School Age

Iowa: The First Battleground For The 2016 Presidential Nomination

School Age  15 November '16

Sleep, Don't Go Away! How Technology Snatch Away Children's Sleep

Increased access to and use of mobile digital devices at bedtime among children and teens is a major public health concern.

New York City Teachers Rally For More Charter Schools In New York

School Age  15 November '16

When Mental Health Education Isn't Taught To Kids

Experts say introducing mental health education in the classroom is the key to helping youth.

Entertainment Industry Foundation Hosts Star-Studded Telecast For Teachers And Students - Roaming Show

School Age  15 November '16

Income Differences Of The World More Details Here

Income-based gaps in education and participation in cultural activities has increased over the past decades.

Donald Trump Campaigns In Scranton, PA One Day Before Election

School Age  15 November '16

Navigating The Cheers And Tears Of Children: The Aftermath Of U.S Presidential Election

Parents on both sides of the vote try to find teachable moments in the sometimes unpleasant outcome of a divisive election.

Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By Coca-Cola - Street Eats hosted by Ayesha Curry and Michael Mina part of LOCAL presented by Delta Air Lines

School Age  15 November '16

Fast Food Corporations Are Thickening Their Wallets At The Cost Of Children's Health

If we can impose restrictions on the sale of alcohol and tobacco to safeguard children, we can do the same with other unhealthy products.

Emotional Abuse Is Far Worse Than You Think

School Age  20 November '16

Are You Already Verbally Abusing Your Child?

Parents are often caught in a fine line of petty comment and verbal abuse. It is important to know when and where to stop.

Corey Sligh

School Age  15 November '16

Former 'The Young and the Restless' Star Corey Sligh Arrested, Charged Over Child Molestation Accusations

The former "The Young and the Restless" star Corey Sligh was arrested and charged with child molestation.

Stride Rite Children's Group Fashion Showcase At petitePARADE In NYC

School Age  15 November '16

Colorado Student Bullied & Stabbed At School Helps Prevent Bullying By Giving Shoes To Fellow Children

Kyler Davila was bullied and stabbed in school but he aims to turn things around for his fellow children who are also being tormented. The Colorado boy is donating shoes to kids who are in dire need for them.

Next iPad, First Apple iOS Device To Not Feature A Home Button?

School Age  14 November '16

Children’s Lazy Eye Treated Better By Ubisoft iPad Game ‘Dig Rush’ Than A Patch

Researchers found that children with lazy eye who played the iPad game had improved visions after just two weeks. Around 40 percent got 20/32 vision or better, which is an almost normal vision.

‘Doomsday Clock’ Set: Stephen Hawking & Scientist Fear Donald Trump’s Policies On Climate & Nuclear Weapon

School Age  14 November '16

Not Her President? Mother Evicts 8-Year-Old Boy For Picking Donald Trump In School Mock Elections, Police Investigates [VIDEO]

The mother posted the video of the eviction on her Facebook and it has gone viral. It has since been deleted, but not before it was scooped up by other outlets.

Daily Antiretroviral Pill Found To Protect Healthy From AIDS Transmission

School  13 November '16

Getting The Right Antibiotic For Your Children

The rise of antibiotic consumption and the increase in use of last-resort antibiotic drugs raises serious concerns for public health.

Corporal Punishment - Sahil

School Age  13 November '16

Corporal Punishment: The Price Of Temporary Compliance?

Parents wrongly believe that any discipline problem can be solved by simply pairing the right consequence with the wrong behavior.

Vigil Held For Nine-Year Old Jamyla Bolden Shot By Stray Bullet While Doing Homework

School Age  13 November '16

How Parents Help Children Resolve Emotional Conflicts

Young children need opportunities to explore their world, play, solve problems and learn to speak and listen to others.

Homeless Family Placed In Hotel After Eviction

School Age  12 November '16

Parenting 101: Avoiding Homework Battles With An Elementary Student

Parents often feel it’s their job to get their kids to do well in school. Naturally, they get anxious about this responsibility

Perfect Parenting

Behavior  12 November '16

Perfect Parenting Can Only Be Seen On Social Media

Expectation on parenting a toddler is quite different to the reality. There is really more to parenting than meets the eye.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Stops By Hour Of Code Workshop Event Within Apple Store

School Age  12 November '16

Screen Time Guidelines: Why Is There A Need To Limit Digital Media For Kids And Teens

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should set some limits when it comes to their children's digital and real life.

Man Gone Mad, Shoots Sons

School Age  12 November '16

Missouri Man Fatally Shoots Two Sons Before Killing Himself: ‘He Did this to Hurt Me,’ Says Wife

A father's role is to protect his kids at all cost, even if he risks his own life for theirs. But one father gruesomely changed it all.

Kids Getting Stressed At School

Teens/Young Adults  12 November '16

The Solutions Of School Induced Stress And Breakdowns

One of many mother’s concerns is something that we call “after school meltdowns”. Kids tend to get whiny, cranky, moody, and explosive as soon as they get home from school, a usual occurrence of after-school meltdown that parents are most concerned about.

Violence Continues To Plague Chicago, 40 Shootings Over Weekend

School Age  11 November '16

Controlling Emotions: How Children Handle Frustration Can Affect Their Ability To Concentrate And Learn

Coping with exasperation is among the fundamental life-skills a child learns early on. Hampering this process may beget harm.

Marisol Deluna New York Celebrates Grand Opening Of Design Studio And Educational Foundation At La Villita Historic Arts Village

School Age  11 November '16

Outdoor Leadership Activities Such As Scouts Decreases The Risk Of Mental Health Problems Among Children

Children who participate in outdoor activities have lesser chances of developing mental health concerns.

What Are The Things that May Help You Child To Have Relieved Mind

School Age  11 November '16

Meditational Benefits For Children Stress Reliever

In helping kids release negative thoughts, actions and in building their self-confidence, meditation has proven very effective.

How To Cure Headaches/Migraines

School Age  11 November '16

Placebos Helping Kids With Migraines? Sugar Pills Keeping Up With Drugs

As the peril of depression rages on, migraine has grown increasingly common for people around the world.

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