Baby Bump

Postpartum  21 September '16

Depression During Pregnancy Could Mean Diabetes — Here’s Why

Experts have recently discovered a significant connection between the development of diabetes to pregnant women who are suffering from depression.

NZ Prepares For Release Of Budget

Postpartum  12 September '16

Pregnant Women With Bipolar Disorder History Are More Likely To Have Postpartum Psychosis

Postpartum psychosis occurs suddenly, usually two weeks after birth. Having a history of bipolar disorder increases pregnant women's chances of developing postpartum psychosis.

Queen Elizabeth II Childhood Toys Go On Display

Postpartum  1 September '16

Emotional Pain After Miscarriage: Mom Shares Humiliating Experience At Babies 'R' Us For Returning Items She Could Never Use

Her story has earned a lot of reactions and symphathies in social media.

Farmer Gives Birth To Quadruplets In Wuhan

Postpartum  26 August '16

The Truth Behind C-Section Birth: Mom Gets Candid About Her Physical & Emotional Stress

Some moms need to undergo C-section if they have more than one baby, if the baby is in a breech (bottom first) or transverse (sideways) position, and if they have placenta previa or a placenta that's situated too low in the uterus that it covers the cervix.

Florida Struggles With Legal Herbal Supplement Which Mirrors Opiate Narcotic Effects

Postpartum  10 August '16

Pregnancy Tips: FDA Revises the Prescription for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

FDA came up with a plan to revise the prescription labels specifically for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Republican National Convention: Day Four

Postpartum  10 August '16

Ivanka Trump Unpaid Maternity Leave Policy: Clothing Company Attacked By Critics Saying Donald Trump's Daughter Doesn't Practice What She Preach

But spokesperson clarified on the real score of Ivanka Trump's company's maternity leave policy.

Democratic National Convention: Day Four

Postpartum  2 August '16

How Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton Make Post-Pregnancy Recovery Look So Easy Even When Under Pressure

The two presidential candidates' daughters lead such parallel lives. They also both gave birth within months of each other.

Post Natal Mothers Keep Fit With Powerpramming

Postpartum  27 July '16

Postpartum News: Uterus Expansion Ensures Women Will Still Look Pregnant After Giving Birth

Mothers naturally still look pregnant after giving birth.

Pregnancy  15 July '16

Novel Research Aims to Tackle Postpartum Depression - But Participation is Needed

Up to 1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression (PPD), yet questions remain about why some women experience PPD and why others do not.

Pregnancy Depression Affects a Third of Women

Growing Baby  27 June '16

Pregnancy Depression: How It Affects You and Your Baby

A study found that 37 percent of women experience pregnancy depression.

Brooke Shields Testifies At Post-Partum Depression Hearing

Postpartum  23 June '16

Courageous Women Speak Out On 'Climb Out Of The Darkness' Campaign Against Postpartum Depression

No woman should fear postpartum depression.

Post Natal Mothers Keep Fit

Postpartum  14 June '16

Already Given Birth But Still Looking Pregnant; What To Do About It?

If you still look pregnant months to years after giving birth, unless you really ae pregnant once again, you have a diastasis recti. Here are some cures for it.

Mom Cares For Triplets Alone While Dad Serves Iraqi

Postpartum  3 June '16

Mom Dies Due To A Blood Clot Days After Giving Birth To Triplets

Kansas mom just saw her older kids then

Bali Clinic Produces Prostheses For Local Community

Postpartum  1 June '16

Why This Mother Woke Up With Both Legs Amputated After Her C-Section

The 31-year-old mom has had eight babies and six cesarian operations.

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Pregnancy  31 May '16

Lactating Mothers Should Regularly Relive Themselves From Unpumped Breastmilk Which Can Cause Sepsis

Mothers should regularly pump out their breastmilk to refrain from having major complications.

Economy Adds Jobs In December, National Unemployment Rate Drops To 9.4 Perc

Postpartum  5 May '16

For Working Moms: 'Motherhood Penalty' Is Real But This Moms' Only Job Site Hopes To Fix It

Why must getting back to the workforce be more difficult for women who have taken time off to have a baby?

Germany Has Europe's Lowest Birth Rate

Postpartum  5 May '16

Woman Tweets Honda After Giving Birth In Car; Honda Responds In Best Way!

She had a baby inside the car and then soiled the seats. Did the car company help her?

Hospital Ship USNS Comfort Treats Victims Of Earthquake In Haiti

Postpartum  4 May '16

How To Recover From A C-Section Fast: Breeze Your Way To Recovery With These Tested Tips

Don't forget to do these things if you're trying to recover from C-section fast

Germany Debates Expanding Parental Leave

Postpartum  3 May '16

Paternal Postnatal Depression: 5 Ways To Deal With Postpartum Depression In Men

Discover how to handle postnatal depression in dads.


Postpartum  30 April '16

New Moms Have Higher Risk For Heart Attack

Experts suggest that new mothers should be cautious after giving birth as they are at high risk of heart attacks.

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Pregnancy  28 April '16

US Health Experts Modify Breastfeeding Guidelines To Give Mothers A Choice

The Preventive Services Task Force has tweaked its breastfeeding guidelines to support mother autonomy and reduce pressure on mothers who can't breastfeed.

NZ Prepares For Release Of Budget

Pregnancy  24 April '16

Your Mom's Biggest Secrets: 3 Secret Confessions From Mothers

Discover some of the best-kept secrets of mothers.

Boardman Family

Pregnancy  21 April '16

Sex After Pregnancy: 3 Simple Solutions To Couples' Sex Problems After Childbirth

Discover some easy solutions to common sex problems of couples after giving birth.

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