Nintendo E3 Media Briefing

News  6 January '17

A Treehouse Live Event Is Confirmed To Take Place Right After The Nintendo Switch News Event Next Friday

Aside from the Nintendo Switch news event next Friday, a Treehouse Live event will also occur the next day to reveal more about Nintendo Switch's upcoming games.

Bellus 3D Face Scanning

News  6 January '17

Shockingly Accurate Selfies Can Be Made Using The Newly Introduced Mobile Device Bellus 3D Face Camera

The Bellus 3D Face Camera is a mobile device that can make a shockingly accurate selfie due to the combined technologies used.

XCOM 2 Getting a Sequel to Acclaimed Mod Long War - GS News Update

News  6 January '17

'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' Newest Mod The Long War 2 ls Now On The Works By Pavonis Interactive

The newest mod for "XCOM: Enemy Unknown" called The Long War 2 has been revealed by the team of modders who also developed The Long War.

Megyn Kelly

News  6 January '17

A Female News Icon Will Not Be Replacing Megyn Kelly; Tucker Carlson Takes Slot Making Fox's Primetime An All-Boys Line-Up

Megyn Kelly just left Fox News for NBC and Tucker Carlson took her slot on primetime.

Pharell WIlliams

News  6 January '17

Pharell Williams And Ellen DeGeneres Are Not Okay With Kim Burrell's Homophobic Comments; Will Gospel Singer Still Perform On Show?

Ellen DeGeneres and Pharell Williams talked about Kim Burrell's homophobic comments.

Black Panther

News  6 January '17

'Black Panther' Casts Sterling K. Brown For N'Jobu's Character, A Figure From The Superhero's Past

Sterling K. Brown will be part of "Black Panther."

Matilda Lutz

News  6 January '17

'Rings' Trailer Released; Return Of Samara And How She Haunts Latest Victims Shown In Next Installment

A new trailer for the latest installment of "The Ring" franchise entitled "Rings" has been released.

‘World Of Warcraft’ Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of ‘Diablo’ With Secret Cow Level, Not So Secret Anymore!

News  6 January '17

‘World Of Warcraft’ Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of ‘Diablo’ With Secret Cow Level, Not So Secret Anymore!

"World of Warcraft" joins the biggest celebration among Blizzard's games, "Diablo," which includes a secret cow level that does not seem so secret anymore. Check out why.

Swagtron Logo

News  6 January '17

SwagTron's Electronic Surfboard Will Help You Blaze Through The Water!

Surf up with Swagtron's surfboard!

Audi-Nvidia Car

News  6 January '17

Audi Building Artificial Intelligence-Powered Cars In Partnership With Nvidia

The self-driving car will be powered by a supercomputer called Xavier, which can perform complicated tasks like recognizing pedestrians.

Sony  XBR-A1E

News  6 January '17

Sony To Release Flagship OLED TV This Year, Challenging LG

Sony’s entry into the OLED market with the XBR-A1E Bravia will likely lower the price of the luxurious TV.

‘Pokemon Snap’ Now Joins ‘Mario Kart 64’ & Other Classic Games On Nintendo Wii U

News  6 January '17

‘Pokemon Snap’ Joins ‘Mario Kart 64’ & Other Classic Games On Nintendo Wii U

"Pokémon Snap" is already available on Nintendo Wii U.

Huawei Mate 9

News  6 January '17

Huawei's Mate 9 Will Have Amazon's Alexa Pre-Installed When It Launches In US

Amazon's AI assistant Alexa will be introduced to Huawei Mate 9.

Annabelle 2 Movie

News  6 January '17

‘Annabelle 2’ Director Fears The Movie Might Not Get PG13 Rating? Check Out How Creepy The Movie Is!

BTS reveals the upcoming "Annabelle 2" will not likely get a PG13 rating.

Channing Tatum

News  6 January '17

Can Channing Tatum & Tom Hardy Fit In Their Busy Schedule The Filming Of ‘Triple Frontier?’

It seems that Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy is almost confirming to do the upcoming movie "Triple Frontier." Apparently, they still need to fix their overloaded schedule.

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Confirmed Release Date

News  6 January '17

BioWare Has Finally Confirmed The Release Date Of 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'

After almost 5 years in the making, the sci-fi RPG has been confirmed to be released this year.

Criminal Minds Season 12

News  6 January '17

Rich Teenage Girls As Burglars In ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 Episode 10? ‘Lost’ Alum Harold Perrineau Joins In!

BAU Team investigates on series of burglary by a group of rich teenage girls. Meanwhile, "Lost" alum Harold Perrineau has joined in the cast.

News  6 January '17

Hilarie Burton Returns In ‘Lethal Weapon;’ Why Did Riggs & Murtaugh Intrude A House With Their Car?

Hilarie Burton is coming back to reprise her role in the future episodes of "Lethal Weapon." The upcoming episode teases Riggs and Murtaugh intruded a house with their speeding car.

Ray Charles Memorial Service

News  6 January '17

'Contract To Kill' Considered One Of The Worst Movies Of Steven Seagal!

The movie "Contract To Kill" is considered the worst movie that the great Steven Seagal has ever done. Critics basically did not have any good to say about the movie.

GoPro makes a significant set back on Karma Drone returns

News  6 January '17

GoPro Plans To Bring Back Its Karma Drone This Year After Last Year's Recall

GoPro's Karma Drone is coming back!

Jason Momoa Visits Planet Hollywood

News  6 January '17

'Sugar Mountain' Movie About Faking One's Disappearance; Considered All Over The Place Because Of Its Lead Actors

The movie "Sugar Mountain" didn't sit very well with critics and moviegoers alike. It is also believed that one of the reasons for such review is because of its lead actors.

88th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet

News  6 January '17

'The Founder' Received Encouraging Reviews On Its Limited Release; Expected To Do Well Upon Nationwide Premiere!

The movie "The Founder" is expected to do well on the box office as it gets released nationwide this month.

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