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The Dog Whisperer

Parenting  13 March '16

‘Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan Stands By His Training Practices Amid Animal Cruelty Allegations

Cesar Millan, who is in hot water for possible animal cruelty, said his detractors did not look at the whole story.

Music For Dogs At Vivid LIVE

Parenting  11 March '16

Top 10 Best Dogs For Laid Back People

Discover the best dog breeds for people who love to relax.

Worried Pet Owners React To Massive Pet Food Recall

Parenting  11 March '16

Dogs’ Erroneous Eating Costs Millions in Veterinary Bills, Trupanion Says

Dogs have eating patterns that they inherited from their ancestral relatives. They dislike bitter tastes, but other than that, everything tastes delicious.

New Laws For Pet Welfare To Come Into Force

Parenting  11 March '16

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Howls At 1 AM

Ever wonder why your cat howls in the middle of the night disrupting your sleep? Here are your answers.

Super Cat Show 2015

Parenting  11 March '16

Cat Talk: Understanding Why Your Cat Meows

How to learn the cat talk? Check out the reasons behind the cat's meow.

  Close Up Of An Adult Female And Nymph Tick Is Shown June 15 2001 On A Fingertip Ticks

Parenting  11 March '16

Best Tick and Flea Remedies for Your Pets

Pet parasites can be a burden for owners especially if the infestation gets worse. Natural and homemade remedies are some of the best ways to fight ticks and fleas.

Cone of Shame

Parenting  10 March '16

Pets can now leave the Clinic after a Surgery without Wearing the ‘Cone of Shame’

Pets who have undergone surgery or simple wound treatment would have to wear the “cone of shame” to prevent them from biting and chewing their wounds or stitches.

Tilikum the Killer Whale

Parenting  10 March '16

Tilikum the Killer Whale of SeaWorld is Dying; Is Help On the Way?

Tilikum the Killer Whale of SeaWorld may die soon as his health is deteriorating despite medical help.

First Day Of Crufts 2015

Parenting  10 March '16

Dog Saliva Hazardous And Beneficial

A new study have proven that dog saliva has healing properties and has some good bacteria that can protect babies from respiratory diseases.

A Closer Look

Parenting  9 March '16

Big Dogs Are Namibia’s Secret To Preserve Endangered Big Cats

Anatolian Shepherds and Kangals have been employed by Namibian farmers to prevent livestock loss while conserving cheetah population.

The Prince Of Wales & Duchess Of Cornwall Watch A Demonstration By Medical Detection Dogs

Parenting  10 March '16

Diabetes-Sniffing Dog Saves Life of 7-Year-Old Boy

Diabetes-alert dogs could just save the lives of kids diagnosed with the disease.

diabetic alert dog

Parenting  10 March '16

Diabetic Alert Dog Saves Boy Who Was Diagnosed With Type-1 Diabetes

A Labrador retriever just save a boy's life!

New York Notables Gather At the Best Friends Animal Society Benefit To Save Them All

Parenting  10 March '16

These Household Items Are A Death Trap To Your Pets; No. 2 Is Alarming!

If you love your pets, make an effort to keep them away from these usual household items!

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Holds Bill Signing In Miami Gardens

Fun & Games  9 March '16

Dogs May Be Put to Death After Inflicting Injury as Gov. Rick Scott Signed Padi Bill

Padi Bill, a law that will allow dogs to be put to death for causing injuries to humans was signed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott. The bill was inspired by Padi, a Manatee dog who became the subject of a bite controversy.

Border Force Dogs In Operation At Gatwick Airport

Parenting  9 March '16

Ways on how Dog Owners Take Action on Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a tough yet helpful kind of chore that comes every year, especially to dog owners.

Labrador Dog Forced Onto Diet

Parenting  9 March '16

Man's Best Friend: The Top 5 Most Surprising Things Your Pet Dog Knows About You

Find out the amazing things your dog can sense about you!

Deli For Dogs And Cats Opens In Berlin

Parenting  9 March '16

Items At Home That Are Hazardous To Your Pets

There are items inside and outside your house that are less known to be dangerous to pets. Here is a list of those common items that are hazardous to your pets.

Crufts Prepare For The Start Of Annual Competition

Parenting  13 March '16

How To Potty Train Dogs: 4 Quick Steps in Potty Training Dogs

Potty training a dog is just a matter of routine. Four quick steps for potty training dogs are lead, reward, observe, and not punish them.

Biologists Track Northern African Pythons In Florida's Everglades

Parenting  9 March '16

Python Swallows a Cat Whole in Brisbane

A large python was caught on video swallowing a pet cat in a backyard in Brisbane, Australia.

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