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Protestors Rally In New York Against EipPen Price Gouging Scandal

Body  22 November '16

EpiPen Vs. Epi-Pill: Pharmaceutical Researcher To Develop A Far More Convenient Alternative To Deal With Anaphylatic Shocks?

As allergy sufferers reel from the soaring costs of the EpiPen, a new oral tablet alternative is being tested that could solve a host of issues.

iPhone Hack

Dads  19 November '16

Apple's iPhone & iPad Security Flaw Can Bypass Passcode & Fingerprint ID To Access Your Personal Information?

Your Apple iPhone or iPad's photos or contacts can be accessed without entering your unique passcodes. Siri will help us figure it out.

Microsoft Fixed Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue With New Firmware Update; Error Caused The Charge Problem?

Dads  14 November '16

Microsoft Fixed Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue With New Firmware Update; Error Caused The Charge Problem?

Another battery issue has surfaced yet again as Microsoft finds their way around it. Although it is not a hardware problem, Microsoft still acknowledged the problem, for the second time.

Microsoft Unveils New Devices Powered By Windows 10

Dads  6 November '16

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date; Device Specs Stir Rumors, Predicted to be One of Microsoft’s Most Powerful Device to Date

Microsoft is yet to unveil its Surface Pro 5 but fans are already highly anticipating the release dates and product specs. Rumors say that the new Microsoft device will be available in stores early next year.

iPad Pro 2: Apple To Launch Biggest 12.9 inch Display; Hhgregg Offers $70 Off On iPad Pro

Technology  31 October '16

Apple iPad Pro 2 News And Updates: Specs and Release Date Finally Revealed; 3 Screen Model Confirmed?

Apple is rumored to release the new iPad Pro 2 next year. There are a couple of information leaked about the iPad Pro 2 specs and the release date.

Nokia D1C

Technology  15 October '16

Nokia D1C Is A Tablet Not A Smartphone; Specs And Reviews; Nokia Will Be Releasing 2 New Tablets This 2016

The Nokia company is not trying to stand up again as they are about to launch the new Nokia D1C before the end of 2016. Nokia D1C is just of the two tablets that Nokia will launch this year.

Children with smartphones

Technology  30 August '16

Parents Are Against Children Spending Their Pocket Money On Mobile Downloads, Inappropriate Content The Cause, Research Says

A new research says that half of the population of parents they studied do not let their children spend their pocket money on mobile downloads as they fear that the children will see inappropriate content.

Apple Watch Goes On Sale At Handful Of Boutiques Around The World

News  3 June '15

Children with ADHD Can Benefit from App Technology

Children with ADHD or autism can have a better quality of life with the use of welfare technology.

The Reading Rainbow App

Parenting  28 March '15

10 Best Apps for Kids to Play & Learn

Mobile apps are among the best tools that enrich kids' knowledge today. What's more, these apps enable young people to have fun too.

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