First Apple Store In South America Opens In Rio de Janeiro

School Age  29 August '16

Back-To-School Internet Safety: What Parents Need to Know

Today's kids are more tech-savvy than ever before. Even toddlers know how to use Mommy's iPhone to access Calliou episodes, while older kids have computer skills that astound their parents. Some schools are now even providing iPads for their students, while others require students to prepare all their homework on a laptop or PC.

Pupils Make The Grade At Private Schools

Education  29 August '16

Boy Genius 11-Year-Old Wows Chemistry Classmates At An Ohio College - Get To Know Daniel Liu!

He might know more than the average college student, but he has no idea he's getting quite popular on the internet.

Molly Ringwald Helps Launch New Ragu Old World Style Traditional Pasta Sauce

School Age  24 August '16

Back to School Guide for Parents

The back to school rush has begun as summer nears its end. In addition to the return to the traditional school supplies, here are some guidelines to make the most of the school counseling services available to your child and family.

Dutch Royal Family Attend King's Day

School Age  22 August '16

Best Back-to-School Scheduling Tips for Busy Parents

Kids can dread going back to school for the new challenges, homework, and loss of lazier Summer days. Busy parents can dread the new school year for different reasons, namely: how are we going to handle everything and get it all done? Just scheduling the day-to-day can be overwhelming. The good news? It doesn't have to be.

Hung Parliament Looms With Federal Election Results Too Close To Call

Education  17 August '16

“How Imperfect Parents Lead Great Families” Gives Busy Parents Help Creating Family Communication

Real Parents Pen Playbook on HOW to Lead a Family in a Digital World. CLEVELAND, OH, August 15, 2016 - It started with a professional businessman realizing he was coming up short at home. In one moment, the words from his young son explaining that he was failing in school and that his dad's answer of "try harder" was only making things worse, Dale Vernon sensed it was time to rethink everything.

Kids Media - 7 Secrets to Make Screen Time Work For You

School Age  16 August '16

Kids Media - 5 Secrets to Make Screen Time Work For You

“Just one more minute.” “Let me finish this one thing?” “Can we watch this, Mom, puhleezze.” “Why can’t I play that app/game? Everybody else does!” As parenting pioneers in the “digital age”, we’ve heard all this and more.

Celebration Of Yoobi x i am OTHER Presented By Pharrell Williams Back-To-School Collection

Education  12 August '16

Don't Forget to Take Your Data Back to School

"Data" covers all of the digital information you might possess. Whether it's photos from the summer, or that 10-page paper on photosynthesis. Regardless of the type of digital content, it's certain that losing this precious information can cause serious distress, poor grades, or lost memories. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to prevent data loss and recover your information in the case of a problem.

How to Talk about the Election Process with Kids

Education  9 August '16

How to Talk about the Election Process with Kids

The consensus is in-it's never too early to talk about the election process with kids. They're likely picking up on the politically-charged climate of the country-the familiar faces of the nominees on television, the chatter of adults dropping their candidate of choice, and the other media splayed across their everyday worlds (...bumper stickers are hard to miss from backseat eyes). These messages can be difficult for young children to interpret, but parents and teachers can help filter the important stuff from the noise.

Merkel Visits Berlin Kindergarten

Education  4 August '16

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist Has Parents Outraged; 'High Standards' Causing Anxiety And Angst

Is your child ready for kindergarten based on this new checklist going viral on the internet?

5 Tips to Create Family Time When There is No Time

School Age  28 July '16

5 Tips to Create Family Time When There is No Time

As parents may be excitedly counting down the days to the start of the new school year, they may soon realize family time is now a rarity. To help transition back into the school year and maximize family time, here are 5 useful tips:

Math During Summer Should Not Be Stressful For Both Of the Parent and the Child

Education  16 July '16

Let Your Kids Make The Most of their Summer And Turn Them into a Math Whiz

Summer should not be just an ordinary vacation. It should be something worthwhile and great time to still sustain the thinking abilities of the child for two months.

Mother with Multiple Sclerosis creates a legacy to leave behind

Education  6 July '16

Getting ahead in the sport of parenting Leaving behind a legacy for children

One San Diego mother feared for her children’s lives without a mother. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Oyuki Aguilar, wanted to make certain she would be a part of her children’s future, even if hers was uncertain. She wrote for them a “manual” for leading good and honorable lives. It’s something that all parents and children can learn from, find comfort in and enjoy.

The Science Museum Unveils Their Latest Exhibition 'Robotville' Displaying The Most Cutting Edge In European Design

Education  4 July '16

Young Scientist: 10-Year-Old Girl Gets PhD Fellowship Grant To Build Robot In Paris

She had no idea she applied for a program meant for professionals, but the foundation loved her ideas and determinination anyway. So, she got accepted.

What Do You Say To Your Kids When They Ask about World Tragedies?

Education  1 July '16

What Do You Say To Your Kids When They Ask about World Tragedies?

Every so often I'm reminded that my sweet babies are growing up, and I have such a love/hate relationship with that. While I'm so looking forward to the day I never have to buy another diaper or wipe another snotty nose, I'm going to miss these days so much. Our oldest will be 8 next month, our middle daughter just turned 5 and our twins just turned 2. We have some babies, but we don't have them much longer. Today my two oldest started cheer camp. Our oldest has gone for the past four years. Our youngest went for the first time today; a gross reminder she is growing up.

Building Blocks to a Better Education on the U.S. Virgin Islands

Education  1 July '16


In the U.S. Virgin Islands, 83% of 3rd-11th graders failed to meet National English standards. This shocking statistic motivated the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI), enterprising teenager Nicholas Midler, and Jane E. Tuitt principal Thelca Bedminster to partner in launching The Family Connection Kindercamp in 2014. The program uses research-based, child-led curriculum to provide its students with a leg-up into kindergarten with an eye towards future academic success. By intervening early, the camp hopes to pave a smooth and successful academic future for all of its enrollees. This 501(c)3 organization is operated and funded through a public-private partnership model. A low student-to-teacher ratio and well-developed curriculum introduce students to everything from their ABCs to their local community are keys to program success.


Education  1 July '16

9-year-old's Comments Over Brownies in School Summon Cops With Guns

During an end-of-the-year party for third graders, a nine-year-old reportedly commented on the brownies being served and it caused police officials with guns to be called in the area.

Arab And Jewish Children Study Together In Israeli School

Education  23 June '16

Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes: Boys And Girls Are Treated In The Classroom Differently

A recent stuy showed that the way teachers approach boys and girls in the classroom are partly to be blamed for reinforcing gender stereotypes and widening the difference of education boys and girls receive.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

Development  22 June '16

Mom Wins Fight Over School To Keep Her Son With Down Syndrome

Ruth Christodoulou has won over Peak Crossing State School who she claims pushed her to move her son with Down syndrome to a special school. The Department of Education said that the school should apply for funding to keep the son with disability.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Kicks Off In San Francisco

Education  14 June '16

Coding Made Easier: Apple Unveils Swift Playgrounds, App Teaches Kids How to Code Using A Specific Language

Apple has unveiled their new app called Swift Playgrounds, which aims to teach kids how to code.

Mother and son

School Age  11 June '16

Parenting Tips On Educating Children About Rape Culture

It is important to educate kids about the rape culture for them to grow up into fine adults. Rape education doesn't have to be one sided as girls should be taught values as well.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Stops By Hour Of Code Workshop Event Within Apple Store

Education  10 June '16

Want Your Child To Learn Coding Early? Acquiring Programming Skills Can Be As Simple As Playing Lego

These new building blocks could help kids learn the basic concepts of programming.

Michael Roell Mugshot

Education  8 June '16

Sachse, Texas Teacher Accused of Indecency by Special Needs Students

Michael Roell from Sachse, Texas has been accused of indecency and sexual abuse by one of his special needs students.

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