It’s About Time We Valued Being Fertile | Emma Cannon

Fertility  28 February '17

How This 'Baby Whisperer' Helps Women Above 40 Get Pregnant Without IVF

Emma Cannon opened Fertility Support Clinic in 2004, which has helped thousands of older women conceive babies.

Early Pregnancy Cramps -- What Do Early Pregnancy Cramps Feel Like

Pregnancy  27 February '17

Pregnancy Signs And Complications: These Red Flags Require A Call Or Visit To The Doctor

There are pregnant women who hesitate to bother their doctor even if they feel something off but here's when it's a must.


Health  24 February '17

Low Weight Gain During Pregnancy Tied To Schizophrenia Risks In Children

Pregnant mothers need adequate nutrition and a healthy increase in weight is good for the baby.

Keri Young Says No To Abortion

Pregnancy  22 February '17

Mom Says No To Abortion, Chooses To Carry Dying Unborn Daughter To Term To Donate Her Organs

Keri and Royce Young are facing their toughest struggle as parents but their selfless decision will change someone else's life.

64-Year-Old Mom Gives Birth To Twins

Fertility  18 February '17

Healthy Twins Born To 64-Year-Old Mom Via C-Section; She Had Her First Child In 2012

The woman from Spain had IVF treatments but she's not the only senior citizen to have given birth at a late age in the country.

False-Positive Pregnancy Results

Pregnancy  17 February '17

Pregnancy Tests: Are False-Positive Results Possible At All?

Pregnancy tests kits taken by women at home are reliable although these sometimes result in false-positives and that can be frustrating.

Postpartum Depression In Dads

Postpartum  17 February '17

Postpartum Depression Puts Dads At Risk Too; What Factors Affect Paternal Depression?

Even as fathers do not experience body changes, a factor in moms' postpartum health, they can experience symptoms that affect their mental state when the baby is born.

Pregnant Moms With Baby Girls

Health  16 February '17

Pregnant Moms With Frequent Morning Sickness Or Low Immunity Likely Having A Baby Girl; Science Explains Why

It looks like that old wives tale is true for moms having a girl! Here's what an expert has to say about it.

Beyonce Is Having Twins

Fertility  16 February '17

Beyonce, Amal Clooney Twin Pregnancies: Older Women Have Higher Chances Of Conceiving Twins, Expert Say

The celebrities have not confirmed whether they underwent IVF but experts say the procedure might not be necessary.

George Clooney Is Going To Be A First Time Dad

Fertility  15 February '17

Older Dads Like George Clooney Have Biological Clocks Or Health Risks With Having Babies Late, Study Reveals

Children gain from the wisdom of having older fathers but there are also some genetic risks.

Jessica Preston

Pregnancy  13 February '17

Michigan Jail Faces Outrage After Video Of Woman Forced To Give Birth On Floor Of Cell Goes Viral

Jessica Preston was arrested for driving with a suspended license and was eight months pregnant during that time.

Pregnant Wife Says Goodbye As Husband Deploys To Middle East

Fertility  12 February '17

Fertility App Receives Official Approval As Non-Invasive And Natural Birth Control Method

Natural Cycles is available for both iOS and Android users.

General Election - National Health Service

Fertility  11 February '17

Infertility Risk Higher For Women Working Night Shifts Or Doing Heavy Lifting, Study Says

Experts rounded up 500 women's data from a fertility clinic in Massachusetts.

Cecile Richards

Pregnancy  10 February '17

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards Wants Women To Brag About Their Abortion, Says Now Is The Time To Be Bold

The president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, wants women to brag about their abortion.

San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Voted To Ban Sale Of Bottled Water On Public Property

Health  9 February '17

Drinking From Plastic Bottle Linked To Obesity In Pregnant Moms And Their Baby, Study Confirms

Thousands of consumer products have BPA content, so what should moms watch out for?

Pro Life Campaigners Rally Outisde The Marie Stopes Clinic In Belfast

Health  9 February '17

New Abortion Law To Allow Husbands To Block Wives From Terminating Pregnancy In Arkansas

The signing of the law happened quickly and it's expected to take effect in the middle of 2017.

Darrell Lea Enters Administration After 85 Years In Business

Growing Baby  7 February '17

Pregnant Women Should Avoid Licorice; Why Moms Are Asked To Be Wary Of This Healing Substance

Found not just in food but also in shampoo and skin care products, a recent study shows licorice can be dangerous for pregnant women.

Sixth-Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, Los Angeles - Red Carpet

Pregnancy  7 February '17

Lauren Conrad Shows Off Baby Bump As She Is Expecting First Baby With Husband William Tell

The Paper Crown designer is in the second trimester of her first pregnancy.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Depart The Lindo Wing With Their Daughter

Postpartum  7 February '17

New Moms Dealing With Post-Pregnancy Pain Try Latest Health Craze -- What Is Otonamaki? [VIDEO]

Practitioners swear by adult wrapping for relief of body tension, but some experts are not convinced.

Brooke Shields Book Signing At Barnes And Noble

Postpartum  1 February '17

A Mom’s Struggle With Anxiety: How To Survive Postpartum Depression

The birth of a child can be a joyful moment but there are women who experience extremely negative feelings after giving birth.

Protestors Rally At JFK Airport Against Muslim Immigration Ban

Pregnancy  1 February '17

Donald Trump Muslim Ban: Missouri Mom Could Give Birth Without Iraqi Husband Who Can't Enter US

Rachel Adrian and Hoger Ameen are awaiting the birth of Aland, their first-born, but the father who is stuck in Iraq might not even get to see him.

Pregnant woman

Health  31 January '17

Pregnancy In Older Women: How To Prepare Your Body And Mind For Having A Baby

Keeping one's body healthy is the number one requirement for getting pregnant.

Sugar Tax Proposed Following WHO Global Report On Diabetes

Health  31 January '17

Why Sugar Is Just As Bad As Smoking In Pregnant Women

Second-hand sugar, just like second-hand smoke, can be dangerous to the health of the unborn child.

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