killed by her adoptive mother and the latter's boyfriend.

Antioch shooting

Teen  17 January '17

16-Year-Old Antioch Shooting Suspects Kill Two Other Teenagers, Face Homicide Charges

The suspects in Antioch shooting have been identified.

Betsy DeVos

Education  17 January '17

Betsy DeVos’ Appointment Raises Student Loan Concerns; Former Education Secretary Gives Advice To Donald Trump's Pick

Betsy DeVos is being questioned by many regarding the student loan matter.

2014 HYUNDAI/GRAMMYs Clive Davis Pre-GRAMMY Gala Activation + Equus Fleet Arrivals

Family Life  17 January '17

Robin Thicke A Victim Of Parental Alienation? Custody Battle With Paula Patton Escalates With Cops' Involvement

Accusations of spanking and punching the boy has muddled this family case even further.

Students Throughout The UK Receive Their A Level Results

Family Life  17 January '17

Narcissistic Parents See Kids As Their Extension, Here's Why This Is A Mistake

Children should be allowed to follow their own dreams, not their mom's or dad's dreams.

California Embryo Bank Provides Donated Eggs For Stem Cell Research

Pregnancy  17 January '17

IVF Baby Develops Better With Techno Music, Scientists Discover Trance Is Secret To Growth

Experts explain why this type of music with its consistent beat enhances the eggs' environment.

A Day Inside German Children's Daycare

Toddler  17 January '17

Daycare Staff 'Forces' 4-Year-Old Boys To Kiss In Spin The Bottle, Mother Says Son Now In Counseling

The mom was sickened to watch a video of her child and she's now speaking up about it.

Donald Trump Holds Weekend Meetings In Bedminster, NJ

Education  17 January '17

Education Technology Under Betsy DeVos: What Will Its Future Hold?

Initiatives done by the previous administration helped EdTech in America flourish. Will the new officials uphold it?

Parenting In The Digital Age

Teen  16 January '17

Digital Parenting: Raising Teens In A High-Tech World Without Losing Your Mind

The greatest challenge of parents today is digital parenting. It is time to narrow not only the age gap but also the technology gap between a parent and the child for a more effective parenting,

Following The Commandments For Parenting After The Divorce

Family Life  16 January '17

Co-Parenting After Divorce: How To Communicate Harmoniously For Children's Sake

Co-parenting after divorce can be very challenging but there is a way to communicate harmoniously for the sake of the children.

Berlin School Year Begins

Big Kid  16 January '17

Post-Election Parenting: How To Ensure A Child's Best Behavior After The 2016 US Election Fiasco

Every parent has a desire to raise their children in the best possible way, which brings us to a number of things to keep in mind before raising children.

Asylum Applicants With Uncertain Chance Of Approval Receive Orientation Course

Education  16 January '17

The Effects Of Tution-Free College Education In The US

The U.S. government is providing tuition-free higher education opportunities for middle and low-income families in the country.

Key Economic And Social Issues To Be Addressed In New Zealand Budget

Education  16 January '17

Why These Learning Ideas Do Not Improve Education Despite What Majority Believes

These five Ideas regarding schooling have been causing misconceptions among people as they keep believing it has a positive effect but a study suggested it has an opposite impact.

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