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Grace Packer in an undated photo. She was raped and murdered by her adoptive mother and the latter's boyfriend.

Teenager Killed, Raped Due To Adoptive Mother, Boyfriend's Fantasy Remembered As Kind; Birth Parents Attend Memorial For Her

A memorial took place in honor of the teenager who was raped and killed by her adoptive mother and the latter's boyfriend.

by Claire Parker | 05:16 am Jan. 17

US Malls Banning Unaccompanied Minors Due Amid Unruly Disturbances, Gatherings Ignited On Social Media

Westfield shopping mall in Culver City has started a new trend that is now being followed by other malls across the country, which is banning the teenagers after they created chaos and mistreated employees

by Henry Tyler | 04:58 am Jan. 19

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Social Media Overuse: The Reason Why Teenagers Are Not Getting The Right Amount Of Sleep

With the development of technology and introduction of smartphones, studies suggest some teens are losing sleep because of spending too much time on social media.

by Henry Tyler | 07:08 pm Jan. 19

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