School Age

Jaden Piner and Alex Hibbert From 'Moonlight'

School Age  5 March '17

'Moonlight' Child Actors Back To School Like Regular Kids After Best Picture Oscar Win

The movie was the very first for the 12-year-old boys who did not expect it would become a huge deal.

Jose Ismael Torres and Kayla Rae Norton

School Age  1 March '17

Georgia Couple Faces 19 Years Jail Time After Terrorizing African-American Kid's Birthday By Waving Confederate Flags, Uttering Racial Slurs

A Georgia couple was convicted to 20 and 15 years in prison for terrorizing a black kid and his family during the child's birthday.

Grandfather Kills His Son Because He Kept Hitting Granddaughter

School Age  26 February '17

Grandfather Kills Son To Protect Granddaughter From Child Abuse; Friends Set Up GoFundMe For 12-Year-Old

Mark got a call regarding his daughter that enraged him so he kept hitting her.

Lt. B.J. Gruber

Education  23 February '17

Local Police Force Receives 10-Year-Old Girl's Plea For Help On Homework Via Facebook

Lena Draper got in touch with police as she was having a hard time with a math problem.

Ivanka Trump listens to arguments at Supreme Court

School Age  23 February '17

Ivanka Trump Takes 5-Year-Old Daughter Arabella For A Special Field Trip To The Supreme Court

Mom and child witnessed a justice decide on three cases during their visit to the judicial branch.

Spanking As Discipline

Behavior  21 February '17

Is It OK To Spank Your Child? When Spanking As A Form Of Discipline Can Work

Several studies say spanking isn't a good method, but one mom explained why she used this on her kids.

Berea, Ohio couple

School Age  20 February '17

Berea, Ohio 7-Year-Old Suffers From Heroin Overdose, Couple Charged In Case Pleads Not Guilty

Parents Danielle Simko and Charles Dowdy are facing charges for the death of their son because of drugs.

Utah Age Of Consent To Sex With Minors

Behavior  20 February '17

Utah Lawmakers Find Problems With Bill Proposing Age Of Consent To Sex Among Minors Be Lowered To Age 12

HB 123 opened a can of worms that the government leaders would like to clean out first before signing off on the proposal.

Valuable Grateful Dead Artifacts Go Up For Auction

School Age  13 February '17

Inspiring 10-Year-Old Girl Buys Her Chevy Dream Car After A Year Of Growing Her Craft Business

Ashlin Albright is a business owner, a crafty artist and a straight A student.

Jimmy Spagnolo

School Age  10 February '17

What To Do At The End Of Chemotherapy? Celebrate By Dancing Like What This Six-Year-Old Kid Did

A boy's video celebrating the end of his chemotherapy by dancing made rounds online.

Vigil Held After Twin Attacks By Lone Extremist

School Age  10 February '17

Boy Bonds With Twin From Beyond The Grave As 5-Year-Old Shares First Day Of Kinder Experience With Late Brother

Mom Brook Myrick is amazed that her sons Walker and Willis remain attached even as one died in her womb during pregnancy.

Connecticut State Police Release Sandy Hook Report

School Age  6 February '17

Jacksonville 5-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot By 8-Year-Old Brother; Children Home Alone When Accident Happened

Police learned that the mother left her kids to go to the store, leaving the children without anyone looking after them.

Nickelodeon's 13th Annual Worldwide Day Of Play

School Age  5 February '17

Boys Don't Cry? Mom Gets Furious When Told Not To Baby Her 8-Year-Old Son - Here's What Happened!

Jaime Primak Sullivan doesn't believe in the gender stereotype that crying makes men weak.

Internet Companies Vie For Market Dominance

School Age  2 February '17

Couple Charged In Death Of 7-Year-Old Son Allegedly Flees To New Zealand After Failing To Appear In First Court Hearing

Prosecutors charged the Minnesota couple Sarah and Timothy Johnson for the death of Seth, who died in 2015.

Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards - Red Carpet

School Age  1 February '17

Kids Closer, More Attached To Pets Than Siblings? New Study Claims Children Might Get More Satisfaction From Animals

Researchers are shedding more light in the relationship of kids with their pets in this new study.

Lysol 2016 Back To School Uninvited 'Germ-mates' Science Fair

Development  31 January '17

The Gender Divide: Are Boys Smarter Than Girls? Study Reveals Glaring Results

Gender stereotyping already exist among children from the time they turn six. Girls tend to perceive that boys are a lot smarter than them at this age.

Barbie Doll Exhibition At Musee des Arts Decoratifs - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2016/2017

Development  30 January '17

Barbie Dolls Harm Little Girls' Body Image, Experts Advise Parents; Mattel Rejects Study

The researchers said iconic toy Barbie promotes being slim as better but Mattel interjects it's not what they hear from parents.

Greek Island Of Lesbos Continues To Receive Migrants Fleeing Their Countries

School Age  27 January '17

Syrian 7-Year-Old Girl Bana Alabed Reaches Out To President Trump: 'Do Something For The Children'

The young girl who tweets about the war from inside Aleppo is now living safely in Turkey.

Republican National Convention: Day Four

School Age  24 January '17

Barron Trump Bullying Online Sparks Outrage, Chelsea Clinton & Others Stand Up For 10-Year-Old Presidential Son

Way before Barron Trump's time in the White House, however, America has had a history of poking fun at presidential kids.

ISIS uses social media to increase Western recruitment

School Age  23 January '17

Islamic State Recruiting Naïve Children Through Social Media?

Most if not all are well aware of ISIS or the Islamic State and now they have come up with a new idea to expand their organization by using social media for recruitment.

When Sports Injuries Affect The Student Athlete's Future

School Age  20 January '17

How Do Parents Feel When Their Kids Get Injured In Sports?

Sports injuries are on the rise but experts are wary about how the athletes and their parents would take the bad news.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Attends Place2Be Wellbeing In Schools Awards

Behavior  20 January '17

Parenting Tweens More Stressful Than Dealing With Toddlers & Moms Have It Worst, Says Psychologist

The terrible two phase might be hard but the onset of puberty is more challenging.

2016 Royal Tour To Canada Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge - Victoria, British Columbia

School Age  19 January '17

Justin Trudeau Hopes His 8-Year-Old Daughter Will Not Follow Her Dad In Politics

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who used to be a teacher, became a politician just like his own father. But he hopes his daughter won't follow his footsteps.

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