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Actress Liv Tyler Talks About Dads

Moms  6 May '17

Mom Liv Tyler Talks About Dads: Fathers Are Important For Children's Self-Esteem

Liv Tyler knows a lot about dads as she grew up with two fathers who doted on her and her eldest has two dads as well.

Ernst & Young Offers Full Parental Leave Benefits

Dads  25 April '17

Paternity Leave In The US: 38 Percent Of Ernst & Young Dads Enjoying Parental Leave Benefits

Ernst & Young puts value in families as employees enjoy full parental leave benefits for 16 weeks.

Co-sleeping with babies

Parenting  12 April '17

More Dads Do Not Like Co-Sleeping With Babies; What Are The Dangers Of This Practice?

Newborns sometimes sleep with their parents in bed but it is the leading cause of death in infants.

Dustin Diamond Preliminary Hearing

Family Life  6 January '17

Dad Advocate Proposes Family Court Reforms In New Jersey In Trump's New Government

Bruce Eden says that it's high time changes have to be made to stop the courts from destroying families.

Who needs a horse and carriage? This is the modern way to travel:

Family ♥ Story  8 August '16

[VIDEO] This Dad's Clever Way Of Having Fun With His Kids Is A Genius Idea!

You will want to try this out for yourselves, dads!

Boot Camp For First Time Dads

Infant  18 July '16

'Boot Camp For New Dads': It’s Not Baby Sitting, It’s Called Parenting

Looking after a new-born child may appear twice as difficult as it seems. But for these first-time dads, attending classes in a bootcamp is the solution.

Dallas Mourns Killings Of Five Police Officers

Family Life  11 July '16

Dallas Shooting Victims: Sniper Killed Dads, Husbands, And Protectors Of The State

A vigil was held in honor of fallen policemen, which included dads, in the Dallas shooting last week.

Foyles Book Shop Launches Summer Of Fun With Where's Wally Dress Up

Dads  15 April '16

3 Things Not to Say to Stay-At-Home-Dads

Here are some things that one shouldn't say to a stay-at-home dad.

Germany Debates Expanding Parental Leave

Dads  12 April '16

Dads’ Role In The Life Of Their Child: 4 Reasons Why A Father's Job Never Ends

Dads can be everything his children want him to be.

'Good Grief' Camp Counsels Children Of Fallen Military Personnel

News  19 November '15

How To Be The Best Dad Each Day

Want to be the best dad that you can be? Here are some tips on becoming the best dad each day.

A Trip Through The Heart Of Central Iran 25 Years After Khomeini's Death

Parenting  16 November '15

New Dad Survival Tips: 5 Things All New Dads Need To Know

Having a baby for the first time is really great and really scary for new dads. Here are some things that all dads should know.

Pregnancy  21 July '15

Pregnancy Tips & Tricks for Dads

An article giving tips & tricks for dads on pregnancy.

Drew Barrymore, kissing youngest child, Frankie.

News  31 March '15

15 Celebrity Moms & Dads You Should Follow on Social Media

Some celebrity parents are inspiration to many. Fans look up to them as role models for parenting in the 21st century.

Man working out at the gym to be fit and strong.

Health/Nutrition  27 March '15

Exercises for Abs & Chests Dads Will Enjoy

Strong dads are better able to come to their kids' aid. Dads need to keep themselves fit no matter how work and parenting keep them busy every day.

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