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Dogs Will Outnumber Children In 10 Years

Family Life  19 February '17

Dogs Vs. Kids: Dog Walkers To Outnumber Demand For Teachers In 10 Years; More Parents Raising Pets Than Children, Says Study

San Francisco locals are already feeling the big gap as fewer kids are seen in the neighborhood or communities.

Italian Restaurant Offer Discounts

Family Life  18 February '17

Why This Italian Restaurant Is Rewarding Families With Polite, Well-Behaved Kids

Antonio Ferrari in Italy is gaining international attention for the initiative, which the owner said was inspired by a Miami restaurant.

Older Women Tend To Produce More Intelligent Kids

Family Life  19 February '17

Intelligence Tests: Does A Mother’s Age Affect Her Kid’s Smartness?

Older women should not hesitate about having children because research shows they produce more intelligent offsprings.

Parenting Without Romance

Family Life  19 February '17

Single But Co-Parenting? How These Parenting Partners Jointly Raise Children Without Romance

Couples need not have a romantic relationship before they can have a child and this arrangement is becoming popular these days.

First Time Moms

Family Life  17 February '17

First-Time Moms Need To Ditch Parenting Books, Experts Say Mothers Improve By Relying On Their Instincts

Don't be afraid of making mistakes, moms. It's how you become a good parent, Nanny Robina said.

Women's March Held In Los Angeles

Family Life  17 February '17

Girls In The Trump Era: How To Raise A Courageous Daughter In Trump's America

Empowering young girls begins with their parents teaching them to know their worth.

Daddy-Daughter Ballet Video

Fun & Games  17 February '17

Going Viral: Daddy-Daughter Ballet Video Shines Spotlight On Amazing Fathers From Philadelphia [WATCH]

The dads dressed in tutus danced awkwardly but they sure pleased their daughters and the netizens for their effort.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Family Life  17 February '17

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Divorce Documentary Details Couple Actually Separated 2015; Dad Succeeds In Custody Battle So Far

The ex-couple officially announced that their marriage is done last September 2016.

American Girl Sticks To Its Diverse Doll Collection This Year

Fun & Games  17 February '17

Boy Doll: American Girl Veers Away From An All-Girl Doll Collection, Introduces Logan Everett

American Girl doll maker is set to make history by releasing its first ever boy doll named Logan.

George And Amal Clooney Having Twins

Family Life  16 February '17

George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin Preparing For Babies' Arrival, Friends Offer Wishes And Tips To Raising Twins

The world will be welcoming little Clooneys in June. It's been revealed that the twins will be a boy and a girl.

Divorced Dad Buys Ex-Wife Birthday Cake

Family Life  16 February '17

Successful Co-Parenting: Divorced Dad Shows Sons Why He's Still Buying Ex-Wife Birthday Presents

Billy Flynn is putting his sons' best interest first, as any good co-parent should.

Nella The Pincess Knight Goes Into Unchartered Territories

TV.Movie  15 February '17

Children’s Role Model: Nickelodeon’s Biracial Princess Nella Gets Thumbs Up

Nickelodeon came up with a new princess character that will provide a better gender role model to children.

Jeffery Scott Lytle

Family Life  15 February '17

Boss Receives Chilling Text Message; Man Mistakenly Sends 'Help Me Kill My Wife'

A man mistakenly sent his former boss a message asking him to help him kill his wife.

Raising A Child Based On Religious Beliefs

Family Life  15 February '17

Spiritual Parenting: How Religious Beliefs Affect The Way Parents Raise Their Children

The religioud beliefs of parents can affect not only the parenting style but also the children's way of thinking.

The Role Of Genetics In Rearing Future Children

Family Life  15 February '17

Parenting Style Also Influenced By Genetics And Environment, Study Says

New research points to the effect of genetics in the different parenting styles of people.

Jonathan Ross Appears In 'Parenting For Idiots'

TV.Movie  15 February '17

'Parenting For Idiots' Proves Celebrity Parents Also Struggle With Raising Kids; Learn From Their Mistakes! [WATCH]

The new show about parenting provides a refreshing and entertaining look into the ups and downs of raising kids.

Peppa Pig Not A Good Character For Kids

TV.Movie  15 February '17

Best TV Shows For Preschoolers? Expert Says Not All Cartoons Are Good, Describes 'Peppa Pig' As 'Selfish And Manipulative'

Professor Manya Whitaker suggest her five best and worst programs for young children.

HMAS Tobruk Returns To Sydney

Family Life  14 February '17

Shared Parenting Bill Gets Another Push In North Dakota After Failure Of Measure 6 In 2014

Is this proposal on equal parenting for the child's best interest or for the parents?

Hearing Begins On John Roberts' Nomination To The U.S. Court of Appeals

Family Life  14 February '17

Parental Alienation Is Child Abuse; Child Advocates Say Laws Needed To Penalize Manipulative Divorced Parents

This problem among families happens in 80 percent of difficult divorces and it's the children who suffer no matter what.

California Embryo Bank Provides Donated Eggs For Stem Cell Research

Family Life  14 February '17

Children Born Via Artificial Insemination Are Illegitimate? Tennessee Lawmaker Clarifies Proposed Bill

Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver's proposal has been called out as discriminatory against same-sex parents, but she's setting the record straight about her intent.

The 59th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Family Life  14 February '17

Adele Disses Estranged Father In Grammy Speech, Dad Mark Evans Expresses Regrets

They attempted to reconcile a few years back but the daughter have stopped speaking to her father since 2011.

2010 CeBIT Technology Fair

Family Life  14 February '17

Parenting In The Digital Age: What Adjustments Must Moms And Dads Do To Be Effective Parents?

The internet is here to stay so parents have to learn to approach parenting and technology use in a positive way.

Madonna Visits Mphandula Childcare Centre

Family Life  13 February '17

Parenting An Adopted Child: Experts Recommend A Different Parenting Style To Establish Attachment And Connection

Parenting an adopted child can be challenging because of the early life experiences of the kid

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