Westin Partners With Headspace To Launch Global Westin Well-Being Movement

Parenting  14 April '16

3 Benefits Of Meditation That Would Do Wonders In Parenting; No. 3 Will Shock You

Master the art and science of conscious parenting through meditation.

Nazareth House Care Workers Look After Single Mothers In Need

Infant  14 April '16

Cafe Offers Moms Free Tea And A Place To Breastfeed

Willows Cafe in Australia has thought of a brilliant idea to attract mothers to come to their business establishment: provide a safe place for breastfeeding and a free cup of tea.

Government Plans Education Summit

Toddler  14 April '16

How To Parent Tweens: 3 Big Changes Every Parent Should Prepare For

Find out how you can prepare as a parent for your tween's biggest changes.

NZ Prepares For Release Of Budget

Pregnancy  14 April '16

5 Things To Do To Help Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy can be achieved by preparing before it even happens.

NZ Prepares For Release Of Budget

Pregnancy  14 April '16

5 Exercises Pregnant Women Can Do

Here are five exercises that pregnant women can do to help in getting and staying physically fit.

Parents Call For Childcare Subsidies

Parenting  14 April '16

Anti-Tantrum Tips: 5 Ways To Stop Toddler Tantrums Before They Begin

Here are some useful techniques to calm down your upset child!

Dr Michael Shermer Promotes His Book 'The Moral Arc. How Science Leads Humanity Toward Truth, Justice, and Freedom'

Parenting  14 April '16

Fundamentalist Parents Turn Down Daughter’s Life-Saving Surgery Due To Deep Religious Beliefs

A family's religious tradition has prevented their daughter from having a life-saving heart surgery. The issue has sparked debate in Idaho whether or not to repeal the state's child fatality laws.

Circus Elephants Parade On Capitol Hill

Parenting  14 April '16

'Cards Against Humanity' Parenting Edition Is Coolest Game For Moms And Dads To Unwind

The joys and pains of parenting are highlighted in this new card game for parents.

Germany Has Europe's Lowest Birth Rate

Parenting  19 April '16

Conjoined Twins Sharing Several Internal Organs Separated After 12-Hour Surgery

A successful surgery has separated conjoined twins Ximena and Scarlett-Hernandez Torres. The babies were connected at the waist and shared a colon and a bladder.

Funerals Held For Victims Of Christmas Island Shipwreck

Parenting  14 April '16

Why Parents Should Have Emergency Contact Cards For Their Kids

It's one way to ensure that your child is safe in case something bad happens.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Pregnancy  14 April '16

CDC Finally Makes It Official: Zika Virus Causes Microcephaly

Read on and learn more details about CDC's official confirmation about Zika virus' link to birth defects.

Twins Parade Held In Twinsburg

Parenting  13 April '16

5 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Raising Twins And Multiples

Parenthood can be delightful and rewarding, but it can also be challenging and unpleasant. But being a good and responsible parent doesn’t mean perfection because sometimes mistakes can teach you the best lessons.

Potty Training

Infant  13 April '16

5 Tips To Potty Train A Stubborn And Reluctant Child

Tips on how to potty train a reluctant child include getting rid of diapers, creating a comfortable toilet environment and setting up a reward system.

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Parenting  17 April '16

Café Catering to Breastfeeding Moms Slapped With Criticisms

A café in Sydney has done breastfeeding moms a favor by opening its establishment for them to feed their babies. The move -- though done in good will -- has received mixed reactions on the internet.

Daniela Katzenberger And Lucas Cordalis Family Photocall

Infant  13 April '16

Tips For Raising A Baby: 3 New Baby Rules Every Mom Should Know About

Learn some new and improved rules for raising your baby.

Federal Budget Expected To Reveal Welfare Cuts And Tax Increases

Parenting  13 April '16

Parents As Role Models: 4 Habits You Should Stop Doing In Front Of Your Kids

Find out which of your habits might be harmful to do in the presence of your children.

Laura Bush Hosts Annual White House Easter Egg Roll

Parenting  13 April '16

Terrible Twos Phase: Study Says Your Screaming Toddler Might Grow Up A Criminal

Kids don't naturally outgrow some of the bad behavior at this phase and it's up to the parents to instill discipline, said the experts.

Congenital Defects, Chernobyl's Uncertain Legacy

Parenting  13 April '16

Conjoined Twins In Texas Finally Separated Through Surgery; Organ Reconstruction To Follow

Learn more details about the delicate and risky operation at Driscoll Children's Hospital.

White House Hosts Annual Easter Egg Roll

Parenting  13 April '16

Same-Sex Parenting: Kids Raised By Stable Same-Sex Parents Have Great Well-Being, Says Study

Previous studies have already shown similar results, but this latest research trimmed down some factors to determine how gender affects positive parenting.

World Down Syndrome Day 2014 Celebrated in Indonesia

Pregnancy  13 April '16

Terminating Down Syndrome Pregnancy Not An Act Of Love and Compassion

Mothers who abort babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are believed to have resorted to the act not because of love nor compassion. A writer explains that if these kids were allowed to be born, they will be very useful individuals.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles 2 - WonderCon 2016

Pregnancy  13 April '16

Megan Fox Pregnancy Update: 'Transformers' Actress Proudly Shows Off Baby Bump

The public has finally seen the baby bump of actress Megan Fox after a few months of hiding her pregnancy.

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Visit India and Bhutan - Day 3

Parenting  13 April '16

Kate Middleton News & Update: Duchess of Cambridge Gives Parenting Advice During Visit To India

The Duchess of Cambridge admitted missing her two kids during her 7-day visit to India with husband, Prince William.

Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  14 April '16

‘Motherhood Penalty’ Affects Women With Or Without A Child, Experts Say

According to experts, motherhood penalty is an institutionalized bias that is applied to all women in the workplace.

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