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Students find the academic subjects too boring and theoretical. But Home Economics will give them an opportunity to apply these knowledge to actual life situations.

Why Bringing Back Home Economics To School Will Benefit Students

Home Economics should be incorporated in schools to prepare children with skills they will need for life.

by Alexa Ancheta | 10:03 pm Jan. 21

Shakira Receives Humanitarian Award At World Economic Forum; Colombian Singer Calls For More Early Childhood Education, Nurture Future Leaders

Shakira is this year's recipient of the Humanitarian Award at the World Economic Forum.

by Claire Parker | 05:25 am Jan. 18

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Are Forced Tutorials Considered A Form Of Child Abuse?

Competition among parents has led to the rise of the tutorial industry and tutor-guilt has taken over the working mother's guilt.

by Alexa Ancheta | 07:57 pm Jan. 20

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