Girl inside a treehouse

Parenting  7 April '16

Charmed Playhouses: Take A Look At Some Of The Most Amazing Luxury Clubhouses For Kids

Here are some of the most beautiful and elegant playhouses you can buy for your kids!

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Infant  7 April '16

Overfeeding Babies Warning: Nearly All Babies Get Too Much Protein From Milk

Babies are being overfed with too much protein from milk which can add to obesity and medical problems later on.

Hilde Kate Lysiak 9-Year-Old Journalist

Parenting  7 April '16

Girl, 9, Stands Up To Critics For Breaking A Murder Story Before News Outlets - What Her Parents Say

Hilde Kate Lysiak reported on a murder scene for her online news site and received flak for it, but she challenged her critics as a response.

Germany Debates Expanding Parental Leave

Parenting  8 April '16

Gentle Parenting' The New Trend In Parenting Style; 3 Simple Ways To Practice It

Sarah Ockwell-Smith uses gentle parenting to her kids. Learn about this parenting style here.

Goin' Back To Indiana: Can You Feel It - The St. Paul Saints Vs. The Gary SouthShore RailCats

Parenting  6 April '16

Paris Jackson Queen Of Michael Jackson's Heart: 'King Of Pop' Honored By Daughter

Paris Jackson gave a tribute to her father, the "King Of Pop," Michael Jackson with a tattoo made from a handwritten message by MJ for his only daughter.

Royal Video Message For Children's Mental Health Week

Parenting  6 April '16

3 Shocking Factors That Could Lead To Children’s Suicidal Tendencies And Mental Distress

A recent survey revealed a disturbing finding that children as young as 6 years old have suicidal thoughts while others are self-harming. Eighty-nine percent of the respondents claimed that the main reason for the children’s mental distress is stress.

The AIDS Epidemic In The Ukraine

Parenting  6 April '16

‘How Kids See Mom And Dad’ Video Sparks Sexism and Stereotyping in Parenting

Your mom doesn't need to be the bad cop always.

BabyFair2005 Attempts To Tackle Low Korean Birth-rate

Pregnancy  7 April '16

Easy Pregnancy Exercises: 3 Simple Exercises For Pregnant Women

Here are some of the safest and easiest exercises you can do during pregnancy.

Sleep deprived parent

Infant  6 April '16

New Dads Are More Sleep-Deprived Than New Moms

It's never easy to adjust when you and your partner have a new baby. Normally, new mothers are sleep-deprived because of breastfeeding which causes fatigue and stress but according to some studies, fathers are the ones more sleep-deprived.

Israeli Mothers Attend Breast Feeding Classes After Powdered Milk Scare

Parenting  6 April '16

Attachment Parenting Forces Mothers To Stay At Home

The "attachment parenting" philosophy has reportedly encouraged mothers to just stay at home to pay more attention to their kids.

Kids, Parents Try Healthy Living

Parenting  6 April '16

5 Delicious After-School Snack Ideas For Your Kids

Swap unhealthy snacks with these tasty healthy ones for your kids!

NZ Prepares For Release Of Budget

Parenting  6 April '16

Gender Gap In Parenting: 5 Worst Statements People Say To Moms And Never To Dads

These statements reflect how traditional views on parenting roles are still true for some people.

AFL Rd 2 - St Kilda v Western Bulldogs

Parenting  7 April '16

Parenting Tips: Essential Self-Care Tricks For Busy Parents

Here are some self-care tips that parents might want to consider in order to deal with the daily hustles and bustles of parenthood.

Palestine Marathon

Parenting  7 April '16

Raising Kids & Fighting Terrorism: How to Make Your Children Aware of Their Surroundings

Raising a child and fighting terrorism have something in common as the parent is also struggling to keep their children's safety.

Mother & daughter arguing UK

Parenting  7 April '16

Why Parents Should Stop Playing Favorites: 3 Dangerous Effects Of Favoritism Among Siblings

Find out how favoritism can negatively affect your children.

Kelly Clarkson For Chevrolet's Best Day Ever With iHeartRadio At The Grove Los Angeles

Pregnancy  6 April '16

Kelly Clarkson Pregnancy: Is 'Piece By Piece' Singer Past Her Due Date?

A lot of people are asking if Kelly Clarkson has not yet given birth since it was estimated that she was supposed to give birth last February.

Movie night

Parenting  5 April '16

US TV Content Ratings System Failed To Protect Children, Study Claims

A study conducted by Parents TV Council found that the TV content ratings system in the U.S., which is intended to protect younger viewers from seeing inappropriate content, is not serving its purpose.

Religious Jews Prepare For Yom Kippur

Parenting  6 April '16

5 Discipline Hacks That Are Proven By Moms

Check out these clever ways of managing your kids!

Parenting  5 April '16

Eldest Children Are The Best: Here Are 5 Scientifically-Based Reasons Why This Is So

Although not so appealing to younger siblings, research has shown that eldest children are the best and here's why.

President Obama Pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey

Parenting  6 April '16

How To Raise Politically Aware Children: 5 Tips For Talking To Kids About Politics

Here's how you can safely share politics with your children.

Investigations Continue Into The Brutal Street Killing Of A British Soldier

Toddler  6 April '16

Teenage Depression: What Parents Should Know

Teenage depression may be a phase for some, but it is important to take note of subtle signs that can lead to a deeper mental health issue.

Parenting  5 April '16

Parenting Tips: 5 Things You Should Stop Saying To Kids (And What You Should Say Instead)

Here are some of the things you should stop telling your kids as soon as possible.

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