Same-Sex Couple Pregnant

Pregnancy  18 March '17

Same-Sex Couple Pregnant At The Same Time With Boys; Due Dates Fall 3 Weeks Apart

Toby Fleischman and Lindsay Lanciault will welcome their twin sons in the summer and there's a hormone overdrive in their household these days.

Keri and Royce Young

Pregnancy  16 March '17

Woman Carries Terminally-Ill Baby To Donate Child's Organs After Spending 36 Hours With Her

A woman decided to carry her terminally-ill baby in order to donate her daughter's organs.

Gal Gadot Pregnant

Pregnancy  16 March '17

'Wonder Woman' Star Gal Gadot Prepares For Baby's Arrival, Shares She's Grateful To The Universe

Gal Gadot announced her second pregnancy last November. She and her husband have a 5-year-old girl named Alma.

Women Should Be Discouraged From Drinking Alcohol When They First Discover The Pregnancy

Pregnancy  15 March '17

New Study Shows Moms Stop Drinking Once They Get Pregnant

A study among 5,000 showed that majority stopped drinking alcohol when they discovered they were pregnant.

IVF Fertility Treatments

Fertility  15 March '17

Fertility Treatments Failure Increases Women's Heart Disease Risks, Study Reveals

Women who don't get pregnant following an IVF procedure have higher chances of developing heart-related problems.

State Representative Jessica Farrar

Pregnancy  14 March '17

State Representative Files Texas Bill Against Men Equivalent To Abortion Bill; Males To Pay For Masturbation?

A satirical Texas bill limiting the masturbation of men was passed.

Maternity Salad In L.A.

Pregnancy  14 March '17

What's In A 'Maternity Salad'? Restaurant Offers Dish Pregnant Moms Swear Helps Induce Labor

Overdue and impatient about giving birth? Many moms assert eating this "maternity salad" from one L.A. restaurant helped.

Acupuncture And Pregnancy

Health  14 March '17

Acupuncture And Pregnancy: How Safe And Effective Is It For Pregnant Moms?

Acupuncture can be done before, during and after pregnancy. Even western practitioners recommend this traditional Chinese medicine method.

Insufficient Weight Gain During Pregnancy Can Lead To Schizophrenia Among Children

Pregnancy  13 March '17

How Dieting During Pregnancy Can Increase The Risk Of Having Babies Who Develop Schizophrenia

Pregnant women are advised to eat healthy and gain the medically-prescribed weight if they want their children to be healthy.

Beyonce Keeps Fit Via SoulCycle

Pregnancy  13 March '17

Beyonce's Pregnancy Workout Routine Involves An Intense Cycling Class; How Safe Is SoulCycle For Pregnancy?

Here's what fitness trainers have to say about Beyonce joining SoulCycle classes.

Virginia Williams Three Miscarriages

Pregnancy  11 March '17

'Fuller House' Actress Virginia Wiliams Reveals Surviving 3 Miscarriages Before Bearing First Child

Virginia Williams of "Fuller House" Season 2 said she wanted to open up about her struggles to help other women "feel less alone."

Women Told To Watch Weight During Pregnancy To Avoid Giving Birth To Kids With Cerebral Palsy

Pregnancy  10 March '17

How Obesity During Pregnancy Can Lead To Cerebral Palsy Among Kids

Pregnancy and obesity can be a risk factor for many illnesses includng cerebral palsy so pregnant women should always watch their weight gain during this period.

Ivanka Trump Pro-Life O Pro-Choice?

Pregnancy  10 March '17

Ivanka Trump Abortion Stance: Did She Back Planned Parenthood Against Her Father's Wishes?

U.S. presidential daughter Ivanka Trump has not made her stance officially clear but some of her actions have been deemed as pro-choice.

Managing Pregnancy Weight

Pregnancy  12 March '17

Research Reveals Health Risks Of Being Pregnant And Overweight

Research shows a link between obese pregnant mothers and the weight of their children later in life.

Adele Suffered Postpartum Depressiont

Postpartum  8 March '17

These Celebrity Moms Admitted Battle With Postpartum Depression; Here's How They Survived

Did you know 20 percent of moms, whether famous or not, suffer from PPD? Read on to learn how some coped.

Planned Parenthood Vow To Continue Providing Reproductive Health Services For Women

Pregnancy  7 March '17

Planned Parenthood Funding Stays But Only If It Keeps Abortion Out

President Donald Trump had a change of heart about defunding Planned Parenthood but only if it discontinues providing abortion services.

Dangers Of Exposure To Pesticides During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  7 March '17

Kids Born To Mothers Exposed To Pesticides Face Serious Health Problems

Exposure to pesticides during pregnancy can lead to fetal abnormalities.

Legalized Marijuana Bad For Pregnant Moms

Health  6 March '17

Legalized Marijuana Use Still Bad For Pregnant Women, Experts Issue Reminder

Listen up, moms! Cannabis might be legal in many U.S. states but this doesn't make it safe for pregnancy.

Texas Wrongful Birth Bill Is Anti-Abortion

Pregnancy  3 March '17

Abortion Law: Texas Senators Pass Wrongful Birth Bill Allowing Doctors To Lie To Pregnant Moms

If the bill becomes a law, local government leaders hope it will protect more babies, especially those with inherent disabilities a mom might want to abort.

Caesarian Section

Pregnancy  2 March '17

Is Caesarian Section Not Considered Giving Birth? Photographer Believes So And Turns Down Mother Who Seeks Her Services

A mother wanted to get a photographer to shoot her but was turned down because she will be having a Caesarian section.

Abortion, Fashion and Planned Parenthood

Pregnancy  2 March '17

Abortion As A Fashion Statement? How Celebrities And Designers Push Planned Parenthood Agenda

Stars are seen sporting a gold pin with the organization's logo, but some say it's like supporting the killing of babies.

A 4D Ultrasound Scan Shows What Smoking Does To An Unborn Baby During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  1 March '17

Pregnancy Health: Undergoing The Carbon Monoxide Test

Pregnant women will soon undergo a carbon monoxide test to determine if they smoke.

Dad Feels Baby's Movements

Pregnancy  1 March '17

How Dads Can Experience Pregnancy Sensations With New Smart Bracelet

Expectant fathers can feel the baby kick or move by simply wearing the accessory, Fibo, on their wrist.

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