Stabbing incident

Teen  24 January '17

Dallas Man Stabs Mother And Daughter; Teenager Succumbs To Injuries While Motive Remains Unclear

A teenager and her mother were stabbed by her husband, leaving the daughter dead.

Responsible Parenting Means Monitoring The Children's Online Activities

Teen  23 January '17

Digital Parenting: The Importance Of Learning The Texting Lingo Of Children

Monitoring the children's online and phone activities would be easier for parents if they are familiar with the texting codes being used nowadays.

Women's  March

Teen  23 January '17

LGBTQ Teens Won't Stop Fighting For Their Rights As Donald Trumps Calls Women's March As 'Hallmark Of Democracy

Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States and he said the Washington Women's March was the hallmark of democracy while teenagers from the LGBTQ community released a message to the president.


Teen  23 January '17

Iceland Offers The Best Idea To Stop Teens From Using Drugs, Should Rest Of The World Do The Same?

Iceland stopped the use of drugs, as well as smoking and drinking in most of the teens.

Fighting Obesity By Checking Out Food Servings

Teen  20 January '17

Fighting Child Obesity: Expert Suggests To Ban Second Helpings Among Children

An obesity expert has identified second helpings as the culprit behind children's obesity. Parents are urged to stop giving extra food to their kids to help maintain their weight.

Siberian Teens At Internet Cafe

Teen  19 January '17

Social Media Overuse: The Reason Why Teenagers Are Not Getting The Right Amount Of Sleep

With the development of technology and introduction of smartphones, studies suggest some teens are losing sleep because of spending too much time on social media.

Aspirin And Viral Infection Can Lead To Reye's Syndrome

Teen  19 January '17

Reye’s Syndrome: Why Parents Are Warned About This Deadly Condition

Reye's Syndrome is a rare condition that can result when parents give their children aspirin after recovering from a flu. Awareness among parents and children will help combat the deadly illness.

Todd Starnes: Ban unsupervised minors from malls

Teen  19 January '17

US Malls Banning Unaccompanied Minors Due Amid Unruly Disturbances, Gatherings Ignited On Social Media

Westfield shopping mall in Culver City has started a new trend that is now being followed by other malls across the country, which is banning the teenagers after they created chaos and mistreated employees

Georgia teen

Teen  19 January '17

Suicide Leading Cause Of Death Among Utah Teenagers? Experts Advise Parents To Speak To Their Kids About Mental Health

Suicide is the leading cause of death among teens in Utah.

Video games

Teen  18 January '17

How Strong Friendship Bonds Can Prevent Depression And Addiction Caused My Excessive Video Gaming Among Teenagers

Video games are a great way to spend free time, however, spending too many hours playing these games can lead to depression.

Festive New Yorkers Dress Up For Halloween

Teen  18 January '17

Stop-And-Frisk Arrest: Why These Parents Are Thanking New York Cops Who Nabbed Their Son

The NYPD has been enforcing this policy since 2002 even as there are protests that it has been abused by authorities.

Grace Packer

Teen  17 January '17

Teenager Killed, Raped Due To Adoptive Mother, Boyfriend's Fantasy Remembered As Kind; Birth Parents Attend Memorial For Her

A memorial took place in honor of the teenager who was raped and killed by her adoptive mother and the latter's boyfriend.

Antioch shooting

Teen  17 January '17

16-Year-Old Antioch Shooting Suspects Kill Two Other Teenagers, Face Homicide Charges

The suspects in Antioch shooting have been identified.

Parenting In The Digital Age

Teen  16 January '17

Digital Parenting: Raising Teens In A High-Tech World Without Losing Your Mind

The greatest challenge of parents today is digital parenting. It is time to narrow not only the age gap but also the technology gap between a parent and the child for a more effective parenting,

Universities Face Jump In Student Enrollment

Teen  16 January '17

Teen Raises 30k College Tuition As Parents Disown Her For Dating African-American; Dad Claims She 'Needed To Grow Up'

Donations have poured in for Allie Dowdle's college fund but her dad said they are not racist.

Understand The Long Term Effects Of Binge Drinking Among Teenagers And How It Impacts Their Future Children

Teen  15 January '17

Understanding The Long Term Effects Of Binge Drinking Among Teenagers And How It Impacts Their Future Children

Studies suggest that binge drinking during your teenage years can after your children's brain capacity in the future.

Intervention Program For Minors Exposing Them To a adult Prison Caused Backlash

Teen  13 January '17

Intervention Program Exposing Minors To Adult Prison Sparks Backlash

An intervention program designed for minors sending them to adult prison caused a backlash among parents.


Teen  12 January '17

Reddit's UpliftingNews Raises $160K For Mentally-Challenged Chicago Teen Following Attack, Torture On Facebook Live

The person behind the subreddit UpliftingNews on Reddit helped raise $160,000 for the Chicago teen who was tortured and abused on Facebook Live.

Special School Helps Teen Combat Childhood Obesity

Teen  12 January '17

Best Approach To Teen’s Health Without Focusing On Weight: Parents Should Get Involved!

Teens should stop focusing on their weight. But to solve this, parents have an important role, according to experts.

Controversial painting

Teen  11 January '17

Democrats VS. Republicans: House Democrats Rehang Missouri Student’s Controversial Police Violence Painting After GOP’s Removal Last Week

A painting by a Missouri student was hung by the Democrats in a Capitol gallery once again after Republicans took it down.

Sniper Suspect Decides Not To Represent Himself

Teen  10 January '17

Can Mothers Save Teenagers From Committing Juvenile Crimes Again?

New study suggests that the involvement of mothers in the legal process can help control teens from committing the same crime again.

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Teen  10 January '17

Surgery To Cure Obesity In Teens? Study Reveals Long-Term Benefits

Gastric surgery has long-term benefits for obese teens that surpass its adverse impacts.

University of Southern Mississippi student falls to his death

Teen  10 January '17

Baytown, Texas Home Shooting Injured Three Teenagers; Motive Remains Unclear While Suspects Still At Large

Three teenagers were injured after a shooting took place at a home in Baytown, Texas.

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