Decluttering Kids Toys

Decluttering Kids' Toys: Best Ways To Purge Children's Stuff Without Causing Meltdowns

It's time for some spring cleaning and parents are likely eyeing those kids' toys! Here's are some great tips for purging, read on.

by Amanda Moore

Playing Roblox for the First Time!!

'Roblox' Sex Chat Warning: Cyber Expert Says Online Gaming Apps Risky For Kids; What Parents Must Do

Parents, pay attention to this news if your kids are playing online games.

by Amanda Moore

Daddy-Daughter Ballet Video

Going Viral: Daddy-Daughter Ballet Video Shines Spotlight On Amazing Fathers From Philadelphia [WATCH]

The dads dressed in tutus danced awkwardly but they sure pleased their daughters and the netizens for their effort.

by Amanda Moore

American Girl Sticks To Its Diverse Doll Collection This Year

Boy Doll: American Girl Veers Away From An All-Girl Doll Collection, Introduces Logan Everett

American Girl doll maker is set to make history by releasing its first ever boy doll named Logan.

by alexa ancheta

Indonesians Prepare For Valentines Day

Valentine's Day For Kids: Craft Suggestions For Gifts And Tokens To Give To Friends Or Teachers

As parents help the children create these gifts, they're also creating special memories together!

by Amanda Moore

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons

Tom Brady Super Bowl Win Gets Emotional, Victory Shared With Wife Gisele Bündchen, Kids, Parents And Patriots [PHOTOS]

New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 with a come-from-behind strategy.

by Amanda Moore

Fight 4 Change Foundation Media Event

Super Bowl Sunday Fact: Majority Of American Parents Still Want Their Kids To Play Football Despite Concussion Dangers

The contact sport has been deeply ingrained in U.S. culture even as experts have warned about its long-term health effects.

by Amanda Moore

Mattel's Fourth Quarter Profit Drops 46 Percent

Mattel Takes Over Parenting Duties With Aristotle, The Device That Will Invade Homes Of The Future

The company will start selling the digital assistant in June for $300.

by Amanda Moore

Playground Schemes Scrapped In Government Spending Cuts

LA Public Playgrounds Could Soon Ban Adults Hanging Out Without Kids For 'Safety' Reasons

Some parents have apparently stopped coming to the parks with their children because of drug dealers.

by Amanda Moore

Holiday Shoppers Get An Early Start On Thanksgiving Day

Gender-Neutral Toys Still Affecting Girls Differently Than Boys In Subtle But Harmful Ways

Apparently, even the best product to promote a healthy perception about gender in kids could still be biased because of marketing.

by Amanda Moore

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 Finale Party

Drag Queen Story Hour: Why Outrageously-Dressed Adults Are Reading Stories To Children At Public Libraries

Children have the healthiest imagination and creativity, and this new movement has become a great teaching tool for developing empathy and tolerance.

by Amanda Moore

Famous Dollmaker Opens Gallery In New York

Parents Beware! Popular Christmas Toys Could Be Spying On Children; Consumer Groups File FTC Complaint

The makers of My Friend Cayla doll and the i-Que Intelligent Robot might be liable for a privacy breach. Do your children have these toys?

by Amanda Moore

Weeks Of Heavy Rain Overwhelms Honolulu Sewer System

Parenting With Humor: 'Science Of Parenthood' Book Is For Moms And Dads Who Believe Laughter Is The Best Parenting Tool

Need your sanity back, dear parents? This book from Norine Dworkin-McDaniel and Jessica Ziegler might just be the answer!

by Amanda Moore

Macy's Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade

Children Cry As 'Too Busy' Santa Ditches Meet, Angry Parents Slam Event Organizers On Social Media

Instead of laughters, guests heard the kids wailing when they learned that Father Christmas wasn't arriving.

by Amanda Moore

Paralympics Tennis

'Normal Barbie' Creator Launches Wheelchair Accessory For Its Fashion Dolls To Help Normalize Disability [VIDEOS]

Nickolay Lamm, who owns Lammily dolls, is once again breaking the mold with his new toy ideas.

by Amanda Moore

Holiday Shoppers Get An Early Start On Thanksgiving Day

Tech Savvy Parenting: Two Moms Create An Ultimate Parenting App To Ease Parents' Burdens - Check Out Winnie!

This app is like Yelp, but it is for parents' handy use. Have you tried it?

by Amanda Moore

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

'Pokémon Go' Ditto Update: How Did The Players React To The Big Reveal

'Pokémon Go' players gathered mixed emotions after the details on 'Pokémon Go' Ditto were finally revealed.

by Abbie Kraft

Jurassic World: The Exhibition - An In Depth Look

‘Jurassic World: The Exhibition’ Opens Now, An Educational Dinosaur Park Kids Will Enjoy!

‘Jurassic World: The Exhibition’ opens in North America on Nov. 25. The park is filled with animatronic dinosaurs that kids may enjoy.

by James Johnson

Bring On The Turkey; It's Touch-Down Football Time

Bring On The Turkey; It's Touch-Down Football Time

Also fondly known as Turkey Bowl, touch-down football has become an annual tradition during Thanksgiving. Bringing families and friends together, this sport bonds Americans with the people they're thankful for.

by Avery McClaren

Time: The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child This Holiday Season

Time: The Best Gift Parents Can Give Their Child This Holiday Season

The holiday season is finally here and early shoppers are rushing to avoid the December Christmas rush.With time demanding parents' attention, the best gift a child can receive is TIME.

by Avery McClaren

The Samsung Creator's Lounge At VidCon 2016

Best VR Headset: A Parents' Guide To Buying Virtual Reality Gear For Their Kids This Christmas

A doctor has an advise for moms or dads who might be considering gifting this gadget to their children this holiday.

by Amanda Moore

How To Play With Your Hatchimals

Most Popular Christmas Toy 2016: Parents Are Scrambling To Get Hatchimals! What Is It And Where Can One Buy?

The maker of the toy has been trying to keep with the rising demands and it's aware of the jacked-up prices online.

by Amanda Moore

America Celebrates Halloween

'Tired Mom' Costume: This 7-Year-Old Kid Dresses Up As Every Mom's Horrific Reality For Halloween

Jessica Griffin and Lainie Griffin just made the most realistic Halloween costume this year.

by Olivia Etienne

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