Nation Goes To The Polls In Contentious Presidential Election Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

Family Life  22 November '16

Parents Banned From Naming Their Baby After A Terrorist

A couple has been banned from naming their kid after they tried to name the baby after a known terrorist.

Fallen Soldiers Honored On Memorial Day At Arlington National Cemetery

Family Life  21 November '16

Father Celebrated Christmas Early So His Baby Boy Could Cherish The Memories Before It Was Too Late

Jay Clark was devastated to be diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer just two months before his longed-for child was born.

smartwater sparkling Celebrates Jennifer Aniston And St Jude's Children's Hospital l

Infant  21 November '16

Jean Novelli's Baby Diagnosed With A Rare Kind Of Cancer

Heartbreak for celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli and his fiancee after their eight-week-old son is diagnosed with cancer.

Doctors Save Baby of Pregnant Woman Shot to Death in 'Targeted' Attack

Health/Nutrition  21 November '16

A Californian Newborn Survived Birth After Mother Was Shot Dead

Doctors performed an emergency c-section and delivered a baby after the mother was fatally shot in the head during a gang-related attack.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  21 November '16

Murdered Woman's Baby Found Safe In Dallas

Neighbors in Central Dallas were shocked to learn a missing 8-day-old girl from Kansas was found inside their neighbor's home.

Daniela Katzenberger And Lucas Cordalis Family Photocall

Infant  21 November '16

Top 5 Sacrifices Parents Do For Their Newborn Babies

There are several selfless sacrifices that a parent made when he or she started to raise a child. Parent Herald enumerated some of these sacrifices that parents make for their newborns.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Pregnancy  20 November '16

Does Your Baby Like It When You're Going Through Prenatal Depression During Pregnancy

Studies show moms who felt no attachment to their baby while in the womb had children with emotional problems.

Rape victim forced to co-parent with her attacker

Infant  20 November '16

Victims Legally Dictated To Keep Contact With Rapist

In the United States, there are many state laws that force mothers to share their children who were conceived as a result of being raped.

Germany To Expand Child Day Care Hours With KitaPlus Initiative

Infant  20 November '16

Accused Daycare Child Molester: Attorneys Running Back And Forth

Attorneys volleyed back and forth Thursday afternoon when it was to determine charges against Heather Koon, an accused sex predator.

Smoking among Michigan pregnant women on the rise

Health  19 November '16

Reports Says More Pregnant Smokers in Michigan

A report by the Michigan League for Public Policy show an increas in the number of women smoking during pregnancy in Michigan and this was blamed for the increasing number of pre-term births.

Miami Neighborhood Battles Outbreak Of Zika Virus

Infant  19 November '16

Preventing Infants From Respiratory Infections: A Developing Concern Among Parents?

Parents of newborns and babies should be on alert for respiratory infections as the number of severe cases rise.

Incarcerated Women Allowed To Keep Newborns In Illinois Pilot Program

Infant  18 November '16

Baby Care: The Real-Life Struggles Of Parenting A Newborn Child

The first three months of parenting a newborn can be a real struggle for the new couple.

Cherry Blossoms Begin To Bloom In Washington, DC

Infant  18 November '16

Environmental Influences Are Key Factors In Brain Development

Adverse childhood experiences are important determinants of psychiatric disorders, with effects that persist across the life course.

Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Ohio Ahead Of Primary Day

Infant  18 November '16

Baby Talk Effects On Infants: Babbling & Singing Nursery Rhymes In 'Motherese' Tone Aids In Baby's Learning

The use of baby talk has been widely debated on whether or not it is beneficial to a little one's learning.

Nation Goes To The Polls In Contentious Presidential Election Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

Infant  18 November '16

Mom Changed Baby’s Dirty Nappy On The Café Table, Owner Criticized, Both Fired Up In Social Media

Was it right to change the dirty nappy of the baby on the cafe table? What if the mum is having a hard time, should she be given consideration? Both parties get their own doses of sympathy as they fired up in defense respectively.

Baby in a crib

Infant  18 November '16

Co-Sleeping Safety Guidelines: Another Baby's Death Highlights Dangers Of Bed-Sharing; What Experts Recommend Parents Must Do

Infant deaths due to adults or older siblings sharing the bed is largely preventable, yet it keeps happening. Here's what the experts suggest.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  17 November '16

Protecting The Health Of Our Children Through Vaccinations

Health professionals stress the importance of vaccines, both children and adults, for the prevention of diseases.

Incarcerated Women Allowed To Keep Newborns In Illinois Pilot Program

Infant  17 November '16

Carrying A Baby Induces A Mysterious Drug-Like Addiction & It's Good For The Health

Scientists cannot fully explain how carrying a baby may work like drugs in inducing euphoria, and this warm, giddy feeling is, unfortunately, not apparent to all parents.

Conjoined twins from Nigeria separated at US hospital

Infant  17 November '16

Few Days Before Their First Birthday Nigerian Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated In America

Conjoined twin toddlers from Nigeria separated successfully in America. The twin girls were disjointed successfully through an 18-hour surgical operation held in A Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Wildflowers Bloom On First Day Of Summer After Record Rainy Winter

Infant  16 November '16

Babies & The Danger Of Sleeping For Long Periods In Car Seats: Potentially Deadly Breathing Problems Found

Babies who sleep for long periods in car seats have a higher risk of breathing problems that can turn fatal. Babies in a moving car aren't capable of preventing their heads from slumping forward because their neck muscles are not that strong yet.

Deasia Watkins

Infant  16 November '16

Mother From Ohio Who Killed, Decapitated Three-Month-Old Daughter Rejects Plea Deal; Pursues Insanity Defense

The mother who stabbed and decapitated her three-month-old baby girl rejects the plea deal in her latest court appearance.

Daylight Saving Time Causes Second-Born Twin To Be Older

Infant  16 November '16

Twin Birth Order Mess Up: Second-Born Twin Baby Becomes The OLDER Brother For The Most Amusing Reason

Samuel and Ronan are going to grow up telling their friends about the unusual circumstance of their birth -- and it's quite a story!

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Infant  15 November '16

Depression And Anxiety Among New Mothers Is Both Expectable And Treatable

Research has shown that up to 33 percent of women experience clinical depression or an anxiety disorder at some point during pregnancy.

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