How to make slime with borax and glue.

Health/Nutrition  27 February '17

Slime-Making Craze A Hit With Kids, Experts Warn Parents Of Health Risks From Pesticide In Ingredients

If you notice your children getting busy with this latest trending activity, make sure that they are wearing gloves or cleaning up after themselves well, parents!


Health/Nutrition  23 February '17

New Vaccine Undergoes Tests For Zika Protection, Prevention Of Malaria, West Nile And Other Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Experts at the National Institutes of Health are testing the vaccine that will hopefully curb diseases from mosquito bites.

Venezuelan Food Crisis

Health/Nutrition  22 February '17

Venezuelan Food Crisis Update: People Now Losing Weight Due To Cutting, Skipping Meals

Food crisis in Venezuela results in weight loss and skipped meals.

Preventing Relapse Of Kids With Chronic Illnesses Through Proper Health Management

Health/Nutrition  21 February '17

Parenting Difficulties: How To Improve Parents Comprehension To Benefit Kids With Chronic Illness

Parents are the primary caregiver of children with chronic illness and their lack of comprehension in health management can lead to relapse.


Medicine  20 February '17

Mom Seeks New Law Restricting Fetanyl After Son Dies From Ingesting Drug Mistaken As Painkiller

Lisa Hicks continues her fight against drugs two years after her son died from fentanyl overdose.


Health/Nutrition  20 February '17

Vaccination Policy: Some 142,000 Families Won't Get Child Care Benefits For Not Immunizing Their Kids In This Country

The "no jab, no pay policy" in Australia took effect at the beginning of 2016 and the country is now seeing the results.

Hugh Jackman

Body  17 February '17

Hugh Jackman Posts Photo Post-Skin Cancer Treatment, Warns People About Not Wearing Sunscreen

This is the fourth time the "Wolverine" actor has undergone treatments for the disease.

Telling Kids A Parent Has Cancer

Body  17 February '17

Explaining Cancer To Kids: Animated Film Shows Practical Tips For Parents Telling Children They Are Sick [WATCH]

The video is presented by the UCLH Cancer Collaborative and the Fruit Fly Collective.

Obamacare Repeal

Health/Nutrition  15 February '17

Obamacare Repeal: Uninsured Number Of Americans Reach Record Low; Will Repeal Really Push Through?

The uncertainty surrounding the ObamaCare repeal caused many Americans to become uninsured.

New England Towns Struggle With Opioid And Heroin Epidemic

Body  13 February '17

Chronic Pain Occurs More Among Poorly Educated Low-Income Americans, Study Reveals

Study author Hanna Grol-Prokopczyk said that this health problem is even greater than heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

California Medical Center Holds Free H1N1 Drive-Thru Community Clinic

Body  12 February '17

Rare Flu Kills 6-Year-Old Girl; Should Parents Worry About Vaccination Complications? Doctor Set It Straight

Aside from Eva Marie Harris, two other children in Ohio have died due to the flu.

'Toys'R'Us And Make-A-Wish Honor World Wish Day With The Ultimate Birthday Celebration for Atlanta-Area Wish Kid'

Mind  11 February '17

Anxiety In Kids: Parents Must Teach Children To Minimize Anxiety, Here Are Some Techniques!

Anxiety among children is common and the parents should not just try to take the child immediately away from the stressors but instead teach him a way to manage his fears.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

Health/Nutrition  10 February '17

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Materializes First Projects, Facebook CEO And His Wife Donate $3.6 M To Housing Crisis

The organization that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, organized launched their first projects.

Sao Paulo Lab Produces Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes To Combat Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  8 February '17

Zika Cases In Florida To Increase In Warm Winter; Mississippi Health Department Confirms New Patients Acquire Virus This Year

Zika virus remains to be a threat in the United States.

Zika Virus

Medicine  3 February '17

New Zika Vaccine Makes Mice, Monkeys Immune From Disease; Is This One-Dose Vaccine The Cure To Zika?

A new Zika vaccine made mice and monkeys immune from the disease.

Centers For Disease Control Says Flu Epidemic Worsening Across Country

Medicine  2 February '17

Donald Trump Muslim Ban: Children Needing Medical Care In US Can't Receive Aid

UNICEF has issued a statement asking the president to reconsider his order on behalf of 28 million children in war-torn countries who could need help.

Vadim Anatoliyevich Kondratyuk

Body  1 February '17

Sacramento Father-Of-Two Dead After Tooth Infection Was Untreated; What Exactly Caused Man's Death?

A father-of-two died after not taking precautionary measures when he had a toothache.

How To Hypnotize Your Children: EXTREME LOVE

Mind  27 January '17

Hypnosis For Children: More Parents Putting Hope In Hypnotism To Help With Behavior, Good Grades

Does putting children under a trance really work? Here's what experts have to say about it.

Paul Ryan Holds 'Enrollment Ceremony' For Bill To Repeal Affordable Care Act

Health/Nutrition  28 January '17

Obamacare Repeal: Can The Cassidy Bill Revoke Affordable Care Act?

Republicans have started planning to officially cancel Obamacare.

Lily Collins

Health/Nutrition  24 January '17

Lily Collins Reveals Battle With Eating Disorders During Teenage Years; 'Love, Rosie' Star Says New Film Hits Close To Home

Lily Collins just revealed she battled an eating disorder during her teenage years.


Health/Nutrition  24 January '17

Study Warns Browned Toast, Crispy Roast Potatoes Might Trigger Cancer Development

A new study claims that eating browned toast and crispy roast potatoes are cancer risks.

Israel Pioneers Use Of Medical Marijuana

Medicine  22 January '17

Medical Marijuana In Schools: Families Lobby For Cannabis In Washington Schools, Lawmakers Push For Legalization

Two bills in the House and Senate are being deliberated on that could potentially help families whose kids rely on the substance for medication.

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