House Committee Holds Hearing On Flint Water Contamination

Infant  25 November '16

Baby Bottle Business Is About To Boost In The Next 5 Years, Industry Experts Predict

Industry experts are now saying that baby bottles are about to be huge in the global market starting this year till 2021.

Premature baby left to die alone in sluice room, report reveals

Infant  25 November '16

22-Week-Old Premature Baby Left By Hospital Staff To Die Alone In Hospital Sluice Room, Hospital Management Apoligized To The Family

A 22-week-old premature baby has been left to die alone in a sluice room rather than nursed or revived from one dreadful case. A secret report has exposed this horrifying story.

Access Emanate for Philips Avent

Gear  25 November '16

Baby Care: Are Gadgets For Infants Really Needed? Here's A Simple Guide For Some Innovative Baby Products

Thanks to crowdfunding, life with kids looks like it's getting brighter and more beautiful as parents can have more input over the design of the products they use.

Baby Girl In Serious Condition, 2 Others Injured After New York Apartment Blazes

Health  25 November '16

Baby Girl In Critical Condition After New York Apartment Blazes

A baby girl survives a deadly fire in New York but it left her in a serious condition. Two other victims included the infant's mother and another apartment resident.

Miracle surgery saves baby born with brain growing outside his head

Infant  24 November '16

Baby Born With Tessier Cleft And Brain Developing Outside Skull Had Another Chance At Life, Went Through Successful 7-Hour Operation

A baby born with rare combinations of Tessier cleft and encephalocele has survived even though perceived by doctors to have less chance of survival. Baby Dominic underwent a 7-hour operation that has removed his encephalocele and repaired his Tessier cleft.

Police are looking for a person of interest

Infant  24 November '16

Two-Month-Old Baby Boy Killed By Mother’s Boyfriend? Authorities Search For Mom’s BF As Person Of Interest In Infant’s Death

A man is being searched by authorities as they believe he has something to do with the death of a two-month-old baby boy.

Elsie Rose

Infant  24 November '16

Tesco Baby Assault: Man Guilty Of Punching Five-Month-Old Baby To Get Heavier Punishment? Infant’s Grandparents Believe £900 Fine Unjustifiable

A man punched a five-month-old baby in the face and was sentenced to only pay a fine.

Yesenia Sesmas

Infant  23 November '16

Texas Murder Update: Woman Who Faked Pregnancy Then Killed Mother Who Just Gave Birth Claims Victim Agreed To Give Up Baby

The Dallas woman who killed a mother who just gave birth then abducted the latter's baby said that the victim wanted to give up the baby.

House Committee Holds Hearing On Flint Water Contamination

Health  23 November '16

Why Giving Your Baby Water Can Be Hazardous And Even Fatal At Times

There are plenty of warnings and advice about giving your baby water. Here's what you need to know:

Why domestic violence victims don't leave | Leslie Morgan Steiner

Infant  23 November '16

2 Kids And Their Mother Experience Assault From Their Mother's Boyfriend, Learn About Domestic Violence

A baby and her sister along with their mother were assaulted by a guy who is living with them. Know the whole story here.

Baby Being Nursed by His Mother

Health  23 November '16

Breastfeeding: Reducing Baby's Pain Upon Vaccination

Recent news released about other benefits of breastfeeding for babies .

Immigrant Respite Center Aids Families Seeking Asylum In U.S.

Infant  23 November '16

California Woman Carries, Gives Birth To Own Grandson! Daughter ‘Totally’ Weirded Out

A woman in California gave birth to her own grandson on Oct. 22. Megan Barker did it for her daughter, who can't bear a child of her own due to a disorder in her uterus and cervix.

2016 New York Taste Presented By Citi Hosted By New York Magazine

Feeding  23 November '16

Experimenting With Vegan Food While Delivering The Best Nutritional Punch To A Baby's Health

There are both a right and wrong way to raise a baby on vegan food. Those who get it wrong give the responsible ones a bad name.

DARPA Robotics Challenge Showcases Cutting Edge In Artificial Intelligence

Infant  22 November '16

Could Babies Possibly Be The Inspiration Towards A Step Forward In Artificial Intelligence?

If artificial intelligence is going to make the transformative leap into building human-like machines, it’ll first have to master the way babies learn.

Macy's State Street Welcomes Chicago Cubs' Javier Baez To Celebrate 2016 World Series Championship With Autograph Signing

Infant  22 November '16

Birth Order Effects: Understanding The Burdens Of A Firstborn Child

The birth order of a child is believed to have an enduring impact on their psychological development and adult relationships.

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Infant  22 November '16

Breastfeeding Consultant Is Now In Demand As A Career More Details Here

Who knew breastfeeding a baby could be a lucrative career? Know the details here.

Age-appropriate apps for children

Development  22 November '16

Age-ideal Apps For Children

The popularity of gadgets like smartphones and iPads has given parents an alternative method of teaching and entertaining their children at the same time through apps.

Child left Unattended

Infant  22 November '16

Daycare Being Sued By The Mother Of the 11-Month-Old Baby That Was Left Unattended

Find out what happened to this helpless child after being left unattended. You'll be shocked to see what the mother did next.

Sophia Gonzalez

Infant  22 November '16

Texas Woman Who Faked Her Pregnancy Suspect In The Death Of A Mother And Abduction Of A Baby

A woman from Texas is alleged of killing another woman who just gave birth and took the infant because she allegedly faked her pregnancy.

General Election - Social Issues

Infant  22 November '16

Baby Food Products Found With Rubber Inside Now Being Pulled Off From Shelves For Precautionary Measure

Precautionary product recall affects the entire product line of H-E-B Baby Food 2 Pack and 4 oz. Cups only. The issuance happened following a customer report, complaining about a rubber seen inside the H-E-B Baby Food 2 Pack and 4 oz. cups.

Doctors stunned after delivering baby boy with a headless parasitic twin attached

Infant  21 November '16

Baby Boy Born With Parasitic Twin Brother Born With No Legs And Genitals Just Clinging In His Chest

The newborn baby boy from India has unexpected “parasitic” twin attached to his torso. The twins share one liver and a large part of blood vessels but have separate lungs and heart.

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Infant  21 November '16

First Time Mother Gets Mad At Debenhams For Their Breastfeeding Room

This mom put on Instagram her disappointment in Debenhams.

Frostbites Prevention & Red Flags: Know These Early Warning Signs In Babies To Watch Out For

Infant  22 November '16

Frostbites Prevention & Red Flags: Know These Early Warning Signs In Babies To Watch Out For

As winter approaches, parents should know how to prevent their babies from having frostbites as these can lead to complications.

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