Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten

Issues  21 April '17

'Barefoot Contessa' Ina Garten Reveals Why There's No Kids In Her 49 Years Of Marriage

Ina Garten met and married husband Jeffrey Garten in the '60s and they remained blissfully together since.

Tinder For True Love? Dating App Boasts More People Interested In Committed Relationships, Study Finds

Issues  20 April '17

Tinder For True Love? Dating App Boasts More People Interested In Committed Relationships, Study Finds

Tinder, apparently, is not a hopeless place for people trying to find true love, as two surveys revealed that Tinder users are more into committed relationships compared to offline daters.

Worm Therapy For Autism

Issues  20 April '17

Worm Therapy For Autism: 4-Year-Old Progressing After 'Eating Worms' For 2 Months

The mom of 4-year-old Milan Solanski said her son showed improved behavior and responses after undergoing the experimental treatment.

Coffee shops with staff diagnosed with learning abilities are now making it big.

Issues  19 April '17

Supports Flow For Café Run By Employees With Down Syndrome

A coffee shop run by adults with Down Syndrome was praised by thousands as people with the condition were given an outlet to grow.

WhatsApp Pedophile Ring Busted

Issues  19 April '17

WhatsApp Pedophile Network: European Police Bust Groups Sharing Child Porn Images On Online Messaging Service

European police and international authorities investigated the pedophile network ring on WhatsApp since mid-2016 before this week's raids.

DaddyOFive On YouTube Criticized For Child Abuse

Issues  19 April '17

Did YouTube Father DaddyOFive Commit Child Abuse? Parents Upset Over His 'Cruel' Pranks On Son Cody

Mike Martin, the owner of DaddyOFive on YouTube, loves to pull pranks on his kids but others are calling him out for mental and physical abuse.

Geneva Robinson

Issues  18 April '17

Oklahoma Grandmother Faces Three Life Sentences For Dressing Up As Witch To Terrorize Granddaughter

An Oklahoma grandmother received three life imprisonment sentences after she terrorized her granddaughter by dressing up as a witch.

Child With Autism Is Violent

Issues  18 April '17

Single Mom Fears Son With Autism Will Kill Her, Begs Help For Violent 9-Year-Old

Caroline Lewis, a single mother, wants her city council to help her with her 9-year-old son with autism's special needs education and care as he has become violent.

Charlie Hunnam Got Married At 18

Issues  18 April '17

Charlie Hunnam Married: 'Sons Of Anarchy' Star Reveals 'Terrible, Painful And Expensive' Marriage At 18-Years-Old

Charlie Hunnam married Katharine Towne in 1999 and then divorced her three years later. He met Morgana McNelis in 2005 and they have remained together since.

Janet Jackson, Wissam al Mana Divorce: Why A Baby May Not Be A Ticket To A Happy Marriage

Issues  17 April '17

Janet Jackson, Wissam Al Mana Divorce: Why A Baby May Not Be A Ticket To A Happy Marriage

Singer Janet Jackson and Wissam al Mana's hotly discussed divorce is said to have caused by trying to mend their relationship by having a baby.

Ex-NBA MVP Shaq O'Neal Offers Help To Pay Services Of Georgia Teen Who Accidentally Shot Himself On Instagram

Issues  17 April '17

Ex-NBA MVP Shaq O'Neal Offers To Pay Funeral Services Of Georgia Teen Who Accidentally Shot Himself On Instagram

Former basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal, who is now into philanthropy, offered a helping hand to Malachi Hemphill and said he can "imagine the pain" the family feels.


Issues  17 April '17

Viral Story Claiming Married Couple Trying For IVF Are Biological Twins Is Fake News

A viral story of a married couple who realized they were actually biological twins separated at birth was reportedly fake.

Kelly Clarkson

Issues  17 April '17

Child Abuse Claims: Is Kelly Clarkson A Bad Mom After Feeding Baby With Nutella?

Singer Kelly Clarkson shared a photo of her daughter eating Nutella on social media but she got attacked by the internet for child abuse claims and bad parenting.


Marriage and Relationship  17 April '17

Tired Of Hearing Baseless Relationship Advice? Real People Give Most Realistic Comments On Love

Reddit users revealed the best relationship advice they have ever received.

Many Teens With Autism Have License To Drive

Issues  17 April '17

Autism And Driving: 1 In 3 Teens With Autism Licensed To Drive By 17 - Is It Safe?

About 94 percent of teens with autism are committed to learning how to drive and experts suggest ways to ensure they are safe behind the wheel.

10-Year-Old Boy With Autism Handcuffed

Issues  15 April '17

Florida Mom Blasts School For Arresting, Handcuffing Her 10-Year-Old Child With Autism [VIDEO]

Mom Luanne Haygood caught the arrest of her son John Benji Haygood on video to expose the mistreatment of children with autism.

Adopted - Full Movie

Adoption  15 April '17

Why Parents Of Adopted Children Have To Be More Understanding And Loving

Maybe not all adoptees have emotional hang-ups that manifest into loneliness and behavioral problems. Unfortunately, a number of us have to live with the pain.

Golden Gate Bridge

Issues  15 April '17

California Officials Add Safety Net At The Golden Gate Bridge For Suicide Prevention

California officials added a saftey net on the Golden Gate Bridge as a suicide precaution.

Married Couple Are Fraternal Twins

Issues  15 April '17

Married Couple Trying IVF Learns Horrific Truth: They're Fraternal Twins Separated In Foster Care

When the married couple had trouble getting pregnant they turned to IVF but a standard DNA test revealed a shocking truth.

Cheat-Proof Your Marriage

Issues  14 April '17

Cheat-Proof Your Marriage: Study Reveals What Couples Must Do To Stay Committed And Resist Infidelity

A lasting relationship requires work and couples who cheat-proof their marriage can effectively resist infidelity.

Child Sex Abuse Prevention

Issues  14 April '17

Child Abuse Prevention: What Parents Can Do To Keep Children Safe From Sex Predators

Parents have the responsibility of ensuring the children live in a safe environment. Their active role helps prevent child abuse.

Autism Treatments With Fake Claims

Issues  14 April '17

Autism Cure? FDA Issues Updated Warning Against Dangers Of Products With Fake Autism Treatment Claims

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated its warning against fake autism cure as new products promising quick fixes emerge.

Same-sex marriage

Issues  13 April '17

NC Proposes Bill Banning Same-Sex Marriage Amid Economic Turmoil Of Transgender Bathroom Bill

North Carolina proposed a bill banning same-sex marriage in the state.

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