One of Four UK babies do not get health visitor checks

Infant  4 January '17

Babies In UK Missing Out On Health Visitor Checks?

Visitor health checks is mandatory in the United Kingdom but one of four babies do not get the required frequency.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark Introduce Newborn Royal Twins

Infant  3 January '17

How To Survive Having Twins: Raising Multiple Babies Involve Heavy Planning & Flexibility - Get The Best Tips!

It's twice the fun and twice the challenge for parents expecting to raise two (or more) babies.

Brooks Brothers Celebrates The Holidays With St Jude Children's Research Hospital

Health  3 January '17

Eva Amurri's Baby Cracked Skull After Accidental Drop, Actress Admits To Depression & Guilt

Susan Sarandon's daughter gave birth to the baby in October and he had only a few weeks old when the incident happened.

Tributes paid as triplets' mum Rachel Park dies

Infant  3 January '17

UK Mom Of Premature Triplets Dies After Taking Babies Home For Christmas

Rachel Park made headlines for giving birth to extremely premature triplet girls.


Infant  2 January '17

British Lifeguard Shares Experience On Rescuing Babies From Boats Transporting Refugees, Reassuring Mothers Their Children Are Okay

A British lifeguard recently talked about rescuing babies who are aboard boats as their parents and families try to flee from war-torn countries.

Is Milk sharing Appropriate?

Feeding  31 December '16

Is It Safe To Brest-feed Another Infant Other That Yours?

Breastfeeding is starting to get a recognition as most mothers would only want what's best for their child.

Drug overdose

Infant  30 December '16

Parents Found Unconscious Inside Car With Children In The Backseat; Police Say Couple Had Cocaine, Heroin

Parents were found in their car unconscious with children in their backseat.

Becky John and her family

Infant  30 December '16

Mother Got Pregnant With Triplets Week After Giving Birth To Second Child, Gave Birth To Four Babies In Less Than A Year

A mother gave birth to a total of four babies in a span of 11 months.

UK mother

Infant  30 December '16

Mother Using Dead Kids To Scam £50,000 In Benefits? Former Drug Addict Mom Punished To Pay Just £1

A mother used the identity of her dead kids to get £50,000.

Daniel McCabe

Infant  28 December '16

Christmas Miracle: Baby On Waiting List For Liver Transplant Waits For Only 40 Minutes Before Doctors Find A Match

A baby on the waiting list regarding liver transplant waited only for 40 minutes before a match was found.

FILE Changes Announced In Maternity Services

Infant  23 December '16

Studies Show Babies Have A Moral Sense; Can Infants Tell What's Good And Bad?

Baby's have morals and has the capacity to give good judgment of people's character.

What is SIDS? | Baby Care Basics | Parents

Infant  22 December '16

Why Crib Advertisements Show Kids In Dangerous Sleeping Environments

Baby crib advertisements and store displays often demonstrate unsafe sleep environments that increase an infant’s risk of sudden infant death syndrome, according to a new study.

Iraqi Infant Mortality Rate More Than Doubles

Infant  21 December '16

How To Ovecome Mistakes As A New Mom See Details Here

New moms make mistake of regarding moms with two or more children as expert parents. Alicia Assad, a mother-of-four, believes though she has already four kids she’s never an expert parent, insisting the struggle of parenthood is still real for her.

Three Easy Ways Dads Can Help In Feeding Their Infants: Pumping Isn’t Only A Job For Moms

Feeding  19 December '16

Three Easy Ways Dads Can Help In Feeding Their Infants: Pumping Isn’t Only A Job For Moms

Every pumping mom needs assistance from her husband who should do the things incumbent upon him.

Hungary Builds Migrant Fence On Its Border With Serbia

Infant  19 December '16

How Can Professional Baby Sleep Trainers Help Babies Shut Down Their Eyes

Professional baby sleep trainers teach parents how to help toddlers and babies sleep. More parents get their services nowadays in order to know the right thing to do when a child fusses and cries a lot.


Health  19 December '16

As More Babies Undergo Opiate Withdrawal, New Study Finds Children Born To Heroin Users Live Life With More Struggles

Heroin and opiate use during pregnancy results to children suffering as they undergo withdrawal and it also has long term effect on children.

Germany Has Europe's Lowest Birth Rate

Health  19 December '16

Premature Babies At Kansas City Hospital Made Up Into 'Gifts' For Their Parents This Christmas [WATCH]

The March of Dimes is behind the idea, with the help of the St. Luke Hospital staff. They have also done this during Halloween.

How to make breastfeeding tree of life pic

Feeding  19 December '16

Breastfeeding Tree Of Life: How To Create Stunning Images That's A Hit Among Moms Online [PHOTOS]

See why moms who breastfeed are going crazy over this phone app!


School  18 December '16

Examining Baby Boomers’ Conditions

To keep the healthiness of every “Baby Boomers”, the Chief Medical Officer for England, Ms. Dame Sally Davies, come up with a new report to assess the health of adults from the uprising issues regarding the factors and the ailments that may comprise these people recently.

Demand For Measles Vaccine Increases As Outbreak Started At Disneyland In California Spreads

Infant  17 December '16

New Study Says Lidocaine Could Numb Pain During Infant Vaccination

A new way to help ease the pain in infant during vaccination has been found.

DNA Strands From A Double Helix Model

Infant  16 December '16

Three-Babies Procedure Now Legalized, Babies Formed From DNA Of Three Persons Now Possible!

Latest advancement in IVF has been finally approved by UK Parliament. Today Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority or HFEA is now accepting applications from any fertility clinics who desire to apply the three-babies procedure.

Multiple Identical Siblings Hold Gathering In Washington

Infant  16 December '16

Chance Of Baby Boy Or Girl At Conception Is Completely Random Says Experts, Debunking Telltales About Conceiving A Baby Boy

A column suggested that woman looking forward to conceive male baby must never miss breakfast, sleep in position facing leftwards and consume plenty of muttons. However experts debunked the tips, suggesting the possibility of a boy or girl at birth is completely random.

birth control pill RU-486

Infant  16 December '16

Unborn Babies' Killers Felt Sorry For Their Sins Now Wanted To Form A Church

Deaths of unborn babies have made a group of obstetrician and women, who have performed an abortion in the past, decide to form a church in the name of Holy Trinity as their way of showing remorse over their acts. Now, they are ready to share and give their personal stories to inspire others not to make the same error.

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