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Children Trick Or Treat In Brooklyn On Halloween

Family Life  31 October '16

Halloween 2016: Ensure Children’s Trick-Or-Treating Safety With These Tips

Trick-or-treating in Halloween can be worrisome for parents. That is why parents and adults should keep safety tips in mind during trick-or-treating with children.

A Squirrel Stands On A Halloween Jack-O'-Lantern

Family Life  26 October '16

Racism and Halloween: Universities Are Taking A Stand On Racist Biased Halloween Costumes

Universities in the United States is taking a stand as they aim for diversity and respect this Holloween season.

New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins

Family Life  26 October '16

Effects Of Football On A Child's Brain: Playing One Season Shows Brain Changes Even Without Concussions

The study isn't suggesting that kids shouldn't play sports. Rather, parents and sports trainers must find a way to better protect their head from impact.

Starlight's Dream Halloween 2016

Family Life  23 October '16

Cancelling Halloween: Why This U.S. Elementary School Is Foregoing Halloween, Costumes & Trick Or Treats; Parents React

It's not the first time a school in the U.S. has called off the festivities, however, parent are still not happy about the decision.

Halloween-Themed Children's Naturalization Ceremony Held In Virginia

Fun & Games  14 October '16

Kate Middleton Embarrassed By Parents? Family Business Party Pieces Slammed For Selling Inappropriate Halloween Costumes

Michael and Carole Middleton are being called out on their party planning business merchandise for Halloween by parents looking for decent kids' outfits.

Babies'R'Us Celebrate Military Moms-To-Be At Operation Shower Event

Fun & Games  13 October '16

Anti-Baby Shower Celebrations: Childless Couples, Parents Shunning More Kids Are Having 'Vasectomy Parties'

Social media has numerous couples sharing their #vasectomyparty photos to celebrate their choice to have no more kids.

Walt Disney World Resort Celebrates 45th Anniversary to Colorful Fanfare

Fun & Games  10 October '16

Disney World Orlando Theme Park Reopens: Kids Celebrate After The Hurricane

Though devastated by Hurricane Matthew, big kids in Florida can now celebrate and continue the fun after Walt Disney reopened its four theme parks. They can now enjoy and have fun in Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs and Hollywood Studios.

Fans Outside Of 'Hannah Montana 3D' In RealD 3D Glasses

Fun & Games  10 October '16

Taking Children At The Movies: Study Reveals 3-D Films Can Boost Kids' Concentration And Memory

Technology isn't entirely bad for children. It might even help with their concentration, as this new study on 3-D movie viewing shows.

Apple Fans Await iPhone 7

Fun & Games  19 September '16

Apple’s iOS 10 Praised By Social Media Users For New Single-Parent Emojis

Single parents and their children commend Apple iOS 10 for introducing a new set of emojis that promote inclusivity and diversity. The tech giant also released new female emojis that lifts up feminism.

Pokemon Go

Travel  17 September '16

'Pokemon Go' a Menace: Are You under the Pokemon Go Spell?

"Pokemon Go" presents a serious risk to players and non-players alike.

Cartoon Network Press Hours, Signings And Panels At New York Comic Con - Saturday October 10, 2015

Fun & Games  15 September '16

'Steven Universe' Season 4 Updates: Will Onion Be Able to Save the Day By Talking to Gems?

Can Onion talk to gems? Will he be the next hero?

‘KIDS SAFETY GO’ for Pokémon GO available on the Apple App Store

Family Life  11 September '16

Kids Safety Go For POKÉMON GO

Pokémon Go has become the number one free-to-use gaming. Players are encouraged to venture outside which may seem like a really good thing. But the extraordinary success of Pokémon GO has also raised security concerns, mainly related to users' non-compliance with safety instructions.

First Edition Of Madrid Games Week

Fun & Games  9 September '16

PlayStation Plus Free Games For September: What Games Are Now Hot?

PlayStation Plus free games are now available for subscribers. Here is the list of what to expect.

Audi Celebrates AFI FEST 2015 Presented By Audi

Fun & Games  8 September '16

Brad Pitt Is Set To Open A Luxurious Hotel Despite The Rocky Relationship With Angelina Jolie

Will the couple eventually head for divorce?

U.S. Navy Blue Angels Soar Above Cinderella Castle At Walt Disney World Resort

Travel  8 September '16

Disney Begins Finger-Scanning Kids From Ages 3-9 To Deter Ticket Fraud; Parents Express Worry About Data Gathering Biometrics

The measure has already been effectively implemented at the theme parks since August.

Pikachu Outbreak Festival 2016 In Yokohama

Fun & Games  2 September '16

‘Pokemon GO’ Tips, News & Update: Catching Pokemon Made Easy With These Tricks

"Pokemon GO" by Niantic Labs and The Pokemon Company have a few neat tricks to make catching Pokemon much more easy.

General Mills Cereal Hosts Exclusive Pets-Only Red Carpet Movie Experience for 'The Secret Life of Pets'

Family Life  1 September '16

How to Handle Fleas On Your Dog - Detection, Treatment, & Prevention

As any dog owner can vouch, a dog is just like a baby... a loveable, 4 legged, fur baby; and as with any child, a parent wants nothing more than keep them safe, happy and healthy. Well, with pets, overall good health includes a clean bug-free coat. This means a consistent war between parent and pest, because fleas are persistent nuance, troubling pet parents for generations of past. If you've come face to face with the dreadful realization that your dog baby is being eaten up by fleas, don't panic . It happens to the best of us, and is in no way a reflection of you as a parent. No matter how clean or well-kept your per and home are, fleas can still manage to find their way into your life. That's because the pest thrives in pretty much any warm environment and its strong hinfdlegs enable it to swiftly and easily jump from host to host, or from environment to host. This means that your baby can come in contact with fleas just by playing outside, play-dates with other pets, or even your daily walk. Soon enough that one little flea will lead to a full on infestation.

2014 Pennsylvania Conference For Women

Family Life  1 September '16

Prior Fortune 500 Executive Coach Includes Relationship Coaching in her Repertoire, Catering to Women to Help Them Find Lasting Love

Mai Vu, relationship coach continues her "Hot Life, Hot Love" events in the Bay Area and Sweden, as well as webinars, and private coaching internationally, to teach women that they deserve to be loved, cherished and adored. She assists women by guiding them to the path of finding self-love and balance in life, through implementing her relatable and unique methodology.

Wallis Annenberg Center For The Performing Arts Gala - Arrivals

Fun & Games  31 August '16

Gwen Stefani Secretly Seeing Ex-Husband Gavin Rossdale Despite Messy Divorce Battle; What Does Blake Have To Say About It?

Gwen Stefani is still secretly seeing her ex-husband.

20 Ways to Get Outside This Summer Infographic

Family Life  31 August '16

20 Special Ways to Get Outside This Summer Infographic

Summer is almost over and parents need suggestions on how to take advantage of the last warm summer evenings with their kids before the leaves start to turn! It's time to pause your shows on Netflix and get outside to enjoy the great outdoors.

2016 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

Fun & Games  31 August '16

'Teen Mom 2' News Update: Kailyn Lowry Admits to Being Open for Reconciliation with Ex-Husband Javi Marroquin

Will Kailyn Lowry patch things up with Javi Marroquin?

Enjoy the Last Weeks of Summer at your Local Zoo

Family Life  26 August '16

5 Family Activities to Maximize Fun in the Last Weeks of Summer

Summer is fleeting and autumn is setting in. Parents can make the most of the warm weather that remains, with these five activities that are fun for all ages and will help create lasting memories.

The 23rd Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival - Opening Night Reception

Family Life  25 August '16

Palm Springs Art Museum Receives California Cultural and Historical Endowment Grant

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (August 25, 2016) - Palm Springs Art Museum has been awarded a $165,500 grant from The California Cultural and Historical Endowment (CCHE), a state entity tasked with preserving and protecting California's cultural resources. The grant will be used for two projects designed to ensure the safety of the museum's art collection, stabilize the atmosphere for art preservation, reduce the museum's environmental footprint, drastically reduce electrical costs, and increase exhibition opportunities.

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