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St Patrick's Day Celebrations Take Place In Belfast

Family Life  29 April '16

Parenting Tips: 3 Children's Party Ideas That Is Good For Your Budget; No. 3 Will Make It Unforgettable

Want to throw your kid a party without ruining your budget? Here are some tips for you!

Portrait Released For The Queen's 90th Birthday

Travel  28 April '16

Queen Elizabeth Birthday Concert 2016: Take That Singer Opens, Kylie Minogue, James Blunt, 'Star Wars' Actor In The Line Up

The line up for Queen Elizabeth's birthday concert this 2016 is an interesting mix with Take That singer Gary Barlow opening and "Star Wars" actor John Boyega in attendance.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Spearhead A New Campaign Called Heads Together To End Stigma Around Mental Health.

Fun & Games  28 April '16

10 Things Prince Harry Admitted To Chris Evans: Royal Celebrity Asked If Ed Sheeran Exists, 'Ginge-On-Ginge' Q&A A Revelation

Prince Harry made a few interesting revelations, including not knowing if Ed Sheeran exists, when he went to the London Studios for a Q& A with Chris Evans.

Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles

Family Life  27 April '16

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Adds ‘Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime,’ ‘Comix Zone’ & More

Microsoft's Xbox Live program director Larry Hryb announced on Twitter this week the new batch of Xbox One backwards-compatible games.

Microsoft Debuts New Products For Its XBox Gaming Unit

Family Life  26 April '16

Online Games News & Updates: Minecraft Developer Mojang Releases New Game 'Crown And Council'

If you love the game Minecraft, then prepare to get hooked playing "Crown and Council."

Call of Duty European Championships Final At The Royal Opera House

Family Life  26 April '16

YouPorn's Pro Gaming Team Gets Axed By Electronic Sports League

Team YP won't be participating in official ESL events anymore following the pro-gaming league's decision to ban the group for failing to comply with league standards.

Celebrities Join generationOn And Hasbro To Distribute Holiday Gifts to Local LA Families

Family Life  26 April '16

5 Cool Spring Break Staycation Ideas To Enjoy With Your Kids

Feel relaxed and enjoy your time off without boarding a plane with these fantastic staycation ideas for spring break.

iPhone SE/iPad Pro 9.7 inch Launch In Tokyo

Family Life  25 April '16

Apple's New System: iPhone 7 To Be Followed By iPhone 8 Quickly, Can Break Apple's Usual Release

iPhone 7 might be another "S" phone and will be followed by iPhone 8 a year after.

Smash! Sydney Manga And Anime Show

Family Life  22 April '16

Totoro Theme Park Ride Designed By A Disney Artist Is Making Anime Fans Go Crazy Online

A Disney designer came up with a vision that is making Totoro fans go wild these days. Find out more about it here.

4th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games: Day 3

Family Life  22 April '16

'Fallout 4' News & Update: Bethesda Hints Inclusion Of Barns And Vim Machine In DLC

New reports suggest that the next "Fallout 4" DLC will include barns and Vim machine.

Gamescom 2012 Gaming Convention

Family Life  22 April '16

'League of Legends' News & Update: Title Gets Gothic Themed Skin; Twitch Bans Streamer 'Gross Gore'

A new report suggests that "League of Legends" will get a gothic themed skin.

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' 'The Huntsman: Winter's War' - Red Carpet

Family Life  22 April '16

'Frozen 2' Cast, News & Update: Production Casts Emily Blunt As Elsa's Real Sister

There are rumors claiming that Emily Blunt will join "Frozen 2" to play the role of Elsa's real sister.

Tokyo Game Show 2012 Begins

Family Life  22 April '16

'Tekken 7' Release Date, News & Update: Title Will Be Released For PC; First 4 Figures Reveals First 'Tekken' Statue

A new report suggests that "Tekken 7" will be released for PC.

Tracy Paul & Co Presents Pokemon Afternoon Soiree

Family Life  22 April '16

'Pokemon Sun', 'Pokemon Moon' Release Date, News & Update: Legendary Names Revealed; Titles To Tie With Nintendo NX?

New reports revealed the name of the new Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon." Learn it here.

Consumer Electronics Show Previews Latest Products

Family Life  21 April '16

Xbox 360 Dead As Microsoft Announces End Of Console Production; Xbox Two Coming?

The company believes it has achieved a lot with the console in the past 10 years.

Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles

Family Life  20 April '16

Upgraded PlayStation 4.5 Codenamed ‘Neo’ Release Date, News & Update: Sony To Update PS4 With Better Graphics And Specs

The upgraded PlayStation 4.5 will exist along with the current PlayStation 4.

Xbox VIP Gaming Event

Family Life  20 April '16

'Persona 5' Release Date, News & Update: Title Delayed Until Next Year But Will Include New Characters And New Modes

New reports suggest that "Persona 5" will be delayed and might arrive in 2017.

Game Maker Square Enix's Holds Event At E3 Conference

Family Life  20 April '16

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date, News & Update: Title May Not Arrive Until 2017, Learn Why

New reports suggest that "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be pushed back to 2017 to give way for the release of "Final Fantasy 15."

Player Tries To Master The Newly Released Grand Theft Auto IV

Family Life  20 April '16

PS4.5 vs Xbox 1.5 vs Nintendo NX: Which New Console Is Best To Buy This Fall?

Gamers might be faced with a tough decision this Christmas when new gadgets are said to be arriving.

2012 Summer TCA Tour - Day 2

Parenting  19 April '16

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Tiger Celebrates His Birthday Today!

Daniel Tiger turns 62 today!

Winter Olympian, Shelley Rudman's Friends And Family Show Their Support At Her Local Pub In Pewsey, Wiltshire

Parenting  18 April '16

Girl Power: 4 Exciting Movies To Watch With Your Daughter

Your daughter will be inspired by the amount of girl power in these movies!

Julia Childs Centennial Celebration

Parenting  12 April '16

7 Kid-Friendly US Cities To Visit For Summer

Plan your family's summer activities early with these city recommendations.

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