Mars Announces World-Wide Recall Of Chocolate Bars

Food  4 May '16

New Study Claims Chocolate Can Solve Diabetes And Heart Disease

Chocolates could save you from diabetes and heart disease!

General Foods Sells Off Green Giant And La Sueur Brands For $765 Million

Food  4 May '16

CRF Frozen Foods Voluntarily Recalls Organic & Non-Organic Food & Vegetables Due To Listeria Outbreak

CRF Frozen Foods is expanding its recall process due to a listeria scare. Frozen organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables are also being recalled by the company to ensure consumers' safety.

Starbucks To Raise Prices On Select Drinks, And Lower On Simple Drinks

Food  3 May '16

Starbucks Sued For Iced Drinks: $5M Lawsuit Alleges Coffee Chain Cheats Customers With Ice To Coffee Ratio

Giant coffee chain Starbucks is being sued with a $5M lawsuit, which claims that the popular coffee brand is misleading customers who purchase their cold drinks selection.

Bloomberg Moves To Ban Sugary Drinks In NYC Restaurants And Movie Theaters

Food  3 May '16

7 Ways Soda Is Bad For Your Health

Soda is bad for the health since it contains no nutrients and increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and cancer

Thousands Of San Francisco Area Restaurants Turn Food Waste Into Fertilizer

Food  3 May '16

Feeding The 5,000 Will Go To New York, Providing Free Meals; Talks About Global Food Waste Problem

U.K. initiative, Feedback, will hold Feeding The 5,000 at the U.S. in an effort to raise awareness on the growing food waste problem in the U.S. and the world.

Beaujolais Nouveau 2005 Celebrated In Israel

Food  2 May '16

Wine And Coffee Lovers Rejoice! Coffeee and Wine Promotes Healthy Microbiome

Food such as coffee, wine and yogurt are found to promote healthy microbiome for a better immune system.

Obesity Epidemic Hits California

Food  2 May '16

These Are The Five Foods To Blame For Your Bloated Tummy

A bloated tummy is a huge no-no. Here are the five foods you should avoid to achieve that flat belly you desire.

'Heidi Klum - McDonalds Photocall'

Food  20 April '16

McDonald's All-You-Can-Eat Fries Are Yours For The Taking Except For This One Thing

Eating McDonald's all-you-can-eat French fries is now possible!

Life In Ngapali Beach

Food  15 April '16

Secret To Long Life: Anchovies May Give You 100 Years On Earth... Or More!

Anchovies may lead you to surpass the age of your ancestors.

Starbucks New Rewards Kicks Off And It Is Frustrating A Lot Of Their Customers

Family Life  14 April '16

Starbucks New Rewards Program Kicks Off And It Is Frustrating A Lot Of Their Customers

Starbucks has updated their rewards program, but some people were frustrated about the changes.

Starbucks Celebrates 10 Days of Cheer: Free Espresso Beverage Every Day Until Jan. 2, 2017

Family Life  12 April '16

Starbucks 'Diabetes Here I Come' Label Sent Customer Reeling; Says 'Not Funny'

A Starbucks customer with two diabetic sisters didn't find the label on his chocolate mocha as anywhere near "funny."

Obama Administration Announces New Measures To Protect Bee Populations

Family Life  1 April '16

Lemonade Company Own By An 11-Year-Old Girl Wins $11 Million Dollar Deal With Whole Foods

This young girl just turned her fear into a million-dollar business.

Nestle To Buy Baby Food Maker Gerber For $5 Billion

Food  30 March '16

Gerber Recall: Organic Food Pouches Taken Off Shelves, Claims 'Spoilage'

If you recently purchased Gerber's Organic Food Pouches, you might want to check this out because the ones you have bought might harm your baby.

9.5 Million Students Sit National College Entrance Examination

Food  29 March '16

Food For Thought: Top 3 Foods To Eat Before Taking An Exam

Eating these can give you a sharper mind.

Japanese Consumers Enjoy The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Food  28 March '16

Acid Reflux Diet Tips: 7 Foods To Avoid For People With Heartburn

Are you a constant victim of heartburn? Eliminate food that can worsen your chest pain.

Children Helped At Xining Orphan And Disabled Children Welfare Center

Food  28 March '16

Diet And Nutrition: Important Reminders For Feeding Children With Cerebral Palsy

Diet plays a large role in children with special needs, which it is vital that parents pay attention to their nutritional needs.

A four year old boy with ADD and ADHD at his home.

Food  27 March '16

ADHD Diet Tips: 5 Foods That May Worsen Symptoms

Eliminate foods that can aggravate the symptoms of ADHD. Know them here.

Sushi At Kura

Food  27 March '16

Japanese Diet Benefits: Healthy People Eat Lots Of Carbs And Avoid Fatty Food, According To Study

You can become healthier by eating like a Japanese.

Young Boy Sleeping, UK

Food  26 March '16

Having Problems Getting Your Child To Fall Asleep? Here Are 5 Foods To Help Kids Sleep

You can help your kids fall to sleep faster by giving them these kinds of food.

Turnbull Government Intervenes Over Growing Baby Formula Shortage

Food  26 March '16

Autism Diet Tips: 4 Foods To Avoid For People With Autism

Some parents say that their autistic children have improved behaviors by having the right diet.


Food  26 March '16

Healthy Eating Tips: 7 Foods That Are Great Sources Of Iron

Do you feel exhausted all the time? Probably you lack an essential nutrient called iron.


Food  24 March '16

Fresh Organic Juices Rich in Vitamins and Minerals that Cure Colds

Cold may come along with cough and fever and lead to flu. The most annoying part is it can make you unproductive for a few days. Good thing there are organic juices that are easy to make that can boost the immune system.

Senator Dick Durbin Tours New Healthy Lunch In Schools Program

Food  23 March '16

Why 2,500 Academies did not Sign Up for the Healthy School Meal Standards

Although the new regulation is compulsory for all schools, Local Government Association (LGA) estimates that nearly 2,500 academies did not sign up to the new healthy school meal standards.

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