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Berlin School Year Begins

School Age  16 January '17

Post-Election Parenting: How To Ensure A Child's Best Behavior After The 2016 US Election Fiasco

Every parent has a desire to raise their children in the best possible way, which brings us to a number of things to keep in mind before raising children.

Children Watch Television At Home

Behavior  14 January '17

Understanding The 'Super Hero Culture' And How It Negatively Impacts A Child's Behavior

Superheroes are often looked up to by the younger generation but studies reveal that these crime-fighting role models can turnout to do more harm than good.

Secure Attachment Parenting: Does It Develop By Nature Or Is It Motivated By Nurture?

Development  11 January '17

Secure Attachment Parenting: Does It Develop By Nature Or Is It Motivated By Nurture?

Experts finally shed light in regards to John Bowlby's theory of attachment. It was revealed that the said trait is being formed, and does not develop naturally.

Oklahoma City

School Age  11 January '17

8-Year-Old Boy Gets Away From Abductor After Kicking And Screaming; Authorities Now Looking For Oklahoma Man

Oklahoma authorities were alerted regarding a man who tried to abduct a child.

Artificial Sweeteners

Health  11 January '17

Experts Are Alarmed Over 200 Percent Increase In Children’s Artificial Sweeteners Consumption; Side Effects Remain Unclear?

A new study found that children's usage of artificial sweeteners increased to 200 percent.

School Age  10 January '17

Family To Seek Justice As 9-Year-Old Girl Dies Due To Tonsillectomy

A 9-year-old girl has recently died due to tonsillectomy.

Internet and children

School Age  6 January '17

Experts Warn Parents Internet Is Not Designed For Kids; Staying Safe Online To Be Part Of School Curriculums?

Children are spending more time online but the internet is not designed for kids.

Zaylee Schlecht

School Age  5 January '17

Firefighter's Daugter Dies After Tree Fell On Oregon Home

A girl died after a tree fell on their home in Oregon.

Sundance Ski Resort

School Age  5 January '17

Young Boy Dangles From A Ski Ride In Utah After Backpack Strap Got Caught On The Lift Chair

A boy was seen dangling from a few feet above the ground after his backpack was caught in a lift chair at a ski resort in Utah.

4 Kids Killed After They Are Poisoned From Black Market Pest Control Chemical

School Age  4 January '17

Phosphine Gas Kills 4 Children At Home, Leaving 6 In Critical Condition

Harmful chemicals in pesticides have become a life threat for people.

David Puckett

School Age  4 January '17

Authorities Find A Child's Body Underneath The Ice In Colorado Pond; Corpse Possibly Belonged To Missing 6-Year-Old Boy

A missing six-year-old boy was being searched and a body was found underneath the ice in a pond.

End of Days: A 627-year-old 'blood miracle' failed to occur, heralding disaster for 2017

School Age  3 January '17

627-Year-Old 'Blood Miracle' Predicting A Gloomy Future For 2017?

A dark prediction is said to be foretold and parents need to filter the things that need to be explained to their kids when it comes to the prediction.

Big Kids And Mental Heath: Can Children Experience Depression?

Behavior  31 December '16

Big Kids And Mental Health: Can Children Experience Depression?

Children are also diagnosed with clinical depression, which makes it important for parts to observe their kids.

Know the Importance of Meditation in Kids

Health  31 December '16

Know The Importance Of Encouraging Kids To Practice Meditation

Explore the benefits of encouraging children to meditate.

University of Southern Mississippi student falls to his death

School Age  29 December '16

Scarred For Life: Six-Year-Old Boy Witnessed How Parents Were Killed, Said Ninjas Came To Their Home To Kill His Family

A six-year-old boy reportedly saw how his parents were killed by a group of men.

Joe Maldonado

School Age  29 December '16

Boy Scouts Of America News: One Transgender Boy Ousted From NJ Cub Scout Group, Organization Says They Refer To Birth Certificates

A transgender boy was asked to leave a New Jersey Cub Scout Group because he was born a girl.

Missing family found dead in van

School Age  25 December '16

Colorado Mom Commits Suicide After She Drugged Children With Pain Killers

A 38-year-old mother drugged and shot both her sons before committing suicide.

March for Moko

Development  25 December '16

Pennsylvania Couple Arrested After Starving Kids To Death

A couple from Pennsylvania was arrested after they starved their kids to death stating that they no longer want them.

Everything Wrong With Bank of America

School Age  23 December '16

Bank of America Offers Opportunities That Could Help Employers Have Both Financial and Personal Stability

Having a stable financial and family life at the same time is a struggle to every parent nowadays. The more they would want to spend more time to earn more money, the more their time spend for their family gets at stake.

Learn About One Free Application That Can Help Parent’s Execute Effective Parenting

Behavior  22 December '16

Parenting Trends To look Out For In 2017!

Every ending has a beginning, it’s only natural for parenting to evolve as well. Technology as we know it improves time and time again and here are some of the parenting trends that will be big in the upcoming year.

Animal Rescue Centres Feel The Strain After Christmas Pets Are Abandoned

School Age  21 December '16

Tips Before Getting Children A New Pet; From Choosing A Pet Breed To The Paperwork

What is the perfect breed of pet that you could give your child these holidays and the paperwork that you need to accomplish? They are all right here.

Call of Duty European Championships Final At The Royal Opera House

School Age  21 December '16

The Best Gaming Console Gift Ideas For Big Kids These Holidays And Gaming App Recommendations

Here are the best gaming consoles that you could give your child these holidays.

Snow Hits Northeast

School Age  21 December '16

Sledding Leads 6-Year-Old Boy In A Coma

A 6-year-old boy is currently into a coma due to sledding.

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