Humanitarian Efforts Continue Following Devastating Super Typhoon

Infant  15 December '16

Babies Born Out-The-Hospital Becomes A Trend In Alabama, State Now In Maternity Crisis

Rates of infants born at home have become a trend in Alabama which lead advocates of home-births to fight for the legal position of midwives after the banning of midwifery practice outside the hospital. The rise has drawn the attention of the state to several issues concerning home-births and relation between doctors and midwives.

Intersex Child Gets Australian Court Approval For Surgery

Infant  15 December '16

Surgery Of Intersex Child Approved By Australian Court

An Australian court has approved a petition for irreversible surgery for a five-year-old intersex child.

Israeli Mothers Attend Breast Feeding Classes After Powdered Milk Scare

Feeding  15 December '16

Breastfeeding Benefits: Study Finds Links That Breastfeeding Protects Babies From Asthma Development

This isn't the first study to find the connection and the recommendation is at least six months of breastfeeding can facilitate better health and immunities.

Aislyn Miller and Kevin Fowler

Infant  14 December '16

Authorities Arrest Parents Of Super Malnourished Oklahoma Infant Twins For Child Abuse; Kids Looking Like Skeletons With Maggots Crawling On Skin?

The parents of Oklahoma twins were arrested and charged with child neglect.

Community Health Center Gives Newborn Care Class For Low-Income Parents

Infant  13 December '16

Drug-dependent Newborn Babies Are Skyrocketing In Rural Areas, New Study

Scientists found out that rural areas have a lot of drug-dependent newborn babies.

A Startup Wants More Babies To Sleep In Cardboard Boxes

Infant  13 December '16

Finland Adapts Old Tradition To Put Babies In Cardboard Boxes That Minimizes Infant Mortality Crisis

Finland is now one of the world's wealthiest countries, but the tradition of giving boxes to parents of newborn babies persisted - and an e-commerce venture wants to popularize the starter kit concept in the U.S.

New Study Confirms BPA Containing Baby Teethers: What Harm Does It Pose To Babies?

Health  11 December '16

New Study Confirms BPA Containing Baby Teethers: What Harm Does It Pose To Babies?

A chemical that's banned from baby bottles and cups is still widely used in baby teethers, a new study finds.

Mothers not breastfeeding their babies long enough

Feeding  10 December '16

Why Mothers Are Not Breastfeeding Long Enough

Many mothers have heeded calls for breastfeeding but recent survey shows they are not doing this long enough.

Hospital facing suit in baby breastfeeding mix up

Feeding  10 December '16

Switched At Birth: Hospital Facing $50,000 Lawsuit In Breastfeeding Mistake?

Tammy Van Dyke sues a Minnesota hospital for a mix-up way back in 2012 where her son was placed in a different bassinet resulting to him being breastfed by another mother.

Columbus Police expands pilot program on having antidotes for drug overdose

Infant  9 December '16

Two-Month-Old Pittsburgh Baby’s Methadone Overdose: Parents Facing Child Endangerment Charges

A South Side, Pittsburgh couple has been charged after their two-month-old baby overdosed on methadone. The infant, who was revived by the opiate antidote Narcan, was found unresponsive after going into respiratory arrest due to the overdose.

New Drug Could Save Children With Fatal Neurodegenerative Diseases

Infant  8 December '16

Newborn Babies With Lethal Spinal Muscular Atrophy Can Now Be Saved, Study Says They Found New Cure For The Disease

A new drug is said to improve survival, slow development of the disease called lethal spinal muscular atrophy. It is yet to undergo quick track courses for proper drug approval.

Torrential Rains Bring Historic Floods To Southern Louisiana

Health/Nutrition  10 December '16

Resources For The First Time Parents

A new program in Sheboygan County is helping first time parents get the knowledge and resources they need to have a safe, healthy baby.

Baby in a crib

Infant  8 December '16

Missouri Mother Kills Own Son After Rolling Over And Smothering Baby; Mom Admits Using Marijuana, Xanax, Methamphetamine Before Son’s Death

A mother from Rogersville, Missouri is alleged of using marijuana and other drugs that caused her to roll over and smother her infant son.

Mom Saves A Starving Orphan Boy. One Year Later, He Looks Completely Unrecognizable

Infant  8 December '16

Extremely Malnourished Orphan Boy Saved From Dying, Thanks To Kind-Hearted Mother From US

A severely malnourished orphan little boy from Bulgaria made a remarkable recovery after a kind lady adopted him. The 7-year-old weighed only 8 pounds and was extremely malnourished when Priscilla Morse saw him and adopted him. Now he’s doing great.

Canadian woman, 96, becomes a great great great grandmother

Infant  7 December '16

Newborn Baby Became The Sixth Generation Of Her Family, Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother Really Thankful Of Her Life

An Alberta family has six generations of joy and love. Little Callie Elizabeth Grace Marsh is the sixth generation of her family. The newest addition was just welcomed last month.

Donald Trump Holds Town Hall In Colorado Springs

Infant  8 December '16

Parenting Alert: A Practivcal Guide On How To Care For Babies With Colic

Colic has always been a very challenging cause of discomfort for babies. It has a number of causes, if parents are not mindful, baby's fussiness could be stressful, to both baby and parents.


Infant  7 December '16

Dispatcher Receives an Unexpected Call: Ends Up Assisting Mom in Labor

It was an ordinary day for Renae Whitehouse, a dispatcher from Houston, Texas. But everything changed when she received an emergency call from a pregnant mother who is about to give birth to her baby.

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Infant  7 December '16

Lactation Experts Answer Real-Time Breastfeeding Questions On Breast Implants And Dental Work

Find expert answers to real-life breastfeeding queries on breast implants, dental work and a lot more in here. All answers are fresh from the mouth and brain of lactation experts.

Can't Keep Up With Your Toddler And Now A Baby? Relax

Gear  9 December '16

Can't Keep Up With Your Toddler And Now A Baby? Relax

Being a mom with a toddler is quite challenging especially between the ages 1-3. Having another baby adds up to the demanding job. What's the best way for a breezy day?

GOP Presidential Candidates Address RISE Initiative Black Christian Summit

Health  6 December '16

Fetal Burial About To Be A Huge Lawsuit In Texas With Its New Rules Involving Abortion

New rules in Texas involving fetal burial might lead to a huge lawsuit before taking effect.

Over A Million Infantino Brand Baby Slings Recalled Over Suffocation Fears

Gear  7 December '16

Baby-Wearing Safety: Mom Cautions Parents Who Use Baby Sling Following A Burning Accident

Don't be complacent, parents! This baby gear is a lot of help, but it must still be used with utmost care.

AFL Rd 22 - Carlton v Melbourne

Infant  5 December '16

What Women Should Know Before Saying Goodbye To Having A Baby Completely

You would be surprised at how one might feel when they know it is their last baby in their life.

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