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Lily Collins Is Phil Collins' Daughter

Family Life  8 March '17

Lily Collins Pens Letter For Absentee Dad Phil Collins: 'I Forgive The Mistakes You Made'

The Golden Globe-nominated actress opened up her feelings for her father in her new book "Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me."

Families And Friends Visit Each Other Through U.S. Mexico Border Fence

Family Life  8 March '17

ICE Deports Single Dad To Mexico, Leaves 3 Children; What Will Happen To His Kids Without Any Parent?

Juan Carlos Fomperosa Garcia was not a drug dealer or murderer and he had his work permit in order, but he was ordered out of Arizona.

Florida Senator Wants Easier Custody Arrangements For Parents

Family Life  8 March '17

Florida Lawmakers Sign Support For Parenting Bill Enabling Unmarried Or Divorced Moms And Dads To Skip Custody Battles

Sen. Jeff Brandes' SB 590 bill will have to go through a deliberation but he is confident it will be passed as a law.

Tech-Wise Family

Books  8 March '17

Parenting With Technology: New Book Explores The 'Tech-Wise' Family — Is Yours One?

Technology is here to stay and this new book should help moms and dads become effective in raising children despite the disadvantages of being exposed to too much technology.

Prosthetic Legs

Family Life  7 March '17

Woman Amputates Leg So She Can Raise Children, Says Losing A Limb The 'Best Thing' To Happen

Rebekah Lewis desired to have kids but dystonia made it impossible until a doctor had a wild idea.

Parents Lara Bingle And Sam Worthington

TV.Movie  7 March '17

Sam Worthington In 'The Shack': Exploring Fatherhood, Harsh Parenting And Faith In God

The film has been tagged as a religious movie, but it's also about being a dad and parent.

Just-A-Baby App For Parents

Family Life  7 March '17

Just-A-Baby App Matches Donors And Surrogates For People Who Simply Want Just A Baby

The app creators recognize the realistic pressures society imposes on having children so they want to help would-be parents.

Co-Parenting With An Ex

Family Life  7 March '17

Co-Parenting With A Toxic Ex: What You Can Control When Sharing Parenting Roles With The Enemy

There is always a smooth-sailing way to co-parent and it begins with your own attitude.

Pope Francis Urges Parents To Have Fewer Children

Family Life  6 March '17

Pope Francis Appeals To Parents: 'Have Fewer Children' For A Sustainable Earth

The pontiff, who doesn't encourage artificial birth control use, urged moms and dads not to have more kids if they cannot raise them well.

Anti-LGBT Adoption Bill In South Dakota

Family Life  5 March '17

New Adoption Bill Gives Agencies Right To Deny Kids For LGBT Couples, Single Parents In South Dakota

Gov. Dennis Daugaard has not yet signed or vetoed the bill and a lot of LGBT groups are saying it's discrimination.

The World Premiere Of Disney's Live-Action 'Beauty And The Beast'

TV.Movie  4 March '17

'Beauty And The Beast' Gay Character Draws Backlash; Reverend Warns Parents, Alabama Theater Bans Movie

The latest Emma Watson-Dan Stevens starrer isn't even in movie houses yet but some people are already saying they won't be watching this with their kids.

Ohio Couple

Family Life  3 March '17

Drugged Out Parents Separately Busted: Father Overdoses While One Baby In Vehicle With Him, Mother Overdoses At Home With Four Other Kids

A mother and a father were charged after they were found to have overdosed in the presence of their kids.

Chris Hemsworth Is Makes Fatherhood Adorable

Family Life  3 March '17

The Hollywood Dads Who Fawn Over Their Daughters Make Parenting Look So Adorable [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

These famous fathers have their hearts wrapped around their daughters' little fingers.

Soldiers Return Home As U.S. Draws Down Troops From Iraq

Family Life  2 March '17

Mom Vs. Dad: How Parental Alienation Is Erasing The Concept Of Family

Based on the latest reports, parenting alienation is creating the worst type of damage in the concept of family and it is obstructing family bonds.

Donald Trump Child Care Paid Family Leave

Family Life  2 March '17

Trump's Affordable Child Care Plan And Paid Family Leave Policy: Analysts Say It Favors Rich Families

Ivanka Trump helped her dad come up with his policy for the American family but analysts say there's something wrong with it.

Mother Of Transgender Daughter Wrote Ivanka Trump

Family Life  2 March '17

Mom Pens Powerful Letter To Ivanka Trump Asking To Protect Her Transgender Daughter's Rights

Isabel Rose wants President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka to discuss the fallout and impact of rescinding the transgender bathroom law in schools with her father.

How Not To Raise Entitled Kids

Family Life  2 March '17

Avoid Raising Entitled Children: Teaching Kids To Be Kind, Self-Assured But Not Spoiled

Parents, these are the values to instill in your children if you do not want them to grow up feeling as if the world owes them a favor.

Parenting Truths

Family Life  1 March '17

Parenting Truths: Raising Children Doesn't Involve Rocket Science, But Some Parents Need Proof

Some facts about parenting shouldn't be surprising, but why are there moms or dads who still need to see the evidence?

Casey Affleck

TV.Movie  28 February '17

Amid Casey Affleck's Best Actor Backlash, He Spills Regrets About Not Thanking Kids In Acceptance Speech

The "Manchester By The Sea" actor won at the recently held Academy Awards, but he forgot to mention his kids during his acceptance speech.

Mahershala Ali Welcomes Baby Girl! Find Out His Daughter's Name

TV.Movie  28 February '17

Mahershala Ali Celebrates Oscar Win With New Baby Daughter, Talks Difficult Childhood Without A Dad

It's been a great year for the "Moonlight" actor, who won his first Oscar just days after welcoming his first child.

Meal Prep for the Week - Mind Over Munch Kickstart Series

Food  27 February '17

Parenting Woes: How To Prepare Nutritious Food For Kids Despite Busy Schedules

Preparing nutritious food for the family can be difficult for busy parents but there are kitchen secrets that would help parents manage their time at work and in the kitchen.

New Law Requires Gender Neutral Bathroom Signs

Family Life  27 February '17

Here's Why Family Groups Are Supporting President Trump's Rollback On Transgender Bathroom Rights

Others criticized the president for being anti-LGBTQ but he has gotten some support from pro-family groups in this issue.

The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids – Keeping Your Kids Safe

Family Life  26 February '17

Social Media And Children: What Parents Should Teach Children About Online Safety

Being connected online is a big deal for kids today and the best thing moms and dads can do is to remind children to be responsible netizens.

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