Issues  5 February '19

Let's talk about sex ... after childbirth

Resuming sexual activity after pregnancy isn't always like riding a bike, especially for mothers experiencing postpartum pain, fatigue and stress. Yet, many couples are led to believe there is a hard-and-fast point at which they can restart sexual intercourse, according to 70 in-depth interviews with women in South Carolina.

Woman pregnant

Issues  5 February '19

Infertility treatment linked with slightly higher risk of pregnancy complications

Women who have undergone infertility treatment, such as in vitro fertilization, are more likely to experience severe pregnancy complications, according to new research published in CMAJ(Canadian Medical Association Journal)


Issues  4 February '19

Beer brands popular among youth violate code with youth-appealing ads

Alcohol brands popular among underage drinkers are more likely to air television advertisements that violate the industry's voluntary code by including youth-appealing content, according to a new study by researchers from Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH).

Clinical Guideline on Home Oxygen (IMAGE)

Issues  4 February '19

ATS publishes new clinical guideline on home oxygen for children

The American Thoracic Society has developed a new clinical practice guideline for home oxygen therapy for children. The guideline appears in the Feb. 1 edition of the Society's American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

1 in 10 Parents Say Their Child Has Gotten Sick from Eating Spoiled or Contaminated Food

Issues  19 January '19

One in 10 parents say their child has gotten sick from spoiled or contaminated food

National poll: Parents cite restaurants as most common source of food sickness in kids but just one-fourth check inspections before dining out

Karen Fratantoni, M.D., M.P.H., a Children's pediatrician and the lead study author.

Issues  19 January '19

Depression among parents of newborns can persist 6 months after NICU discharge

Young parents who have less education and care for more than one child are more likely to have persistent symptoms of depression that linger six months after their newborn is discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), according to a Children's National Health System research。

Family Walking during Sunset

Issues  19 January '19

Legal system may lead many UK parents abroad to find a surrogate

As more and more parents travel overseas to find a surrogate, a new study published in Human Fertility is the first to compare the experiences of those who carry out surrogacy in the UK with those who go abroad. The research highlights important problems faced by parents, which could influence UK surrogacy law.

Student Loans

Issues  4 May '18

Student Loans Are Not Just a Young Adult's Problem, Says Ameritech Financial

Young adults are not the only ones burdened by student loans. A new report reveals people over 45 years old still struggle with their student loans.

Boyzone's Keith Duffy Has A Daughter With Autism

Issues  8 May '17

Boyzone Dad Keith Duffy Opens Up About Daughter With Autism, Tells Parents 'Stop Mourning' [VIDEOS]

Keith Duffy's daughter was diagnosed with autism at 18 months and she's now 17-years-old who recently earned her Junior Certificate.

Ohio Preschool Teacher Fired

Issues  7 May '17

Child Abuse: Ohio School Fires Teacher Following Viral Photo Of Her Dragging Preschool Child

Alta Care Group immediately took action on the teacher who dragged a preschool child in the hallway.

Sheryl Sandberg Says To Marry Nerds And Good Guys

Issues  7 May '17

Relationship Tip: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Explains Why It's Best To 'Marry The Nerds'

Sheryl Sandberg was married to a "nerd," Dave Goldberg, the CEO of SurveyMonkey, who suddenly died due to cardiac arrhythmia in 2015.

$8 Million-Worth Secret Shelter For Domestic Violence Victims Opens In New York

Issues  6 May '17

$8 Million-Worth Secret Shelter For Domestic Violence Victims Opens In New York

Equipped with 48 beds, conference rooms, private lounges, playrooms and even a place for pets, the Shill Family Building is open to operate for victims of violence.

Rare Infection From A Fly Bite

Issues  6 May '17

Rare Virus Infection Side Effect: Husband Forgets Kids, Wife Of Over 30 Years Due To Fly Bite [VIDEO]

Gary Newman contracted encephalitis, a rare infection, from an insect bite in 2015.

Freddie Prinze Jr. And wife Sarah Michelle Gellar

Issues  5 May '17

Freddie Prinze Jr. And Sarah Michelle Gellar's Hollywood Marriage Is 15 Years -- What's Their Secret?

Freddie Prinze Jr. And Sarah Michelle Gellar met in 1997 and became friends first before dating and marrying in 2002. The couple has two kids, Charlotte Grace, 7, and Rocky James, 4.

Richard Branson Has Dyslexia

Issues  4 May '17

Billionaire Richard Branson Says Dyslexia Not A Disadvantage But 'A Different Way Of Thinking'

Virgin CEO Richard Branson opened up about his dyslexia struggles before and now he's launching a new endeavor to help individuals struggling with the disorder.

DaddyOFive Founders Issue Public Apology

Issues  4 May '17

Child Abuse: YouTube Pranker DaddyOFive Loses Custody Of 2 Kids To Their Biological Mom

Rose Hall, the biological mom of Cody and Emma, said DaddyOFive Mike and his wife Heather Martin told her kids she didn't love or want them.

Mom Shares Her Reality In Parenting A Child With Special Needs: 'It Feels Like Drowning'

Issues  3 May '17

Mom Shares Her Reality In Parenting A Child With Special Needs: 'It Feels Like Drowning'

Jamie Ingledue tells all of how taking care of a child with special needs feels too overwhelming.

Issues  3 May '17

Autism Awareness: 'Amazing Things Happen' Video Helps Children Understand Autism Better [WATCH]

Alex Amelines, an animator from the U.K., created the video and encouraged parents and teachers to watch this with their kids.

Same-Sex Dads Let Son Meet Real Mom

Issues  3 May '17

Adoption Story To Warm Your Hearts: Same-Sex Dads Arrange Their Son's Meeting With His Birth Mom

Dads Johnathon Bobbitt-Miller and Blair Miller decided to have Zeke, 4 and Cash, 3, through open adoption and Zeke's birth mom BreAnn Higgins agreed to a reunion recently.

Mom With Cancer Help Husband Date Women

Issues  2 May '17

Mom Dying Of Cancer Helps Husband Date Other Women So 'He Would Be Happy Again'

Sarah Reed, 37, also needs her husband Lee Reed to find a nice woman her daughter with autism will like.

How To Make A Marriage Last? Married Individuals On Reddit Share Their Essentials In Maintaining One

Issues  1 May '17

How To Make A Marriage Last? Married Individuals On Reddit Share Their Essentials In Maintaining One

There is no easy way to make a relationship long-lasting, and to spread ideas how to, Reddit users feast answering the famous relationship question.

Teen's United Nations Prize Rescinded

Issues  1 May '17

United Nations Program Denies Teen With Autism's Essay Contest Prize Due To His Disability

Niko Boskovic, 15, won a trip to United Nations in New York but his family received word the organizers rescinded his prize.

Emmanuel Macron's Wife Is 24 Years Older

Issues  1 May '17

French Presidential Bet Emmanuel Macron: How His Parents Learned He's Dating A Woman 24 Years Older

France's Emmanuel Macron, touted as the next president at 39, is married to his former teacher, Brigitte Trogneux, 64.

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