Lewis Road Creamery's New 'Breast Milk' Comes Under Scrutiny With Breastfeeding Advocates

Infant  5 December '16

Five Odd Things That Happen To Nursing Moms When They Breastfeed

Strange and awkward things can happen when mom is breastfeeding. These include breast involution, milk leaking during sex, afterbirth pains, breast engorgement and breastfeeding even after breast has been surgical operated.

New Guidelines Against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Issued

Infant  5 December '16

American Academy of Pediatrics Releases New SIDS Guidelines

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released bew guidelines to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS.

Town Celebrates National Guard Units Return From Iraq

Health  4 December '16

How To Prevent Dehydration In Babies

Babies who are dehydrated could experience some health problems and parents won't want that to happen. Here are tips to preventing it.

Extreme Heat Grips New York City

Health  4 December '16

Study Reveals Sleepovers Damage Children Brains

New brain scans reveal sleep deprivation damages children's brains more than previously thought.

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation's 2011 Kids For Kids Family Carnival

Infant  3 December '16

Could Babies From HIV-Positive Pregnant Women Be Saved From Getting The Virus?

Children can be saved from HIV infections with proper care and treatment while they are still in the womb.

Texas Governor

Infant  2 December '16

'Giving Voice To The Unborn': Texas Officials Will Now Require Unborn Babies Via Abortion, Miscarriages To Be Cremated, Buried

Texas officials will reportedly push through with a new law that will require people to cremate and bury unborn children via abortion and miscarriage.

Rockville parents charged with killing 10 week old baby

Infant  1 December '16

10-Week-Old Baby Killed By Own Dad?! Ruthless Maryland Father Admits Sexually Abusing And Killing Own Daughter

In the past several months, child abuse crimes have been quite rampant and the most recent one involved a 10-week-old baby girl, who was sexually abused and killed by her own father.

Simon Hooper Instagram Post

Infant  30 November '16

Parenting and Fatherhood: A Father’s Most Honest Take About Life With Kids

Simon Hooper, a London-based father of four children, regularly posts Instagram images and videos that depict his everyday life with his kids. He has gained 150,000 Instagram followers for his honest take on parenting and fatherhood.

'Nurse-Ins' Held Over Airline's Treatment Of Breast Feeding Mother

Feeding  30 November '16

Breastfeeding Barbie Doll: Creative Mom Makes Special Barbie To Break Stigma Of Public Breastfeeding

Other moms have come to love Betty Strachan's creations as they use it to play with and teach their own kids.

Funeral Held For American Victim Of Paris Terror Attacks

Infant  29 November '16

Latest Report Sheds Light On Maternal, Newborn and Infant Deaths: A Global Burden

75% of all maternal, newborn and child deaths occur in just 20 countries. The major causes of death are largely preventable, a new report reveals.

2016 Royal Tour To Canada Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge - Victoria, British Columbia

Health  29 November '16

Dangerous Baby Habits: Tips On How Parents Can Stop These Behaviors

Some of babies' habits may appear harmless but experts warn that these behaviors can give lasting negative effects on the child's health. Fortunately, parents can employ methods to stop these potentially damaging behaviors.

West Virginia facility treats babies born addicted to drugs

Infant  28 November '16

Drug-Dependent Newborns Update: More Facilities are Now Available to Revert the Effects of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Out of the good hearts of so many people, one of the most heartbreaking effects of drugs is now easier to treat. Facilities to revert the effects neonatal abstinence syndrome are now improving and is also increasing.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Health  28 November '16

Toxic Shots: Anti-Vac Parents Gets Their Wake Up Call After 3 Of Her Children Contacted Preventable Disease

Three children got ill after their parents skipped vaccination.

Learn One Brain Boosting Milk Additive That Might Threaten Your Baby’s Health

Feeding  28 November '16

Learn One Brain-Boosting Milk Additive That Might Threaten Your Baby’s Health

Reports claim that babies become very ill and experience uncontrollable vomiting after consuming milk enhanced with fish oil for brain development.

McLeod Health ABCs of Safe Sleep

Infant  28 November '16

Infant Mortality: A Heartbreaking Loss From A Mother Sparked ABCs of Safe Sleep Importance

A mother from Ohio lost her second child after breastfeeding and falling asleep with her son. Her experience became an inspiration for her to spread the importance of ABCs of safe sleep through a non-profit organization called Benny Bears.

7 most adorable ways for getting your baby to sleep | Philips

Infant  28 November '16

A 7-Month-Old Baby Spent Longer Hours In Daycare Than His Parents At Work

A 7-month-old New Zealand baby spent longer hours in childcare facility than his parents at work. They had no option as they’re both working round-the-clock and had no one to watch over their son.

73 years after birth, son kisses mom for first time

Infant  28 November '16

Newborn Separated From Birthmother After Birth Now Finds Her After 73 Years, Touching Reunion Happened

A baby separated from his mom after birth finally reunites and kiss his mom after 73 years of longing. After decades of search and several search travels, Charles was able to find his birthmother and finally give her kiss and hug.

A Ten-Day Gap Twins

Infant  27 November '16

A Hoax or An Undeceived Issue: A Ten-Day Gap Twins

The possibility of “hitting two birds with the same stone” is proved, unexpectedly, by the couple Kate and Peter Hill, a family residing in Australia, after Kate conceived her twins with a ten-day gap.

Nine Dead After Church Shooting In Charleston

Infant  28 November '16

This Is The Most Challenging Job On The Planet, Click Here For More Details

Parenting has to be the toughest job on this planet. However, things start settling down after a bit. All one needs is some resilience and courage.

New England Towns Struggle With Opioid And Heroin Epidemic

Health/Nutrition  27 November '16

CDC Changes Public Comment Request After Knowing Details About MMR And MMRV Vaccinations

he Vaccine Information Statements provide a list of potential side effects, because it’s necessary for people to be aware of what could happen from vaccinations.

Pope Francis Visits The Festival Of Families On Philadelphia's Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Infant  27 November '16

CPSC Claims That Crib Bumpers Are Unsafe But Does Nothing About Them

Crib bumpers are a suffocation hazard and parents shouldn't use them. They have contributed to the deaths of too many children.

Psychopath in the family

Development  27 November '16

Early Warning Signs of Psychopathy In Children As Young As 3

Studies reveal that signs of psychopathy can surface in children as young as three years old.

El Cajon, CA Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Man

Health  25 November '16

Children Living With HIV/AIDS: The Reality Of A Neglected Disease

In children, HIV is usually transmitted from the mother before birth, during labor and delivery or after birth, via the mother’s breast milk.

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