Triplets With Craniosynostosis

Health  3 May '17

NY Triplets With Same Rare Skull Deformity Recovering Well After Surgery, Make Medical History

All three boys, Jackson, Hunter and Kaden Howard, had craniosynostosis which affect one in 2,500 births.

Turbulent Flight Hurts Passengers

Children  3 May '17

Extremely Turbulent Flight Leaves 3 Babies, 27 Passengers With Broken Bones And Head Injuries

All 27 injured passengers, including the babies, received treatment and care from doctors. Some remained in the hospital for a full recovery.

Mystery illness

Children  2 May '17

Health Experts Rule Out Ebola As New Mystery Illness Breaks Out In Liberia And Kills 11

Eleven people died in Liberia due to an illness that remained unidentified.

Childhood obesity

Children  2 May '17

Trump Official Cancels Former First Lady Michelle Obama's Plan On Fighting Childhood Obesity

Former First Lady Michelle Obama fought childhood obesity by changing the menu of school lunches but that was canceled by a Trump official.

University of Texas stabbing incident

Children  2 May '17

Random Stabbing Attack At University Of Texas' Austin Campus Leaves One Dead, 3 Injured

One student died and three more suffered from injuries after a stabbing incident at the Austin campus of University of Texas.

Americans More Interested With Barron Trump Than Donald Trump During U.S. President's First 100 Days

Children  2 May '17

Americans More Interested With Barron Trump Than Donald Trump During U.S. President's First 100 Days

Barron Trump yielded more clicks all throughout Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn compared to his father, United States President Donald Trump.

American Children Opt to Consume Fries As their Vegetable Consumption

Children  2 May '17

Majority Of American Kids Rely On French Fries For Their Source Of Vegetables

Kids are getting unhealthier as the years progressed as they refuse to have their daily vegetable intake.

Children Sue Trump On Climate Change

Children  2 May '17

Climate Change, Donald Trump: 21 Children Sue The President On Behalf Of The Environment

Children are seeking justice for the environment in a climate change lawsuit filed against President Donald Trump.

Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention

Children  2 May '17

Shaken Baby Syndrome: What Parents And Caregivers Must Do To Avoid An Accident

Whether done on purpose or by accident, there's no way to reverse the damage of shaken baby syndrome.

ICE Held An Undocumented Mexican Teenager

Children  2 May '17

Immigration Detains 18-Year-Old Seeking Asylum In US On His Birthday

Erik Javier Flores Hernandez gets an unexpected surprise from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on his 18th birthday and now lawyers come to his defense.

Salma Hayek's Daughter Sells Slime

Children  1 May '17

Salma Hayek's Daughter Valentina Shows Sharp Business Sense Just Like Her Parents [VIDEO]

Valentina Hayek Pinault impressed mom Salma Hayek because she made something bigger out of her slime-making hobby.

Billy Caldwell Is The First Child To Receive Medical Marijuana in Britain.

Children  30 April '17

11-Year-Old Boy Receives Medical Marijuana As Epilepsy Treatment In Great Britain

A mother of an 11-year-old boy opted to use medical marijuana for her son's epilepsy treatment.

Paris Jackson Describes '13 Reasons Why' as something

Children  30 April '17

Paris Jackson Opens Up About The Impact Of Netflix Series '13 Reasons Why'

Paris Jackson described the hit series, "13 Reasons Why," as something triggering.

An 18-Year-Old Girl Got Seriously Injured After Participating On The Blue Whale Suicide Game

Children  30 April '17

18-Year-Old Girl Throws Self Off The Bridge After Playing The 'Blue Whale' Suicide Game

Another teenager got seriously injured after joining the Blue Whale suicide game.

Janelle Red Dog

Children  28 April '17

Montana Woman Suspected In 13-Month-Old Girl's Death Set To Change Plea

A Montana woman is set to plead guilty in the death of a 13-month-old girl found in a dumpster.

Hope Academy For Teen Addiction

Children  27 April '17

Teen Addiction: How This Indianapolis Special School Helps Teenagers Recover From Substance Abuse

Hope Academy is a special tuition-free recovery school for teenagers overcoming substance abuse problems.

Sibling Death

Children  27 April '17

Sibling Death: Kids Grieving Dead Siblings Increase Their Risk For Early Death, Study Says

Children who lose a brother or sister suffer immense grief that could likely increase their risk of early death as well.

Artificial Womb For Premature Babies

Children  27 April '17

Hope For Premature Babies: Artificial Womb Technology To Save Preemies? Scientists Succeeds In Lamb Test

Have scientists from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia found the answer to helping premature babies develop normally in this artificial womb experiment?

Florida Teen Graces Prom In A Black Lives Matter-Inspired Dress

Children  26 April '17

Florida Teen Graces Prom In A Black Lives Matter-Inspired Dress

Designer Terrance Torrence created a gown, ornamented with the faces of 15 black people whose lives ended unfairly, for senior student Milan Bolden-Morris.

13 Reasons Why

Children  26 April '17

'13 Reasons Why' Tackles Teen Suicide; Kate Walsh Recommends School Viewing

The new Netflix series titled "13 Reasons Why" tackles teen suicide.

Nebraska Lawmakers Fail To Push Bill Allowing Physical Force Against Violent Students

Behavior  26 April '17

Nebraska Lawmakers Fail To Push Bill Allowing Physical Force Against Violent Students

Senator Mike Groene proposed the bill allowing school authorities to use physical restraint or removal from class against disruptive students, yet support for the provision lacked.

12-Year-Boy Loves Makeup And Singing

Children  26 April '17

Boy Wearing Makeup Inspires; 12-Year-Old Reuben De Maid Reveals What Being Bullied Taught Him

Reuben De Maid, 12, impressed Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres for both his singing talent and his love for makeup.

Cherokee Nation sues drug distributors for the opioid overdose epidemic.

Children  25 April '17

Cherokee Nation Sues Drug Distributors As Opioid Epidemic Affects Children And Teenagers

Cherokee Nation blames big pharma for the opioid overdose epidemic.

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