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Karen Smith and Cedric Anderson

Children  13 April '17

San Bernardino School Shooting: Student With Williams Syndrome Dies, Other Victim Now Doing Well

New details emerged regarding the two students who were the victims in the San Bernardino school shooting after a man killed their teacher and himself after the crime.

Rape victim forced to co-parent with her attacker

Infant  20 November '16

Victims Legally Dictated To Keep Contact With Rapist

In the United States, there are many state laws that force mothers to share their children who were conceived as a result of being raped.

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Family Life  11 October '16

Actress Reveals Sexual Assault Experience Amidst Trump’s Controversial Statement – Beware For Devastating Effects Beware!

Amber Tamblyn, amidst Donald Trump’s controversial statement on how he treats women, shared her sexual assault experience and its aftermath.


News  9 April '14

19 students, 1 adult injured in Pittsburg high school stabbing

Some 19 students and 1 adult were injured Wednesday morning in a Pittsburg high school stabbing, officials say. A 10th grade male student has been taken into custody.

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