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Quicken Loans Race for Heroes 500

Parenting  16 March '16

Some Veterinarians Allergic to Pets Too

There are veterinarians who admit that they get allergies whenever they are around pets but still continue with their jobs.

Hunde, Hunde: Rottweiler

Parenting  16 March '16

Top 7 Best Guard Dogs For Your Family

Protect your family by getting one of the efficient guard dogs.

Therapy Dogs Soothe Harried Passengers At San Francisco Int'l Airport

Parenting  15 March '16

Airport Canines are now being used as Therapy Dogs to Comfort the Travelers

Canines in airports today are not just there to do sniffing jobs. They are now being used to calm nervous passengers or ease stress. They are now airport passenger’s best friend.

The National Dog Show Presented by Purina - Season 13

Parenting  15 March '16

Petcare News and Updates: Purina Voluntary Recalls Wet Dog Food

Although the recalled products still contain vitamins and minerals, Purina encourages them to be returned for a refund.

Parenting  15 March '16

Young Animal Lovers: 5 Reasons To Raise Children Around Pets

Discover why having a pet is good for children.

presidential pets

Parenting  15 March '16

9 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds Suited For People With Allergies

Are you longing for a pet companion that won't give you an allergy attack? Check out these hypoallergenic dog breeds that you can adopt without taking antihistamines.

Losing A Pet

Parenting  15 March '16

Some US Companies Now Offer Pet Bereavement Days To Employees

Several national companies are now coming up with a solution to help its employees cope up with the pain of losing a pet.

'Actuel Dogs' - Luxury Dogs Hotel Visit

Parenting  15 March '16

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels Around the World

Pet owners who love to travel with their dogs and cats love nothing but the best type of accommodation for their furry friends.


Parenting  15 March '16

Coyotes Breeding Season: Jefferson Country Warns Residents To Protect Pets From Coyotes During Mating Season

Jefferson Country officials warned residents about coyotes attacking pets.


Parenting  14 March '16

Is Your Cat Normal?

Cat experts have tried to decode the cat's different behaviors for decades. Here are some cat behaviors that may seem not normal for us but is perfectly normal for cats.

New Parent

Parenting  14 March '16

Australian Police Officer Provides New Home To Orphaned Baby Kangaroo

After its mother was killed in a truck accident, a young baby kangaroo has apparently found a new mother - a cop.

Stressed dog

Parenting  14 March '16

6 Signs Your Dog Is Stressed

There are six common warning signs of dogs experiencing stress such as excessive shedding, lack of appetite or constant avoidance or isolation.

Airline For Pets Starts Flying In Select US Cities

Parenting  14 March '16

5 Reminders For Traveling With Pets; No. 5 Is A Must For Airport Security

Here the things that you must do before you carry your pet on a flight when traveling.

Miranda Lambert And Pedigree Brand Unite To Help Shelter Dogs

Parenting  14 March '16

Dog's Life Matters: 5 Dog Breeds With Long Life Expectancy

Check out the dog breeds that could stay and play with you for a longer time.

Holiday Season Sees Rise In Abandoned Pets

Parenting  14 March '16

Cones for Pets Now Have Alternatives

No more cone of shame for pets. They can now be protected without sacrificing their comfort.

dog's rare condition

Parenting  14 March '16

Dog And Child With Rare Congenital Disorder Have Been Pair Up By Parents

Parents are now hoping that Fleetwood Mac can inspire their daughter,Grace, as she grows and faces the reality of her rare condition.

Happy Kid

Parenting  13 March '16

Cats Possess Personality Traits Similar To Humans, Study Finds

Personality tests done on cats have uncovered that felines possess certain characteristics that are comparable to humans.

Asian International Dog Show

Parenting  13 March '16

Caught on Camera: Woman Shamelessly Stole A $1,000 Puppy, Police Searching For Suspect

A young woman was caught on camera for stealing a $1,000 puppy from a pet shop by putting the puppy inside her bag and simply walked out.

Miranda Lambert And Pedigree Brand Unite To Help Shelter Dogs

Parenting  13 March '16

New Study Says People Talk More To Their Pets Than To Their Partners!

You'll be glad to know that you are not crazy whenever you find yourself talking to your pets. Study shows it's normal!

Alfred Dunhill Links Championship - Day One

Parenting  13 March '16

Hugh Grant Angered By Urinating Dog in His London Home

"Notting Hill" star Hugh Grant hates dogs pooping and peeing along the streets.

Dog howl

Parenting  13 March '16

Interesting Reasons Why Dogs Howl At Night

Dog experts have been studying dog behaviors including their way of communication. The howling of dogs mean at lot of things for them.

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