Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth Thomas-Tad Cummins Abduction Update: What Experts Are Saying Over Law That Might Favor Former Teacher

Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins continue to be on the run and experts explained the kidnapping law might actually favor the abductor.

by Claire Parker


Beyonce FaceTimes With Houston Fan Who Has Cancer; Teen Succumbs To Disease Days Later

A teenager suffering from cancer died just days after she talked with Beyonce.

by Claire Parker

Transportation Security Administration Official

TSA Official Pats Down Boy At DFW Airport; Mother Expresses Angry Sentiments On Facebook

A boy was patted down at the airport by a TSA official and his mother got furious.

by Claire Parker

United Airlines

Why United Airlines Bans Two Teenager Wearing Leggings From Boarding Flight

Two teenage girls were not allowed to board a United Airlines flight due to wearing leggings.

by Claire Parker

Exercise In Teens For Stronger Bones

Why Exercise In Kids Is Vital: Teenage Couch Potatoes Could Have Weak Bones For Life, Study Says

Weaker bone development in the teen years can lead to osteoporosis in old age, which is why experts are reminding parents and teachers to encourage kids to exercise.

by Amanda Moore

Chicago Police

Teenager Fears Going Home After Sexual Assault Broadcast On Facebook

The Chicago teenager who was sexually assaulted and the incident was broadcasted on Facebook reportedly fears going home.

by Claire Parker

Donald Trump's Lawyers Go After 17-Year-Old

Trump Lawyers Go After 17-Year-Old Over A Kitten-Punching Website? The Truth About #TrumpCat

Did 17-year-old Lucy really exist? Here's why you shouldn't immediately believe everything you read on the internet.

by Amanda Moore

EMT Teenager Helps Deliver Baby

First Baby Delivery! Newly-Certified EMT Teenager Helps A Mother Deliver Her Daughter

It was the first baby delivery for 911 rescue crew member Nicole Segalini, 18, but Mom Angela Windt and her baby Ava Sharon were in good hands.

by Amanda Moore

Sarah Fowlkes

Texas Biology Teacher Smiles In Mugshot Amid Sex Accusations With Teen Student

A Biology teacher smiled for her mug shot after being arrested for allegedly having sexual intercourse with her teen student.

by Claire Parker

Smartphone Addiction In Teens

Smartphone Addiction In Teens Not Entirely Bad? Drug And Alcohol Use Drop As Kids Get Hook On Devices

Smartphone addiction in teens might be seen as negative but a new study shows it might not be so bad at all. Here's why!

by Amanda Moore

Rico Rodriguez

Rico Rodriguez Of 'Modern Family' Grieves Over Dad's Sudden Death

The father of Rico Rodriguez died suddenly and the family took to social media to express their grief.

by Claire Parker

Car crash

Grand Rapids Teenager Dies After Car Crash; Police Say Driver Might Have Been Drunk

A teenager died in a crash over the weekend and the police believed the driver could be drunk.

by Claire Parker

Rockville High School

Police Continue To Investigate Two Immigrant High School Students Accused Of Raping 14-Year-Old Classmate In Maryland

Two immigrant high school students are accused of raping a 14-year-old classmate.

by Claire Parker

Lee de Paauw

Teenager Now Recovering After Surviving Crocodile Attack In Queensland, Australia

A teenager is recovering after surviving a crocodile attack.

by Claire Parker

Amber Alert

Teacher Abducts Former Student; Authorities Believe Abduction Was Planned

A 15-year-old teen is missing and it is believed her former teacher abducted her.

by Claire Parker

Teens In NY Having Girl-On-Girl Sex

Study Reveals 50 Percent Of New York Teen Girls Engage In Sex With Female Partners

This doesn't necessarily mean the girls identify as lesbians or bisexuals but there are some risks in such a behavior, experts said.

by Amanda Moore

Ariel Winter From 'Modern Family' Going To College

'Modern Family' Star Ariel Winter Prepares For Pre-Law In UCLA Following A Gap Year

Ariel Winter wants college to be completely different from acting that she has been doing since she was four.

by Amanda Moore

Grasse High School shooting

France School Shooting Leaves Three Victims Wounded; 17-Year-Old Armed Teen Now In Custody

An armed 17-year-old teen opened fire at a school in France and wounded three.

by Claire Parker

College Roommates

When Your Roommate Acts Like A Parent: A Guide For Teens In College

If your roommate is behaving a lot like your mom, here's how you should handle her.

by Amanda Moore

Ralph Shortey

Oklahoma Senate Sanctions Senator Found With Teenage Boy In Motel

An Oklahoma Senator was found with a male teenager in a motel leading to him being sanctioned by the Senate.

by Claire Parker

Synthetic marjijuana

Teens Going Crazy Over Synthetic Marijuana? Experts Say 'Fake Weed' Riskier Than Real Cannabis

Teenagers are using a new drug called fake marijuana.

by Claire Parker

Michael Brown

Did Michael Brown Steal From Convenience Store Minutes Before Shooting? New Documentary Sparks Questions

Michael Brown died in 2014 and a new documentary showing him trading marijuana for the bag of cigarillos, sparking accusations of stealing.

by Claire Parker

Michelle Obama Wrote Yara Shahidi's College Recommendation

Michelle Obama Writes College Recommendation Letter For 'Black-ish' Star Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi applied at Harvard, Michelle Obama's alma mater, as well as other top universities in both the east and west coast.

by Amanda Moore

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