Sumo Babies On The Rise

Feeding  14 November '16

Sumo Babies On The Rise: Early Infant Weaning, Misinformed Parents Blamed For Increasing Obesity Rate

The number of sumo babies, or babies born over 9 lbs, is increasing on an alarming rate. Make sure to know how to prevent infant obesity by being aware of the causes.

Miracle baby

Infant  13 November '16

It’s A Miracle! Baby Born With Bowel And Intestines Outside Survives

Doctors told 25-year old Lucia Angell of Benington, Hertfordshire that her fetus had gastroschisis, a condition where the stomach has a hole forcing the intestines out and would not last long. After birth and surgery, the baby is considered a miracle baby.

Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Ohio Ahead Of Primary Day

Infant  13 November '16

Why Baby Talk Is Good For Infants

Contrary to popular belief, baby talk plays a vital role in the development of an infant and the baby also prefers it.

10th Mountain Troops Return From Iraq Deployment

Infant  13 November '16

Babies Learn To Move On Their Own

Baby reflexes just after birth disappear as babies gain more control over their movements, interacting more with their surroundings

Moms With Strollers Rally On Capitol Hill Against Gun Violence

Infant  13 November '16

Miracle Baby Born With Brain Outside Of Her Skull Now At 4 Months Old After Doctors Said She’ll Die At Birth

The parents of Aniyah Todd were told that the baby won't live beyond her birth due to encephalocele but the infant defied all medical odds and has recently turned four months old. In the United States, one in 12,200 babies (or 340 infants annually) are born with encephalocele every year.

Why Women Suffer In Silence

Health  13 November '16

Birth-Related Health Issues Suffered In Silence

After giving birth to a child, women in Ireland suffers from series of birth-related hidden health problems affecting different aspects of their lives.

Peanut Butter Prices Set To Rise Up To 30 Percent

Infant  13 November '16

Babies & Peanut Allergy: The Safest Method & Age To Feed The Legume To Infants

Experts said that the best way to lower babies' risk of developing peanut allergies is by feeding the legume to them -- even to infants who are extra sensitive to peanuts. Food containing peanuts can be introduced to babies as early as six months.

Incarcerated Women Allowed To Keep Newborns In Illinois Pilot Program

Infant  12 November '16

Sudden Infants Deaths: AAP Reveals Safe Sleep Practices To Prevent SIDS And Other Sleep-Related Infant Deaths

SIDS and other sleep-related deaths in infants are rising and Dr. Rachel Moon, MD, FAAP gives tips on how to keep the infants safe during sleep and how to maintain a healthy sleep environment.

People Say Baby Girl Is The Mailmans Daughter, Then Mom Takes A DNA Test To Prove Them Wrong

Infant  12 November '16

Switched At Birth? Mom Discovers Birth Mishap 10 Years Later; Drunk Nurse Blamed

People constantly pointed out that Sophie's daughter had dark skin and curly hair — nothing like Sophie's or her husband'

Mass Baby Shower Held For Nellis AFB Spouses And Personnel

Fertility  12 November '16

Surrogacy: Why Wealthy Chinese Couples Seek Americans To Be Surrogates

There is an increasing demand for American surrogates as Chinese singles, gays and couples look at this as the only way for them to have male children to go around the one-child policy or to finally make it to the United States as an immigrant.

Meet Baby Dream Renee Kardashian

TV/ Movie  11 November '16

Another ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Star Is Born! Rob Kardashian’s New Baby Girl, Dream, Is ‘Every Inch a Kardashian’

New Dad Rob Kardashian welcomed the latest addition to their celebrity family. Dream Renee Kardashian was born on Thursday at Cedars-Sinai hospital. She is the child of Rob and his partner, Blac Chyna.

Virginia Tech v Virginia

Infant  11 November '16

Changing Diapers Can Be A Start Of An Argue

Parenthood is rarely just about intimacy and having a good time. Sharing mutual responsibilities is one of its fundamental aspects.


Infant  11 November '16

Another Case Of Drug Overdose? Infant Found Dead, Two Adults Unresponsive Inside Marlborough Home

A dead infant and two unresponsive adults were found at a Marlborough home.

A Miracle Birth: Ectopic Baby

Infant  12 November '16

Against All Odds: Woman Gives Ectopic Birth

Sadie Brittle was diagnosed of ectopic pregnancy in her early pregnancy. The result turned out to be miraculous to Mrs. Brittle and her loved ones.

Shaken baby syndrome

Infant  9 November '16

Two-Month-Old Daughter Killed By Stoned Father Because He's 'Tired' & Baby Could Not Stop Crying

In a fit of anger, a father slaughtered his daughter while under the influence of cannabis because she didn't want to stop crying.

Halloween-Themed Children's Naturalization Ceremony Held In Virginia

Infant  9 November '16

How Noise Affects Your Child

Parents get to define for their young children what sound is and what noise is. It starts with the toys you buy!

Baby sleeping soundly

Infant  9 November '16

Difference Between Baby Nap Sleep Than Night Sleep

A newborn's sleeping habits are hard to understand since routine escapes these young ones.

Baby in a sleep

Infant  9 November '16

Newborns And Their Sleeping Plans

Mothers often have to deal with varying sleeping patterns of their newborn babies. It's a difficult phase, but can be made easier.

Pregnant woman votes while in labor

Pregnancy  9 November '16

Pregnant Woman Interrupts Labor To Vote in US Elections

A woman and her husband puts off labor to get to the polls and vote during the historical 2016 US Presidential elections.

Special Valentines Day Naturalization Ceremony Held For Married Couples

Infant  9 November '16

Parenting & Babies: Does Sleep Training Work On Infants? The Promising Techniques Revealed

Babies have shorter sleep cycles that make them wake more than 10 times a night. Parents should learn how to make their child “knit these sleep cycles together."

4moms Car Seat Launch Event

Infant  9 November '16

Preventing Infant Deaths In Hot Cars: Harvard Students Develop Alarm System App For Parents & Caregivers

It's called the Chirp and it can be easily installed in the baby's car seat. Learn all about it in this report.


Infant  8 November '16

Baby Teeth Can Save Lives: Amazing Value of Baby Teeth That Parents Should Not Throw Them Away, Scientific Study Suggests

The tooth fairy gives a dollar for every baby teeth and everyone wonders why. A research finds that there is real value in every baby teeth and that these can actually save lives.

Baby Born With Unique White Streak Through Hair Just Like Her Mom

Infant  8 November '16

Baby Inherits 'Cruella De Vil' Hair Women In Her Family Have For Generations, Naturally White Streak Is A Birthmark Mystery

Medical science has an explanation for this but the baby's mother don't know the exact origin if the patch of hair in their family.

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