28 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE! Gestational Diabetes Test Results!?

Pregnancy  17 November '16

Can Diet And Lifestyle Affect Control Of Blood Sugar In Pregnant Women Diagnosed With Gestational Diabetes?

eir blood sugar levels if they live a chaotic life and depend on foods. Just relax and take it easy otherwise the baby will be affected. Can Diet And Lifestyle Affect Control Of Blood Sugar In Pregnant Women Diagnosed With Gestational Diabetes?

Miracle Babies: Australian Mother Gets Pregnant While Being 10-Days Pregnant Through Superfetation

Pregnancy  16 November '16

Miracle Babies: Australian Mother Gets Pregnant While Being 10-Days Pregnant Through Superfetation

Superfetation is a rare pregnancy condition that there are only 10 documented cases of it worldwide, and adding to this roster is a Brisbane-based mother, Kate Hill.

To Help Baby Avoid Heart Defects, Mom's Blood Sugar Needs Close Monitoring

Pregnancy  16 November '16

New Research Confirms Monitoring Blood Sugar During Pregnancy Lessen Risk Of Heart Defect In Newborns

A new research suggests that the blood sugar level of pregnant women must be monitored to lessen the chance of the development of heart defects in newborns. This new research helps confirm the connection between high blood sugar level during first trimester of pregnancy and baby heart disease.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Pregnancy  15 November '16

WHO Pregnancy Guidelines: How Many Times Should A Pregnant Woman Visit The Doctor?

Know the number of times you should see a doctor when you are pregnant.

Entertainment News: Carey Hart and Grammy-award winner Pink News; Expecting A New Baby

Pregnancy  14 November '16

Carey Hart And Pink Pregnancy News: Couple Expecting A New Baby!

Pink surprised the public when she announced that she is pregnant with her second baby after hiding her baby bumps for several months. Pink in connection to her pregnancy is an advocate through Unicef. Find out more here.

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

Pregnancy  14 November '16

Pregnancy Tips: Expert Tips For Right Management Of Diabetes During Pregnancy

Pregnant women found out with gestational diabetes have high chance of having birth defects and other health problems. However, the risk can be lessened with appropriate management of diabetes, leading to safe delivery and healthy infants.

Investors, Tobacco Companies Invest Heavily In E-Cigarettes

Pregnancy  13 November '16

Smoking In Pregnancy, Kids Skipping Breakfast Could Lead To Child Obesity

Some research links eating breakfast to better weight control, but others show it makes no difference if you eat breakfast or not.

Laughing Gas During Delivery

Pregnancy  13 November '16

Medics Promotes Laughing Gas Reinstatement As Painless Labor Analgesic

During labor, it is always the pain management that concerns mothers to relax and feel safe. Thus, hospitals and other medical facilities tried to came up with solutions to ease labor pains. Medicalpractitioners presented the usage of laboranalgesics such as epidurals and spinal injections over the years. But issues like cost-efficiency and pain during the application of these labor pain relievers arises. The demand for painless labor analgesia such as the laughing gas became a globally known for the past years, yet its usage now became scarce as lots of hospitals neglect it and prefer the usage of epidurals and the likes.

New Warning on Canadian Cigarettes

Pregnancy  13 November '16

Study Reveals Smoking During Pregnancy Can Lead To Childhood Obesity

The large majority of children, 83.3 per cent had a stable non-overweight BMI, while 13.1 per cent had moderate increasing BMIs while 2.5 per cent had steeply increasing BMIs.

AMA Recommends Abortion Pill Be Over the Counter

Pregnancy  13 November '16

Drug-Induced Abortion: Why Medical Abortion Is Making More Women Suffer

Recent reports cited that unsupervised medical abortion can cause a lot of complications and dangers in women and the numbers of the cases are increasing.

Why Women Suffer In Silence

Health  13 November '16

Birth-Related Health Issues Suffered In Silence

After giving birth to a child, women in Ireland suffers from series of birth-related hidden health problems affecting different aspects of their lives.

Why Pregnant Women Should Often See Their Health Care Providers

Pregnancy  13 November '16

WHO Recommends Pregnant Women To Visit Their Health Providers More Often

All pregnant women have a chance of getting some sort of problems during their pregnancy. Problems that can easily affect the health of these women as well as the health of their babies. These problems can also lead to the deaths of the babies and the pregnant women through stillbirths and other complications. Problems like high blood pressure, kidney problems, diabetes, heart diseases, and much more. To reduce the chance of getting these problems, certain precautions have to be taken.

Mass Baby Shower Held For Nellis AFB Spouses And Personnel

Fertility  12 November '16

Surrogacy: Why Wealthy Chinese Couples Seek Americans To Be Surrogates

There is an increasing demand for American surrogates as Chinese singles, gays and couples look at this as the only way for them to have male children to go around the one-child policy or to finally make it to the United States as an immigrant.

Mother, 23, aborts 'mermaid' child after she found out the foetus was growing a TAIL instead of legs

Pregnancy  11 November '16

Young Mom Pregnant With A Mermaid? Chinese Woman Ends 6-Month Mermaid Pregnancy After Discovering Child Has Grown Tail

Twenty-year old Wu from Central China’s Hubei Province termninated her pregnancy at its sixth month when she found out that her baby had tails instead of legs.

alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet Fall 2016 Presentation

Pregnancy  11 November '16

Pregnancy Death Rates Caused By Self-Harm Becoming High, Study Says

Some first time mothers harm themselves or even end up killing herself because of depression according to studies. The rate is high in Colorado.

Newborns Receive Medical Care In Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Pregnancy  11 November '16

Researchers Discover A Surprising Cause Of Premature Birth Every Women Should Take Note Of

Researchers reveal that abdominal calcium deposits would potentially cause premature birth among women.

Is This Your Last Chance To Get An IUD?

Pregnancy  11 November '16

Should Women Get An IUD ASAP? Birth Control Demands Flock After Donald Trump's Win

Birth control demands increased after Donald Trump successfully won the presidential seat.

Pregnant woman votes while in labor

Pregnancy  9 November '16

Pregnant Woman Interrupts Labor To Vote in US Elections

A woman and her husband puts off labor to get to the polls and vote during the historical 2016 US Presidential elections.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Pregnancy  9 November '16

Pregnant Mother Was Diagnosed With Ectopic Pregnancy But Was Still Able To Give Birth; Find Out How

Ectopic pregnancy was this mother's case, but was still able to give birth to a living baby.

Incarcerated Women Allowed To Keep Newborns In Illinois Pilot Program

Pregnancy  8 November '16

Six-Week Recovery After Childbirth Is Fantasy: Moms Need A Year Of Rest To Recuperate, Says Study

How long do moms need to recover after giving birth? Six weeks is extremely short and as much as possible it should be up to a news, a new study finds.

Comic-Con International 2016 - Warner Bros. Presentation

Pregnancy  8 November '16

This Couple's Pregnancy Announcement Is About To Break The Internet [Video]

Watch how this couple announced they are pregnant to the world. It is hilarious!

Liz Lange Launches New DVD 'Yoga For Your Pregnancy'

Pregnancy  8 November '16

Exercise During Pregnancy To Reduce Risk Of Aging For Offspring?

Various studies have already shown that pregnant women who perform exercise can benefit their offspring as it can help reduce markers of aging among all other benefits.

'Body Worlds' Displays Cadavers As Educational Art

Pregnancy  8 November '16

Lack Of Vitamin B12 During Pregnancy Is Linked To Type 2 Diabetes For The Baby, U.K. Researchers Say

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to higher leptin which can later lead to type 2 diabetes, U.K. researchers say. Nonetheless, the team humbly suggest that further studies should be done to prove it.

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