Couple Trying To Get Pregnant

Moms  11 April '17

Trying To Get Pregnant? Fertility Expert Recommends Making These Unconventional Lifestyle Changes To Aid In Conception

Fertility expert Angela Le shares these easy-to-follow tips for couples who want to have a baby.

Reverse Menopause Helped A Woman Get Pregnant

Moms  10 April '17

Is Reverse Menopause Possible? Woman Carries Twins After An Experimental Treatment

A fertility center in Greece started an experimental treatment to reverse menopause in 2016 and one woman in her '40s apparently successfully conceived.

Families Face Challenges To Provide Care For Brazil's Zika Babies

Moms  6 April '17

Zika Virus Related Birth Complications Are Still On The Rise

Zika virus cases continually increase despite the end of the outbreak.

Pregnancy Itching Warning For Moms

Moms  7 April '17

Pregnancy Itching A Warning Sign? Mom Shares Nearly Losing Baby From Rare Pregnancy Complication

Christina DePino, then 36 weeks pregnant, had her severe pregnancy itching checked and doctors told her she had ICP. What is intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy?

Late Motherhood Produces Smarter, Holistically Healthier Babies; Elongates Mom's Life: Study

Pregnancy  6 April '17

Late Motherhood Produces Smarter, Holistically Healthier Babies; Elongates Mom's Life

The trend of conceiving babies at later age may have more merits than having them while mom is young, as growing number of research shows benefits in late motherhood.

Trump Hosts a Reception for US Senators

Pregnancy  5 April '17

Trump Administration Cuts Funds For A U.N. Family Planning Agency

Trump administration faced backlash after cutting funds for UNFPA .

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Pregnancy  5 April '17

Why The Wrongful Birth Law Debate Is Still On The Rise

The wrongful birth law in Texas is still under fire as lawmakers agreed on having it abolished.

Moms With Mental Health Issues

Postpartum  6 April '17

Are Moms With Mental Health Issues Bad Parents? Expert Weigh In On Why They Need Extra Help

Family members and medical professionals need to support moms with mental health issues like postpartum depression.

Obesity In Pregnancy

Pregnancy  5 April '17

Obesity In Pregnancy Raises Epilepsy Risk In Children, Study Finds

Experts pointed out that the more a pregnant mom gained weight, the higher the risk she puts her baby in the womb.

3-Parent IVF Technique Revealed

Pregnancy  5 April '17

How Did Experts Conceive World's First 3-Parent Baby? Scientists Say They Risked Creating Mutant Baby

Dr. John Zhang and his New York team did the experiment on the three-parent baby but other scientists question the procedure.

Common Virus Harms Babies During Pregnancy

Health  4 April '17

Pregnant Women Need To Know There's A Common Virus Causing Birth Defects ‑ What Is Cytomegalovirus?

Cytomegalovirus or CMV infection doesn't manifest and in most cases, a cure is not necessary. It is easily transmitted, however, especially if families have younger kids in the household.

Beyoncé Shows Off Her Maternity Style On Instagram

Pregnancy  3 April '17

Beyoncé's Maternity Style: Queen B Nails Dressing A Baby Bump With These Best Looks [PHOTOS]

In February, Beyoncé announced her second pregnancy on social media and she's using the same platform to showcase her maternity style, much to the enjoyment of her followers.

Salt Crackers For Nausea And Morning Sickness

Health  29 March '17

Nausea During Pregnancy: Eat Or Avoid These Foods To Deal With Morning Sickness

Choosing food properly will help pregnant moms curb nausea and morning sickness. Here are some tips from an expert.

Women With Cancer Shouldn't Get Pregnant

Fertility  28 March '17

Fertility Doctor Plans To Open NY Center Allowing Natural Pregnancy For Women With Cancer

Women with cancer decrease their chances of getting pregnant naturally because of the effects of chemotherapy. Dr. George Kofinas want to help these women.

Boosting Baby's Brain Power During Pregnancy

Growing Baby  27 March '17

Boost Baby's Brain Power In Pregnancy: What Moms Must Do To Have A Smart Baby

A baby's learning starts at the moment of conception and here's what moms can do to harness smartness in her child.

Mom Who Beat Cancer Dies After Giving Birth

Health  25 March '17

Mom Who Beat Cancer Two Times Gives Birth To Twins, Dies The Day After

Jamie Snider, 30, battled a rare and aggressive form of cervical cancer two times but doctors said her heart couldn't handle the C-section and hysterectomy operation.

Older Mom Amal Clooney

Pregnancy  24 March '17

Older Moms Make Better Parents Who Raise Well-Behaved And Successful Kids, Study Says

Older moms receive judgments from society but this new study proves their decision might just be the right choice after all.

Incarcerated Women Allowed To Keep Newborns In Illinois Pilot Program

Postpartum  23 March '17

Fifth Trimester: Why This Whole New ‘Mom Thing’ Is Causing Stress To Many Moms

This article tackles the challenges and how moms should prepare themselves to deal with the fifth trimester of motherhood.


Pregnancy  22 March '17

United States Records Lowest Number Of Infant Mortality Rates From 2005 To 2014

United States saw a drop in the number of mortality rates in the country from 2005 to 2014.

Tomi Lahren

Pregnancy  22 March '17

TheBlaze Suspends Political Commentator Tomi Lahren After Telling Government To Stay Out Of Women's Bodies

Political commentator Tomi Lahren was suspended from her post after her pro-abortion comments.

Eric And Lara Trump Announce Pregnancy

Pregnancy  22 March '17

Trump Family Expands! Eric And Lara Trump Announce Pregnancy; Donald Trump Is A Grandpa All Over Again

This is the first child for Eric and Lara Trump, who married in 2014. They are expecting a baby boy in September.

Tammin Sursok Had Postpartum Anxiety

Postpartum  22 March '17

'Pretty Little Liars' Actress Tammin Sursok Reveals Brutal Postpartum Anxiety Experience, Recounts Recovery Process

Tammin Sursok gave birth in 2013 and admitted she felt like a zombie after. Her mother nudged her to get help.

Liam Payne About To Be A Dad

Pregnancy  21 March '17

One Direction's Liam Payne Talks About Becoming A Dad For The First Time: 'I'm Still Learning'

Liam Payne is expecting his first baby with girlfriend Cheryl Cole. They have confirmed the pregnancy only in February after months of speculations.

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