J.K Rowling - In Conversation

Parenting  19 April '16

Parenting 101: J.K. Rowling Gives Harry Potter-Inspired Parenting Advice To Mom Of A Killing Curse-Casting Son

Best-selling “Harry Potter” series author J.K. Rowling recently gave a piece of parenting advice to a mom whose son keeps on casting a killing curse.

Burping Baby

Infant  19 April '16

Baby Burping Facts You Must Not Neglect

Baby burping might be tricky at first but arming yourself with these facts will make the whole process a cinch.

Rate Of Uninsured In Miami Neighborhood Is Over 50 Percent

Parenting  19 April '16

Pregnancy, Childbirth Problems: Maimed Mom Awarded $50M After Doctor's Error

Childbirth and pregnancy complications plagued a mother from the Bronx, who was awarded $50M for her obstetrician's error.

Afghan boy gets circumcised

Infant  19 April '16

Myth Busted: Circumcision Does Not Reduce Penile Sensitivity

Researchers found that there was no difference in the level of sensitivity between circumcised and uncircumcised men.

47th NAACP Image Awards Presented By TV One - Show

Parenting  19 April '16

Viola Davis Parenting: 'How To Get Away With Murder' Actress Shares Struggles As A Mom

Actress Viola Davis wants to be the perfect parent to her children but her experience as a mother has taught her that there is no such term.

The Royal Horticultural Society's 2015 Harvest Festival Show

Infant  19 April '16

What Should You Be Eating After Giving Birth? Here Are 4 Super Foods For New Mothers

Here are some of the best foods to include in your post-baby diet.

Republican Presidential Candidates Address 2015 Family Leadership Summit

Parenting  19 April '16

Spiritual Parenting: 4 Practical Parenting Tips From The Bible

Discover some of the Bible's most insightful instructions for parents.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Australia And New Zealand - Day 18

Parenting  19 April '16

How To Raise Eco-Friendly Kids: 4 Ways To Encourage Children To Live A Green Lifestyle

These tips can help your kids develop a love for nature and environment.

2012 Summer TCA Tour - Day 2

Parenting  19 April '16

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Tiger Celebrates His Birthday Today!

Daniel Tiger turns 62 today!

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Infant  18 April '16

Viral Breastfeeding Mom: Why Her Controversial Breastfeeding Selfie Broke The Internet [PHOTO]

Discover the details of this controversial breastfeeding picture that has become viral.

Australia Celebrates Baby Boom

Pregnancy  18 April '16

Negative But Feeling Pregnant? Check Out These 5 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Some women may feel embarrassed discussing these weird symptoms but they're actually pretty funny.

NZ Prepares For Release Of Budget

Parenting  18 April '16

Parenting vs Creativity: Can Motherhood Lead To A Fulfilling Creative Life?

Despite the fact that being a parent can be a pretty challenging job, a writer recently hinted that parenthood and creativity can be compatible.

The Singapore River Festival

Parenting  18 April '16

Acroyoga And Pregnancy: 9-Month Pregnant Mom Does Circus-Like Moves Even Non-Pregnant Women Won't Do

Acroyoga and pregnancy may not sit well with many pregnant women except for this 9-month-pregnant mom!

Newborn Quadruplets (L) R Preana Audreana Natalie And Melody Were Born March 25 2002 I

Parenting  18 April '16

Identical Quadruplets Odds: Canadian Couple Beats 1 In 15 Million Chance Of Having Identical Quadruplets

A couple is eagerly anticipating the arrival of their identical quadruplets, beating a 1:15,000,000 ratio.

About 100 Children Come Down With Food Poisoning In Xian

Parenting  18 April '16

Home Safety Tips: 3 Easy Ways To Prevent Accidental Poisoning In Children

You can avoid accidental poisoning of kids at home by following these simple tips.

Kids, Parents Try Healthy Living

Toddler  18 April '16

5 Ways To Get A Picky Child To Try New Food

A few ways to get picky kids to try new food is by staying calm during mealtime, taking them to the supermarket and enhancing the fun and flavor in food.

Reading Initiative For Refugee Children Launch

Parenting  18 April '16

Science Journalists Emily Willingham, Tara Haelle Debunk Common Parenting Misconceptions

Two science journalists shed light on some common parenting misconceptions. The bulk of their findings is featured in their new parenting book, entitled "The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Resource For Your Child's First Four Years."

Cargo Ships Ly Their Trade At Odessa Port

Parenting  18 April '16

Single Parenting: 5 Important Dating Tips For Single Parents

Discover how single parents can be more successful at dating.

Winter Olympian, Shelley Rudman's Friends And Family Show Their Support At Her Local Pub In Pewsey, Wiltshire

Parenting  18 April '16

Girl Power: 4 Exciting Movies To Watch With Your Daughter

Your daughter will be inspired by the amount of girl power in these movies!

Florida Gay Partners Adopt in Vermont

Parenting  18 April '16

Same-Sex Parenting: Pope Francis Rejects Gay Marriage But Accepts Gay Parents, Argues Gay Group Supporter

The pope wrote and released a 256-page document discussing his stand on these issues.

iHeartRadio Music Awards - Show

Parenting  18 April '16

Policeman Hands Teenager Justin Bieber Tickets As Part of Birthday Surprise

A 17-year-old girl was extremely surprised when a police officer handed her Justin Bieber concert tickets instead of a traffic violation receipt.

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers

Pregnancy  18 April '16

Eddie Murphy's Pregnant GF Spotted With Big Baby Bump

Actor Eddie Murphy is excited to welcome his baby girl next month. His partner, Paige Butcher, was recently seen confidently sporting a large baby bump.

Serena and Venus Williams with mother Oracene

Parenting  17 April '16

Single Parenting Tips: 3 Biggest Mistakes That Single Parents Should Avoid

Find out some of the most common single parenting mistakes you might be guilty of.

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