Death Toll Rises As 8,500 Victims Get Struck By Thunderstorm Asthma At Australia

Medicine  29 November '16

Thunderstorm Asthma Outbreak [LATEST NEWS UPDATES]: Death Toll Rises As 8,500 Victims Get Struck By Thunderstorm Asthma In Australia

The thunderstorm asthma took its 8th casualty, with one more patient fighting for dear life at a Melbourne hospital ICU, according to the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

Ketamine: What You Need To Know

Medicine  28 November '16

Party Drug 'Ketamine' Is Said To Effectively Cure Migraines

Researchers reveal that the party drug ketamine can effectively alleviate chronic migraines.

Bayer 81 mg aspirin

Medicine  28 November '16

Pill Glide Spray – The Flavored Spray That Makes Swallowing Pills Enjoyable For Children And Adults

Tablets or Capsules come in different forms and sizes - some are powdery, smooth, small, large or in a weird shape nevertheless, it takes time to get used to swallowing this type of medicine

Dr. William Campbell Named a Nobel Laureate for his Work

Medicine  27 November '16

BreakThrough In Treating HIV: A New Antibody Reportedly Neutralizes 98% Of HIV Strands

NIAID announced this week that a remarkable breakthrough has been made in the study of preventing and treating the HIV.

Belladonna Herb - The Miracle Of Belladonna Herb

Health/Nutrition  27 November '16

Three Children Homeopathic Drugs Recalled Due To Inconsistent Belladonna Levels; How Harmful Is Belladonna?

CVS Homeopathic Infants' Teething Tablets, Kids Relief Homeopathic Ear Relief Oral Liquid and CVS Homeopathic Kids Ear Relief Liquid are being recalled by Raritan Pharmaceuticals due to the potential dangers of belladonna. Huge doses of belladonna can pose risk to infant and children’s health.

Preparations For Halloween Continue As Weekend Festivities Approach

Mind  27 November '16

Scientists Have Discovered A New Way to Eliminate Fear From The Brain Itself!

Scientists have now discovered a way to remove fear from the brain, and the procedure is called Decoded NeuroFeedback

Michelle Williams Visits Aflac Cancer Center at Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta Before the Macy's Great Tree Lighting

Medicine  23 November '16

Health Care Still Not Accessible To Many Children In The U.S?

More than 20 million children in the United States still lack sufficient access to health care.

HIV: A New Perspective

Medicine  22 November '16

Free HIV Testing Service in Florence

Every Friday from noon until 6 in the evening, a temporary free testing and counselling program was initiated by Lane Country Health Officials to Coastal Residences in Florence because of the HIV outbreak.

University of Utah Researchers Work Toward Cure For Ebola Strains

Health/Nutrition  21 November '16

Drug-Resistant Germs: A Cause Of Serious Infections, Capable Of Uncountable Deaths?

World leaders are pushing to end the overuse of antibiotics and to encourage the development of new medicines.

Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Medicine  20 November '16

Hand-Foot-And-Mouth Disease on The Rise: Experts Says Parents Must Know the Signs

The hands-foot-and-mouth disease is a disease that is common with kids and low-immunity adults. And, find out more about its symptoms and learn how to avoid contracting the disease .

Marijuana Medication

Health/Nutrition  19 November '16

Marijuana: An Aid To Treating Drug Addiction

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is now scientifically proven to treat drug dependency.

Two Healthcare Workers In Dallas Infected With Ebola After Treating Patient

Health/Nutrition  15 November '16

From Hospitals To 'Homes-pitals': Why Humanity Might Not Be Needing Hospitals In 2030

The future of the healthcare is bright, says World Economic Forum's Future Council co-chairman, Dr. Melanie Walker. So bright, we won't be needing hospitals anymore.

Breast Cancer Cure Discovered: Drug Kills Cancer Cells In 11 Days Without Chemotherapy

Health/Nutrition  15 November '16

Breast Cancer Cure Discovered: Drug Kills Cancer Cells In 11 Days Without Chemotherapy

Breast cancer cure might be reachable soon as researchers funded by Cancer Research UK found out that Herceptin and Lapatinib kill off HER2 protein in cancer cells in just 11 days.

Devin McCourty Hosts Tackles Sickle Cell Casino Night To Benefit Boston Children's Hospital's Patients and Families

Health/Nutrition  15 November '16

Want To Get Rid Of Diabetes? Early Detection Is The Key

Obesity, especially severe obesity, increases risk of the development of prediabetes, which then progresses to diabetes.

Marijuana Grow Near Albany For State's Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Health/Nutrition  14 November '16

Marijuana Is Now Legal In Some States; Here Are The Things People Should Still Need To Know Despite The Law Allows The Use Of It Now

Weed is now legal is some states, but there are still things that people should be aware of when dealing with it.

Donald Trump 'Likes' Several Obamacare Aspects; Considers Retaining Affordable Care Act

Health/Nutrition  14 November '16

Donald Trump 'Likes' Several Obamacare Aspects; Considers Retaining Affordable Care Act

After previously expressing plans of obliterating the Affordable Care Act (AHA), President-elect Donald Trump had a change of heart as he considers preserving Obamacare.

Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Medicine  14 November '16

Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

With the ever increasing patients of breast cancer, more and more cutting edge medication are available today. However, what most people don't know is that there are actually more symptoms of breast cancer than having a lump in the breast.

Newer Treatments To Cancer

Health/Nutrition  13 November '16

Newer Treatments Doesn’t Affect Childhood Cancer Survivor’s Health Problems?

Cancer survivors after receiving new advance treatments didn’t turned out to have attained longer health outcomes. The real reason may be upsetting.

Health Effects of Zip Codes

Medicine  13 November '16

ZNA’s to DNA: Zip Codes Effect On Your Health

You think you're right about your medication? You're wrong. A study will tell you why.

Berlin Hemp Parade 2016

News  10 November '16

Abuse Of Cannabis Can Trigger Psychosis

Researchers at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health say people who abuse cannabis or marijuana may be more than tripling their risk for a mental ailment called psychosis.

Doctors Warn That Anti-Depressants Can Lead To Suicide

Medicine  28 October '16

Cancer Treatment’s Side Effects On Mental Health: Anxiety & Depression Medication Common Among Survivors

A new study found that there's an uptick in anxiety and depression medication among cancer survivors. Patients who usually use antidepressants are under 65 years old, are whites, have public insurance and source for medical care, and have multiple chronic health problems.

2016 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards - Show

Health/Nutrition  27 October '16

Toni Braxton Lupus [LATEST UPDATE]: ‘Un-Break My Heart’ Singer Wears A Heart Monitor During Her Georgia Show

Toni Braxton receives words of encouragement and love from her friends and family as she battles lupus.

US Navy Made A Video Warning Their Men About Zombie Drug.

Mind  27 October '16

Rediscovering The Dangers of Flakka; Synthetic Killer Drug That Turns People To Zombies [Attacks Caught on Video]

Flakka is the new designer drug that has been spreading all across Florida, and it has already started popping up on other states such as Texas and Ohio.

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