Homemade slime

Want To Make Homemade Slime? See What Happened To This Kid First

A child from Massachusetts made a DIY slime and burned her hands.

by Claire Parker

Children with cancer

UK Cancer Charity Donates £1.5M For Children's Cancer Research

A cancer charity donated £1.5M in order to start a research to find better cure for children with cancer.

by Claire Parker

Parents Won't Let Kids Play Outside Until Age 10

Parenting Fears: Average Parents Won't Let Kids Outside Until Age 10, Survey Reveals

An online family community conducted the survey on parenting fears among 3,000 moms and dads.

by Amanda Moore

Swing For Special Needs

Sister To The Rescue! 8-Year-Old Writes Council About Park Swing For Twin Brother With Special Needs

Naomi Gwynne made a plea for her twin brother Isaac who loves swings despite his autism and visual disability.

by Amanda Moore


Starbucks Barista Body-Shames 11-Year-Old Girl By Writing 'Fat' On Her Cup

An 11-year-old girl went to a local Starbucks and got body-shamed by a barista.

by Claire Parker

Barron Trump Moving To White House

Barron Trump, Mom Melania Are Moving To The White House; 11-Year-Old Makes Rare Public Appearance

Barron Trump stayed behind in New York to finish his school term and he's moving to the White House in June.

by Amanda Moore

Thief Burglarizes 8-Year-Old Girl's House

Florida 8-Year-Old Girl Writes Letter To Thief, Asks Burglar To 'Change And Be Good'

Wendy Chay Son wanted the burglar to know that a family is sad because of what that person did.

by Amanda Moore

Eraser Challenge Among Kids

What's The Eraser Challenge? School Warns Parents Their Kids Are Hurting Themselves

Students share videos of their participation in the eraser challenge online, prompting others to do the dare as well.

by Amanda Moore

Hillary Clinton Female Empowerment

Hillary Clinton Gives Shout Out To 4th Grader Who Forms Female Empowerment Club In School

Feminist Elly Zupko first shared the viral story on Twitter and it has since garnered millions of views from netizens including Hillary Clinton.

by Amanda Moore

National Spelling Bee 2017

National Spelling Bee 2017: Homeschooled 5-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest Qualifier, Beats 50 Spellers Twice Her Age

Edith Fuller is a homeschooled student who only started training for the competition last summer.

by Amanda Moore

Syrian children

Save the Children: Syrian Kids Suffer From 'Toxic Stress' Due To Years Of War

Six years of war resulted in Syrian kids suffering from toxic stress.

by Claire Parker

Richard Zaragoza, Jr.

Police Investigate How Apple Juice Burned Children's Throats After Ordering It At Chinese Restaurant

A Chinese restaurant is under investigation after children's throats were burned after drinking apple juice.

by Claire Parker

Tesla Boss Elon Musk

Tesla Boss Elon Musk Follows 10-Year-Old Girl's Advice And Launches Campaign She Suggested

Fifth grader Bria Loveday told the billionaire his company lacked advertising so she shared her idea.

by Amanda Moore

'Logan' Premiere - 67th Berlinale International Film Festival

'Logan' 12-Year Old Star Dafne Keen Makes Her Mark In Hollywood, Solo 'X-Men' Movie Next?

It is goodbye Logan and welcome Laura for Hugh Jackman's final outing as a mutant hero.

by Amanda Moore

Jaden Piner and Alex Hibbert From 'Moonlight'

'Moonlight' Child Actors Back To School Like Regular Kids After Best Picture Oscar Win

The movie was the very first for the 12-year-old boys who did not expect it would become a huge deal.

by Amanda Moore

Jose Ismael Torres and Kayla Rae Norton

Georgia Couple Faces 19 Years Jail Time After Terrorizing African-American Kid's Birthday By Waving Confederate Flags, Uttering Racial Slurs

A Georgia couple was convicted to 20 and 15 years in prison for terrorizing a black kid and his family during the child's birthday.

by Claire Parker

Grandfather Kills His Son Because He Kept Hitting Granddaughter

Grandfather Kills Son To Protect Granddaughter From Child Abuse; Friends Set Up GoFundMe For 12-Year-Old

Mark got a call regarding his daughter that enraged him so he kept hitting her.

by Amanda Moore

Lt. B.J. Gruber

Local Police Force Receives 10-Year-Old Girl's Plea For Help On Homework Via Facebook

Lena Draper got in touch with police as she was having a hard time with a math problem.

by Claire Parker

Ivanka Trump listens to arguments at Supreme Court

Ivanka Trump Takes 5-Year-Old Daughter Arabella For A Special Field Trip To The Supreme Court

Mom and child witnessed a justice decide on three cases during their visit to the judicial branch.

by Amanda Moore

Spanking As Discipline

Is It OK To Spank Your Child? When Spanking As A Form Of Discipline Can Work

Several studies say spanking isn't a good method, but one mom explained why she used this on her kids.

by Amanda Moore

Berea, Ohio couple

Berea, Ohio 7-Year-Old Suffers From Heroin Overdose, Couple Charged In Case Pleads Not Guilty

Parents Danielle Simko and Charles Dowdy are facing charges for the death of their son because of drugs.

by Claire Parker

Utah Age Of Consent To Sex With Minors

Utah Lawmakers Find Problems With Bill Proposing Age Of Consent To Sex Among Minors Be Lowered To Age 12

HB 123 opened a can of worms that the government leaders would like to clean out first before signing off on the proposal.

by Amanda Moore

Valuable Grateful Dead Artifacts Go Up For Auction

Inspiring 10-Year-Old Girl Buys Her Chevy Dream Car After A Year Of Growing Her Craft Business

Ashlin Albright is a business owner, a crafty artist and a straight A student.

by Amanda Moore

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