Fetal Remains

Pregnancy  28 January '17

US Abortion News: Texas Rule Requiring Fetal Remains To Be Buried, Cremated Blocked By Federal Judge

The proposal of Texas to have fetal remains from abortion clinics and hospitals be buried or cremated was blocked by a federal judge.

Asa Hutchinson

Pregnancy  27 January '17

Arkansas Governor Approves Ban On Second-Trimester Abortion Procedure, Legal Challenge Expected To Be Uphill Battle

A new bill tackling abortion in Arkansas was signed by the governor.

2016 Soul Train Music Awards - Arrivals

Health  26 January '17

Remy Ma Suffers Miscarriage; 'Love & Hip Hop' Star Talks Pregnancy Loss In Heartbreaking Video [WATCH]

Remy Ma, the 36-year-old rapper and reality TV star, revealed that she underwent surgery for ectopic pregnancy.

Security Increased In New York City After Attacks In Paris

Pregnancy  25 January '17

Depression During Pregnancy: What Do Moms With Antenatal Depression Experience?

Know any pregnant moms having an emotionally challenging time? Reading this might help.

Donald Trump

Pregnancy  24 January '17

Indianapolis Pro-Life Activists March To Pray For Unborn Children As Donald Trump Reinstates Fund Banning For International Abortion Groups

Indianapolis pro-life activists recently took their voices to the streets as they marched to protest against abortion and days after, Donald Trump reinstated the banning of the funding to international health groups related to abortion.

One Month Old Quadruplets Leave Tongji Hospital

Health  24 January '17

Multiple Pregnancy Complications: What Are The Risks To Having Twins Or Multiple Babies?

When there's more than one baby growing inside a mom's womb, then more care and monitoring of the mom and the baby is required.


Pregnancy  23 January '17

Why US Abortion Rates Start To Decline Despite Increased Access To Women's Health Care

The abortion rate in the United States has decreased.

Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  23 January '17

Pregnancy Dreams & Their Meaning: Losing Baby? Water? Death? Experts Sound Off On What It's About

Moms, those weird visions in your sleep are caused by hormones and psychologists offer explanations for it.

Babies At The Critically Ill Baby Aid Center

Fertility  21 January '17

Mom Has 2 Babies Within 10 Months After 6 Years Of Trying To Get Pregnant; Here's How It Happened

Kimberley and Jason Smylie almost gave up on having children when their efforts to conceive naturally and via IVF didn't succeed.

LC Lauren Conrad Runway Pop-Up Shop at The Americana at Brand

Pregnancy  19 January '17

Lauren Conrad's Pregnancy Etiquette Guide: What Not To Say To Pregnant Moms

Lauren Conrad was inspired to come up with a list after observing that people don't know how to behave around women with growing baby bellies.

Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy  18 January '17

New Research Says More Sex Means Healthier Pregnancy, Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant For Couples Undergoing IVF

A new research claims that more sex could lead to healthier pregnancies.

California Embryo Bank Provides Donated Eggs For Stem Cell Research

Fertility  17 January '17

IVF Baby Develops Better With Techno Music, Scientists Discover Trance Is Secret To Growth

Experts explain why this type of music with its consistent beat enhances the eggs' environment.

 Studies Reveal That Birth Control and Contraceptives Can Potentially Place A Women At Risk Of Epilepsy

Fertility  15 January '17

Studies Reveal Birth Control And Contraceptives Can Potentially Place A Women At Risk Of Epilepsy

Studies reveal that women who are using contraceptives are being placed at risk of epilepsy.

Motherhood Can Be Challenging When One Is In Her 40s

Pregnancy  15 January '17

Moms Share Things They Wish They Had Known About Having A Baby In Their 40s

The number of women getting pregnant in their 40s is on the rise. Some of them share the things they wished they knew before taking the plunge.

Blood Pressure Could Predict Baby's Sex

Pregnancy  13 January '17

Higher Maternal Blood Pressure Before Pregnancy Will More Likely Deliver A Baby Boy — Study Finds

A study found that the higher the maternal blood pressure before pregnancy, the more likely it is to deliver a baby boy. Read on to know how possible it is.

Be Informed: Expert Warn Parents About The 'Naturalness' Of Breastfeeding And The Possible Health Risks It Can Bring

Nutrition  12 January '17

Be Informed: Experts Warn Parents About 'Naturalness' Of Breastfeeding And Possible Health Risks It Can Bring

The naturalness of breastfeeding is said to influence a series of health risks that can place the child at risk.

TWC-Dimension Presents The Premiere Of 'Paddington' - Red Carpet

Pregnancy  10 January '17

Nicole Kidman Wants More Babies At 49, Says Her Grandmother Did So With Their Family's Strong Maternal Instinct

The actress is a mom to four children - Isabella, 24, Connor, 21, Sunday Rose, 8 and Faith Margaret, 6.

Thousands Meet For 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag

Health  10 January '17

Heartburn Pills Taken During Pregnancy Has Potential Links To Asthma In Children

A third of children born to moms who have taken medication for acid reflux management have apparently sought asthma treatments.

Hong Kong Marks Handover Anniversary

Health  10 January '17

Researchers Dig Into The Credibility Of Morning Sickness Pills

New research and studies are subjected towards finding out whether morning sickness pills are indeed effective.

Pregnant woman

Pregnancy  9 January '17

Unmarried School Principal Demoted From Post Because Of Pregnancy? Claims Officials Were Wary Over What Parents Would Say

A school principal, who is unmarried but pregnant, claimed that she got demoted from her job because of her situation.

First Man In Britain Admits Pregnancy

Pregnancy  8 January '17

British Man Pregnant? 20-Year-Old Transgender Reveals Pregnancy After Having A Sperm Donor

A transgender from Britain admitted he's pregnant after injecting himself with a sperm given by a donor found through Facebook.

Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Growing Baby  7 January '17

Can Pregnant Women Sleep Better At Night?

Pregnancy is a challenge and it can cause a complete change in woman's routine. However, few simple steps can help achieve a peaceful sleep.

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