Donald Trump

Trump Administration Wants To Cut Education, Science Budgets To Support Military Budget Boost, Border Wall

Trump administration said they want to make budget cuts in education and science.

by Claire Parker

Betsy DeVos and Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump, Betsy DeVos Urging Teens To Consider STEM Careers? Government Intervation, School Choice Support Spark Concerns

Many Conservatives expressed their concerns when it comes to the promotion of school choice as Betsy DeVos and Ivanka Trump talked about the advantages of pursuing a STEM career.

by Claire Parker

Women Studies Class Nail Care Lessons

Middle School's 'Women Studies' Course Criticized For Sexist Lessons On Grooming, Nail Care And Social Etiquette

The "Women Studies" course at the Eleanor Hall School in Canada was not the type of gender studies class most people expected.

by Amanda Moore

California School Budget Cuts

California School Facing Budget Cuts Due To High White Student Percentage

The Walter Reed Middle School's non-white student body shouldn't dip below 70 percent or else its funding will be cut. This is based on a 1970s court order.

by Amanda Moore

All-Boys School In Washington, D.C.

All-Boys DC School For Minority Students Gets Flak; Where's The Exclusive School For Girls?

In August 2016, DC Public Schools opened the Ron Brown College Preparatory High School for minority male students. ACLU accused the district of discrimination as there was no girls' school.

by Amanda Moore

Education Technology Is Here To Stay

Education Technology: The Growing Influence Of EdTech Affects Both Kids And Adults

Education technology is here to stay and will only get better. It's time cynics embrace its influence.

by Amanda Moore


Man Raises Funds To Help Popeye's Employee Go Back To School

A man decided to help a Popeye's employee raise funds to go back to school.

by Claire Parker

Online Classes In College

Online Classes Boosting US Higher Education: The Pros And Cons Of Internet Learning

More university students have at least one online class in 2016, but are all internet courses equal?

by Amanda Moore

Betsy DeVos Comments On Maryland HS Rape Case

Maryland High School Rape Sparks Immigration Debate, Betsy DeVos Sympathetic Towards 14-Year-Old Victim

Betsy DeVos said her heart ached for the girl. ICE took the attackers, Jose Montano and Henry Sanchez-Milian, into custody without bail.

by Amanda Moore

Special Needs Kids

Supreme Court Unanimously Raises Bar For Educational Benefits For Children With Disabilities

The Supreme Court decided on Wednesday to raise the bar for the educational benefits for children with disabilities.

by Claire Parker

Water Snake Wigglies

Wisconsin Father Gets Angry After Principal Accuses His Daughter Of Selling Sex Toys At School

A Wisconsin father became irate against the principal of the school where his daughter goes to after the school official accused the father's daughter of selling sex toys.

by Claire Parker

Rick Perry

Rick Perry Expresses Disappointment Over Gay Student's Victory As Texas A&M Student Body President

Rick Perry said the victory of a gay student for student body president at Texas A&M was stolen.

by Claire Parker

Amber VanHecke

Texas College Student Makes Farewell Videos For Family After Being Stranded Near Grand Canyon For Five Days

A college student from Texas got stranded at the Grand Canyon for five days.

by Claire Parker

Chinese Students

Two Chinese Students Die From Stampede, 20 More Suffer From Injuries

A stampede took place in China killing two children.

by Claire Parker

Protecting Home-Schooled Children From Abuse

Protecting Home-Schooled Kids From Abuse: What Can States Do For Home-Schooled Children?

There are some 1.8 home-schooled children in America and although cases of abuse against them are isolated, concerned groups and individuals are pushing for laws to protect them.

by Amanda Moore

Foreign Exchange Students In US High Schools

Survey Reveals US High School Easier For Foreign Exchange Students; Sports Demands More Challenging

The Brown Center on Education Policy conducted and compared surveys done in 2001 and 2016 and noted something significant in the results.

by Amanda Moore

Mayor Bill de Blasio

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Orders School Staffers To Block Immigrations, Customs Enforcement Agents Without Warrant

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents will not be allowed to get into schools in New York City as Mayor Bill de Blasio announced such act will not be tolerated.

by Claire Parker

California Teachers Layoff

California School Districts Plan 1,750 Teacher Layoffs; What's Wrong With California Public Schools?

Some of the most in-demand teacher posts are getting the cut first even as there's a shortage of teachers as it is.

by Amanda Moore

Artificial Intelligence In Education

Artificial Intelligence In Education: How Is This Changing Classrooms And Learning?

Artificial intelligence or AI is shaping classrooms globally and enabling students to gain more knowledge as more opportunities emerge.

by Amanda Moore

Middle School Name IPMS

New Florida Middle School To Be Called IPMS; Parents Demand Changing 'Disgusting' Name

The school color for Innovation Park Middle School or IPMS is red. Parents think the students will be ridiculed because of it.

by Amanda Moore

Angelina Jolie As Professor

Angelina Jolie Teaches College For The First Time: 'I'm A Little Nervous, Feeling Butterflies'

Angelina Jolie signed for an unpaid visiting professor job at the London School of Economics last May 2016. She will officially hold classes in September.

by Amanda Moore

Higher Education Alternatives

Students Looking At Higher Education Alternatives; Where Are The Best Colleges Apart From US And UK?

The political climate in America and Great Britain has students looking for college opportunities in other countries.

by Amanda Moore

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